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Opal Blackmon (F)

     Opal Blackmon married Ellis Franklin McConnell, son of Fletcher Franklin McConnell and Fannie Melviney Cantelou.

    Sarah Elizabeth Blakely (F)
    b. 1871, d. 1952, #20339

         Sarah Elizabeth Blakely was born in 1871. She married Malcolm M. McEachern, son of Malcolm Mcnair McEachern and Nancy Green, on February 27, 1889. Sarah Elizabeth Blakely died in 1952 at Barbour County, AL.

      Ann Blakemore (F)
      b. March 8, 1765, d. August 2, 1849, #20340

           Ann Blakemore was born on March 8, 1765. She married Stephen Cantrell, son of John Cantrell and _____ Brittian, in 1782 at Fort Blount, TN. Ann Blakemore died on August 2, 1849 at age 84.

        Walter Brantley Blankenship (M)

             Walter Brantley Blankenship married Ethel Lou Allen, daughter of Winslow Wade Allen Jr. and Amanda Swindell, on March 15, 1917.

          Joseph Jerome Blankinship (M)
          b. March 25, 1881, d. August 12, 1962, #20342

               Joseph Jerome Blankinship was born on March 25, 1881. He married Martha Jane Cantrell, daughter of Daniel Watkins Cantrell and Shrilda Jane Cotton, on November 7, 1900. Joseph Jerome Blankinship died on August 12, 1962 at age 81.

            Nancy Blanks (F)

                 Nancy Blanks married Joseph Carter, son of Francis S. Carter and Margaret Taylor, on October 29, 1809 at Baldwin County, GA.

              Jennie Bobbs (F)

                   Jennie Bobbs married Abraham Cantrell, son of John 'Johnny Flat' Cantrell and Mary Adkins.

                Mary 'Polly' Bonds (F)
                d. September 13, 1854, #20347

                     Mary 'Polly' Bonds married Peter Luna, son of Peter Luna and Mary Pittman, on November 7, 1804 at Sumner County, TN. Mary 'Polly' Bonds died on September 13, 1854 at Marshall County, TN.

                  Sarah Bowden (F)
                  b. October 30, 1879, d. May 27, 1960, #20348

                       Sarah Bowden was born on October 30, 1879. She married William Henry Horne, son of James Henry Horn and Lucinda Baker. Sarah Bowden died on May 27, 1960 at age 80.

                    _____ Bowen (M)

                         _____ Bowen married Ruby Cantrell, daughter of William Cantrell and Mary Etta Robinson.

                      Homer L. Bowen (M)
                      d. 1988, #20350

                           Homer L. Bowen married Hath Glemah Robinson, daughter of Lewis Oscar Robinson and Annie E. McDaniel, on January 11, 1919 at Randolph County, AL. Homer L. Bowen died in 1988. He was buried at Potash Cemetery, Randolph County, AL.

                        _____ Bowens (F)

                             _____ Bowens married Robert 'Bob' Brown, son of John J. Brown and Kizzor Masariah Lewis.

                          Annie Lewis Boyd (F)
                          b. March, 1873, #20352

                               Annie Lewis Boyd was born in March, 1873. She married James Dave McConnell, son of William F. McConnell and Sarah Long, on December 20, 1890 at Lee County, AL.

                               Children of Annie Lewis Boyd and James Dave McConnell:
                          Annie Bell McConnell
                          J. C. McConnell
                          Perry McConnell
                          William Alvie McConnell   b. February 20, 1892
                          Chester McConnell   b. January, 1894
                          Bertha Lee McConnell   b. March, 1896
                          Marie McConnell   b. March, 1899
                          Jim Press McConnell   b. September 2, 1907

                            Mary Eva Boyd (F)
                            b. February 2, 1904, #20353

                                 Mary Eva Boyd was born on February 2, 1904 at Wedowee, Randolph County, AL. She married Judson R Lee Heptinstall, son of William Bradford 'Bill' Heptinstall and Mary Francis 'Molly' Dennis, on January 19, 1924 at Franklin, Heard County, GA.

