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Addie Hicks (F)
b. July 26, 1893, d. July 3, 1984, #20597

     Addie Hicks was born on July 26, 1893. She married James Monroe Horne, son of James Henry Horn and Lucinda Baker. Addie Hicks died on July 3, 1984 at age 90.

     Child of Addie Hicks and James Monroe Horne:
Emmett Horne   b. October 18, 1913, d. February 3, 1991

    Willie Hicks (F)
    b. August 28, 1888, d. December 14, 1977, #20598

         Willie Hicks was born on August 28, 1888. She married Nathan Walter Horne, son of James Henry Horn and Lucinda Baker. Willie Hicks died on December 14, 1977 at age 89.

         Child of Willie Hicks and Nathan Walter Horne:
    Mary Bell Horne   b. November 7, 1909, d. January 9, 1938

      Mattie Hester Hitchcock (F)
      b. September 22, 1889, d. August 21, 1972, #20600

           Mattie Hester Hitchcock was born on September 22, 1889. She married Luther Roberts, son of Samuel Roberts and Polly McCormick, on May 6, 1907. Mattie Hester Hitchcock died on August 21, 1972 at age 82.

        Anthony Hogan (M)

             Anthony Hogan married Jenny Luna, daughter of Peter Luna and Mary Pittman.

          Elizabeth Hogan (F)

               Elizabeth Hogan married Peter Luna, son of Grancer Luna and _____ ______.

            Whitton Hollie (M)

                 Whitton Hollie married Margaret May Roberts, daughter of Jesse Roberts I and Wennie Brown.

              Mary 'Polly' Holly (F)

                   Mary 'Polly' Holly married Francis Carter, son of Francis S. Carter and Margaret Taylor, on August 22, 1813 at Baldwin County, GA.

                Annie S. ______ (F)
                b. March 25, 1913, #20608

                     Annie S. ______ was born on March 25, 1913. She married Alto Lee Horn, son of Alto Horn and Sarah A. ______.

                     Children of Annie S. ______ and Alto Lee Horn:
                Charles Guy Horn   b. December 11, 1931, d. December 20, 1933
                Cyrus Russell Horn   b. February 14, 1937, d. January 13, 1947

                  Sarah A. ______ (F)
                  b. March 14, 1884, d. January 6, 1969, #20609

                       Sarah A. ______ was born on March 14, 1884. She married Alto Horn, son of James Henry Horn and Lucinda Baker. Sarah A. ______ died on January 6, 1969 at age 84.

                       Children of Sarah A. ______ and Alto Horn:
                  Ralph Horn
                  Alto Lee Horn+   b. June 28, 1907, d. February 24, 1989
                  Howard Horn   b. November 15, 1908, d. January 1, 1972
                  Alfie C. Horn   b. February 12, 1912
                  Gladys A. Horn   b. October 25, 1914, d. July 12, 1962
                  Cyrus Henry Horn   b. June 10, 1918, d. June 11, 1918

                    Layfayette Howard (M)

                         Layfayette Howard married Sarah Margaret Heath, daughter of Jim I. Heath and Ida Bell McConnell.

                      Marvin Hudman (M)
                      b. November 27, 1905, d. May 5, 1961, #20614

                           Marvin Hudman was born on November 27, 1905. He married Missie Adell McConnell, daughter of James Thomas 'Jim Tom' McConnell and Gillie Adell Thomas, on June 9, 1929 at Lee County, AL. Marvin Hudman died on May 5, 1961 at age 55.

                        Thomas Humphries (M)

                             Thomas Humphries married Savannah A. Cantelou, daughter of William Bernard Cantelou and Lucinda M. Martin.

                          Edward Hunter (M)

                               Edward Hunter married Louise Cope, daughter of Corbin Cope and Michael Allen.

                            James Morgan Hunter Sr. (M)
                            b. June 18, 1911, #20617

                                 James Morgan Hunter Sr. was born on June 18, 1911. He married Mamie Sue Allen, daughter of Ambrose 'Ambers' Allen and Julia Ann Cantrell, on August 6, 1938.

                              Lucinda Hutchins (F)

                                   Lucinda Hutchins married James Dykes Luna, son of Elisha Luna and Kizzie Rigsby.

                                Sam Hutchins (M)

                                     Sam Hutchins married Geneva Lunsford, daughter of Floyd J. 'Floda' Lunsford and Margie Mae Davis.

                                     Child of Sam Hutchins and Geneva Lunsford:
                                Larry Hutchins

                                  Elenor M. Hutson (F)
                                  b. 1819, #20623

                                       Elenor M. Hutson was born in 1819. She married Reuben C. Cotton, son of John Cotton and Mary Martha Roberts, on May 27, 1848 at White County, TN. Elenor M. Hutson died.