                                 Child of Mary Eva Boyd and Judson R Lee Heptinstall:
                            Gay Nell Heptinstall+   b. December 20, 1925, d. May 21, 1984

                              Elsie Bradshaw (F)

                                   Elsie Bradshaw married Nolan H. McConnell, son of Jessie Benjamin McConnell and Missouri Elizabeth Cox.

                                   Children of Elsie Bradshaw and Nolan H. McConnell:
                              Joyce McConnell
                              Judy McConnell

                                _____ Braswell (M)

                                     _____ Braswell married Paralee Allen, daughter of Andrew Allen and Ludia J. Swaner.

                                  Harriet Bratcher (F)
                                  b. 1845, #20359

                                       Harriet Bratcher was born in 1845. She married Amos Allen, son of William Blakely Allen and Hannah Ball. Harriet Bratcher died.

                                       Children of Harriet Bratcher and Amos Allen:
                                  Hannah D. Allen   b. 1865
                                  Amanda Allen   b. 1868
                                  William G. Allen   b. 1871
                                  Rhael Allen   b. 1873
                                  Elie C. Allen   b. 1875
                                  Harriet Allen   b. 1877
                                  Amos H. Allen   b. April, 1880

                                    Lillie Britton (F)

                                         Lillie Britton married William Alvie McConnell, son of James Dave McConnell and Annie Lewis Boyd, on August 23, 1916 at Lee County, AL.

                                      Babe ______ (F)
                                      b. January 1, 1874, d. September 24, 1958, #20366

                                           Babe ______ was born on January 1, 1874. She married Henry Tom Brown, son of John J. Brown and Kizzor Masariah Lewis. Babe ______ died on September 24, 1958 at age 84.

                                        Clarence L. Brown (M)
                                        b. August 19, 1913, d. September 2, 1959, #20367

                                             Clarence L. Brown was born on August 19, 1913. He married Lela Alice Robinson, daughter of Lewis Oscar Robinson and Nancy Alice Dorrough, on December 9, 1932 at Randolph County, AL. Clarence L. Brown died on September 2, 1959 at age 46. He was buried at Highway Congregational Methodist Church, Randolph County, AL.

                                             Children of Clarence L. Brown and Lela Alice Robinson:
                                        Loette Brown
                                        Ydeena Brown
                                        Ravenell Brown
                                        Lewis S. 'Frank' Brown   b. March 31, 1935, d. March 23, 1944

                                          Daniel Brown (M)

                                               Daniel Brown married Elizabeth Cantrell, daughter of Richard Cantrell and Constance Bethel. Daniel Brown married Elizabeth Cantrell.

                                            Ida ______ (F)

                                                 Ida ______ married William S. Brown, son of John J. Brown and Kizzor Masariah Lewis.

                                              Marvin Brown (M)
                                              b. February 13, 1903, #20371

                                                   Marvin Brown was born on February 13, 1903. He married Lillie Catherine Heptinstall, daughter of David Monroe Heptinstall and Nancy Butler, on December 3, 1928 at West Point, Troup County, GA.

                                                _____ Bryan (M)

                                                     _____ Bryan married Ethel Lenora Horne, daughter of James Henry Horn and Lucinda Baker.

                                                  Cecil Bryant (M)
                                                  b. October 6, 1911, d. 1990, #20374

                                                       Cecil Bryant was born on October 6, 1911 at Jones County, GA. He died in 1990 at Macon County, AL.

                                                    Gray Bryant (M)

                                                         Gray Bryant married Mary 'Polly' Luna, daughter of Peter Luna and Mary Pittman.

                                                      John Henry Bryant Sr. (M)
                                                      b. May 15, 1875, d. February 17, 1948, #20379

                                                           John Henry Bryant Sr. was born on May 15, 1875 at GA. He married Mattie Samantha Davis, daughter of Charnic P. Davis and Mary Elizabeth Fenn. John Henry Bryant Sr. died on February 17, 1948 at age 72. He was buried at Fairfax City Cemetery, Chambers County, AL.

                                                        Nellie Ellen Buford (F)

                                                          Willie Burgess (F)

                                                               Willie Burgess married Jeff Lewis Cummings, son of Jefferson Davis Cummings and Ida Caldonia Robinson.

                                                            Minnie Lee Burgett (F)
                                                            b. December 9, 1888, #20385

                                                                 Minnie Lee Burgett was born on December 9, 1888 at Marshall County, AL. She married James Edgar Robinson, son of John Christopher Robinson and Mary Jordan, on August 9, 1903 at Sand Mtn, Marshall County, AL. Minnie Lee Burgett died.

                                                                 Children of Minnie Lee Burgett and James Edgar Robinson:
                                                            Loyd Edward Robinson   b. September 16, 1904, d. October 10, 1966
                                                            Mary Thelma Robinson   b. August 30, 1906, d. March 15, 1978
                                                            Floyd Edgar Robinson   b. April 23, 1909, d. January 15, 1912
                                                            Minnie Clara Robinson   b. June 23, 1913
                                                            Gussie Inez Robinson   b. February 7, 1925, d. November 21, 1962

                                                              Betty Busby (F)

                                                                   Betty Busby married Charlie Noles, son of William Parker Noles and Margaret A. Benefield.

                                                                Joe Busby (M)

                                                                     Joe Busby married Georgia Ann Noles, daughter of William Parker Noles and Margaret A. Benefield.

                                                                  David Butler (M)

                                                                       David Butler married Sarah Elizabeth Heptinstall, daughter of Calvin Heptinstall and Sarah Elizabeth Langley.

                                                                    Ellie Butler (F)
                                                                    b. September 10, 1903, d. January 8, 1974, #20391

                                                                         Ellie Butler was born on September 10, 1903. She married Charles Franklin Davis, son of John Henry Davis and Eoleta Martha Cantelou, on November 13, 1921 at Lee County, AL. Ellie Butler died on January 8, 1974 at Opelika, Lee County, AL, at age 70. She was buried at Garden Hills Cemetery, Opelika, Lee County, AL.

                                                                      Nancy Butler (F)
                                                                      b. September 4, 1873, d. April 22, 1970, #20392

                                                                           Nancy Butler was born on September 4, 1873. She married David Monroe Heptinstall, son of Calvin Heptinstall and Sarah Elizabeth Langley, on October 29, 1893. Nancy Butler died on April 22, 1970 at Randolph County, AL, at age 96.

                                                                           Children of Nancy Butler and David Monroe Heptinstall:
                                                                      Carry E. Heptinstall   b. January 12, 1895
                                                                      Sanford Heptinstall   b. February 9, 1897, d. June 24, 1948
                                                                      Joshua Heptinstall   b. April 7, 1899
                                                                      William Bradford Heptinstall   b. June 6, 1901, d. June 23, 1956
                                                                      Infant Heptinstall   b. 1905
                                                                      Monroe David Heptinstall+   b. August 17, 1907, d. December 29, 1977
                                                                      Lillie Catherine Heptinstall   b. October 30, 1912

                                                                        Rachel Butler (F)
                                                                        b. May, 1879, #20393

                                                                             Rachel Butler was born in May, 1879. She married Joshua R. Heptinstall, son of Calvin Heptinstall and Sarah Elizabeth Langley. Rachel Butler died.

                                                                             Child of Rachel Butler and Joshua R. Heptinstall:
                                                                        Lyddia Annie Heptinstall   b. June, 1895

                                                                          Exa Butts (F)
                                                                          b. June 17, 1893, d. June 16, 1965, #20394

                                                                               Exa Butts was born on June 17, 1893. She married John Colon Warr, son of Adam Sylvester Warr and Margaret Ann McEachen. Exa Butts died on June 16, 1965 at Barbour County, AL, at age 71.

                                                                            Harold Byars (M)

                                                                                 Harold Byars married Elizabeth Magness, daughter of Perry Green Magness Sr. and Mary Cantrell.

                                                                              Frank P. Byers (M)

                                                                                   Frank P. Byers married Charlotte Cantrell, daughter of William Riley 'Bill Flat' Cantrell and Constance Magness.