                                    Herman R. Huwe (M)

                                         Herman R. Huwe married Gussie Marie McConnell, daughter of James Thomas 'Jim Tom' McConnell and Gillie Adell Thomas, in 1928.

                                         Children of Herman R. Huwe and Gussie Marie McConnell:
                                    Mary Nell Huwe   b. July 14, 1945, d. July 17, 1946

                                      Mary Irby (F)

                                           Mary Irby married Jonathan Cantrell, son of Richard Cantrell and Constance Bethel.

                                        Lorene Ivey (F)

                                             Lorene Ivey married Lewis Pinkney Davis, son of John Henry Davis and Eoleta Martha Cantelou.

                                          Eugene Jaco (M)
                                          b. December 7, 1888, d. September 20, 1961, #20629

                                               Eugene Jaco was born on December 7, 1888 at Jessie, Warren County, TN. He married Mary Lee Nova Luna, daughter of David Enoch Luna and Nancy Florence Pittman, on May 2, 1920 at Warren County, TN. Eugene Jaco died on September 20, 1961 at Campaign, Warren County, TN, at age 72.

                                            Hamp Jenkins (M)
                                            b. May 16, 1892, d. September 22, 1960, #20630

                                                 Hamp Jenkins was born on May 16, 1892. He married Rosie Mae McConnell, daughter of Fletcher Franklin McConnell and Fannie Melviney Cantelou, on May 29, 1926 at Lee County, AL. Hamp Jenkins died on September 22, 1960 at Opelika, Lee County, AL, at age 68. He was buried at Garden Hills Cemetery, Opelika, Lee County, AL.

                                                 Children of Hamp Jenkins and Rosie Mae McConnell:
                                            Emily Jenkins
                                            Gloria Jean Jenkins

                                              _____ Johns (M)

                                                   _____ Johns married Sarah Luna, daughter of Elisha Luna and Mary Ann Lennox, in 1840.

                                                Maggie Johnson (F)
                                                b. June 17, 1893, d. February 3, 1918, #20636

                                                     Maggie Johnson was born on June 17, 1893. She married William Henry Horne, son of James Henry Horn and Lucinda Baker. Maggie Johnson died on February 3, 1918 at age 24.

                                                     Children of Maggie Johnson and William Henry Horne:
                                                William Loys Horne   b. January 28, 1916, d. June 12, 1932
                                                George Dewey Horne   b. October 3, 1917, d. May 23, 1918

                                                  Melvin Johnson (M)

                                                       Melvin Johnson married Ethel Odessia Robinson, daughter of Malcolm Lafayette Robinson and Dealie Clemintine Cantrell.

                                                    Pearlie Elizabeth Johnson (F)
                                                    b. 1886, d. 1916, #20638

                                                         Pearlie Elizabeth Johnson was born in 1886. She married Charles W. Dennis, son of James Harvey Dennis and Judieth Ann Hadley, on December 31, 1903 at Randolph County, AL. Pearlie Elizabeth Johnson died in 1916.

                                                      Eugene Johnston (M)

                                                           Eugene Johnston married Mammer Heptinstall, daughter of William Bradford 'Bill' Heptinstall and Mary Francis 'Molly' Dennis, on March 10, 1918 at Randolph County, AL.

                                                        Amanda Jones (F)

                                                             Amanda Jones married Perry Green Cantrell, son of William Riley 'Bill Flat' Cantrell and Constance Magness.

                                                          Bill Jones (M)

                                                               Bill Jones married Louisa Walker, daughter of Alexander Noey Walker Sr. and Mary 'Polly' Page.

                                                            Gillie Mae Jones (F)
                                                            b. November 15, 1893, #20643

                                                                 Gillie Mae Jones was born on November 15, 1893. She married Thurman Lee Allen, son of Winslow Wade Allen Jr. and Amanda Swindell.

                                                                 Child of Gillie Mae Jones and Thurman Lee Allen:
                                                            Isaac D. Allen   b. August 30, 1923, d. June 5, 1943

                                                              Harrison Jones (M)

                                                                   Harrison Jones married Mollie McConnell, daughter of William F. McConnell and Sarah Long.

                                                                Mary Gertrude Jones (F)

                                                                     Mary Gertrude Jones married Leroy Jackson Cantrell, son of William Riley 'Bill Flat' Cantrell and Constance Magness, on January 5, 1871.

                                                                  Melvina Jones (F)
                                                                  b. October 18, 1916, d. January 26, 1940, #20647

                                                                       Melvina Jones was born on October 18, 1916. She married Kermet Laster Turner, son of Newton Edward Turner and Mary Allen. Melvina Jones died on January 26, 1940 at age 23.

                                                                       Children of Melvina Jones and Kermet Laster Turner:
                                                                  Paul Edward Turner
                                                                  Charles Henry Turner
                                                                  James Howard Turner

                                                                    Minnie Jones (F)
                                                                    b. 1875, d. 1957, #20648

                                                                         Minnie Jones was born in 1875. She married James A. Roberts, son of Jesse Roberts I and Wennie Brown, on September 25, 1892. Minnie Jones died in 1957.

                                                                      Nancy Jones (F)

                                                                           Nancy Jones married William Bernard Cantelou Jr., son of William Bernard Cantelou and Lucinda M. Martin.

                                                                        Sally Jones (F)

                                                                             Sally Jones married Perry Green Luna, son of Elisha Luna and Kizzie Rigsby, on April 5, 1891.

                                                                          Thomas Jordan (M)

                                                                               Thomas Jordan married Irena Cantrell, daughter of Richard Cantrell and Constance Bethel.

                                                                            Tabitha Olive Kent (F)
                                                                            b. 1832, #20656

                                                                                 Tabitha Olive Kent was born in 1832 at GA. She married William B. McConnell on November 13, 1846 at Columbus, Muscogee County, GA. Tabitha Olive Kent died at Lee County, AL. She was buried at Hopewell Methodist Church, Lee County, AL.

                                                                                 Children of Tabitha Olive Kent and William B. McConnell:
                                                                            Burrill Warren McConnell   b. February, 1848
                                                                            Fannie Sarah McConnell   b. June, 1852
                                                                            James M. McConnell+   b. December, 1854
                                                                            Charles McConnell   b. January, 1858
                                                                            Ida Kate McConnell   b. 1860
                                                                            John G. McConnell+   b. 1864, d. 1898
                                                                            Joseph E. McConnell   b. 1868

                                                                              Cecil King (M)

                                                                                Julia King (F)

                                                                                     Julia King married Arthur Allen, son of Ambrose 'Ambers' Allen and Julia Ann Cantrell.

                                                                                  Barbara Kirk (F)

                                                                                       Barbara Kirk married Harold D. Erlandson.

                                                                                    Henry Clay Kirk (M)
                                                                                    b. circa September 24, 1900, #20665

                                                                                         Henry Clay Kirk was born circa September 24, 1900. He married Sarah Alice Spratlin.

                                                                                      William Knowles (M)
                                                                                      b. 1823, d. 1880, #20667

                                                                                           William Knowles was born in 1823. He married Catherine Roberts, daughter of William Roberts I and Sallie Humphrey, on September 20, 1846. William Knowles died in 1880.

                                                                                        George Keahey (M)

                                                                                             George Keahey married Isabel C. McEachern, daughter of Gilbert McEachern and Catherine Cameron, on January 1, 1852.

                                                                                          Patience Amanda Landrum (F)
                                                                                          b. 1816, d. 1863, #20671

                                                                                               Patience Amanda Landrum was born in 1816. She married William Felson Cotton, son of John Cotton and Mary Martha Roberts, in 1839. Patience Amanda Landrum died in 1863. She was buried at Old Cotton Cemetery, Warren County, TN.

                                                                                            _____ Laney (M)

                                                                                                 _____ Laney married Christine Harlin, daughter of James Allen Harlin and Mary Etta Robinson.

                                                                                              Kizana Irene Lawrence (F)
                                                                                              b. 1828, #20674

                                                                                                   Kizana Irene Lawrence was born in 1828. She married Andrew Page, son of Barnabas Page and Mary Allen, in 1848. Kizana Irene Lawrence died.

                                                                                                   Children of Kizana Irene Lawrence and Andrew Page:
                                                                                              Susannah 'Susan' Page   b. 1849
                                                                                              Eliza Page   b. 1851
                                                                                              William A Page   b. 1853
                                                                                              Thomas Page   b. 1854
                                                                                              Madison L. Page   b. 1857
                                                                                              Lorenzo Page   b. 1860

                                                                                                Elizabeth Laymon (F)

                                                                                                     Elizabeth Laymon married Bethel Cantrell, son of Richard Cantrell and Constance Bethel.

                                                                                                  _____ Lebron (M)

                                                                                                       _____ Lebron married Flora C. Cantelou, daughter of Lamar Cantelou and Mary G. Campbell.

                                                                                                    Clark Ledbetter (M)

                                                                                                         Clark Ledbetter married Mattie Whitted, daughter of Henry Ed Whitted and Rosa Lu Viola Cantelou.

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