                                                                                Allen Byrd (M)
                                                                                b. 1820, #20397

                                                                                     Allen Byrd was born in 1820 at NC. He married Mary Catharine McEachern, daughter of Gilbert McEachern and Catherine Cameron, on August 25, 1839. Allen Byrd died.

                                                                                  Lola Cain (F)

                                                                                       Lola Cain married Louis C. Cantelou, son of Lamar Cantelou and Mary G. Campbell, on January 31, 1899 at Wetumpka, Elmore County, AL.

                                                                                    Lula E. Camp (F)
                                                                                    b. November, 1881, #20400

                                                                                         Lula E. Camp was born in November, 1881. She married Joseph Freeman Dennis, son of James Harvey Dennis and Judieth Ann Hadley, on November 20, 1898. Lula E. Camp died.

                                                                                      _____ Campbell (M)

                                                                                           _____ Campbell married Bettie Jim Heath, daughter of Jim I. Heath and Ida Bell McConnell.

                                                                                        Dee Boyd Campbell (M)
                                                                                        b. 1905, #20402

                                                                                             Dee Boyd Campbell was born in 1905. He married Minnie Pearl Horne, daughter of Daniel Timothy Horne and Mary Emma Warr, in December, 1929.

                                                                                          Margaret Campbell (F)
                                                                                          b. November 29, 1849, d. November 20, 1917, #20403

                                                                                               Margaret Campbell was born on November 29, 1849 at AR. She married Wilson E. Taylor, son of David Jacob 'Bluetooth' Taylor and Elizabeth 'Betsy' Allen, in 1870. Margaret Campbell died on November 20, 1917 at age 67.

                                                                                            Mary G. Campbell (F)
                                                                                            b. 1840, d. 1927, #20404

                                                                                                 Mary G. Campbell was born in 1840 at AL. She married Lamar Cantelou, son of Louis Crymes Cantelou and Mary Alice Rainsford, on September 9, 1863. Mary G. Campbell died in 1927.

                                                                                                 Children of Mary G. Campbell and Lamar Cantelou:
                                                                                            Louis C. Cantelou   b. May 11, 1865, d. April 26, 1921
                                                                                            W. Frazier Cantelou   b. 1868
                                                                                            Flora C. Cantelou   b. 1870
                                                                                            Mary C. Cantelou   b. 1874
                                                                                            Archibald L. Cantelou   b. 1876, d. February, 1940

                                                                                              Annie Lenora Cannon (F)
                                                                                              b. June 30, 1884, d. May 1, 1978, #20405

                                                                                                   Annie Lenora Cannon was born on June 30, 1884 at Grassy, Marshall County, AL. She married Montgomery Amberdale Robinson, son of John Christopher Robinson and Mary Jordan. Annie Lenora Cannon died on May 1, 1978 at Arab, Marshall County, AL, at age 93. She was buried at New Friendship Church, Marshall County, AL.

                                                                                                   Children of Annie Lenora Cannon and Montgomery Amberdale Robinson:
                                                                                              John Doyle Robinson   b. January 19, 1905
                                                                                              Mary Slona Alma Robinson   b. May 5, 1907
                                                                                              Elmer Robinson   b. 1910
                                                                                              Infant Robinson   b. March 18, 1917, d. March 18, 1917

                                                                                                Dealie Clemintine Cantrell (F)
                                                                                                b. May 31, 1876, d. March 27, 1935, #20406

                                                                                                     Dealie Clemintine Cantrell was born on May 31, 1876 at Coweta County, GA. She married Malcolm Lafayette Robinson, son of John Christopher Robinson and Mary Jordan, in 1897. Dealie Clemintine Cantrell married _____ Bartlett. Dealie Clemintine Cantrell died on March 27, 1935 at Randolph County, AL, at age 58. She was buried at Highway Congregational Methodist Church, Randolph County, AL.

                                                                                                     Children of Dealie Clemintine Cantrell and _____ Bartlett:
                                                                                                _____ Bartlett
                                                                                                Lynard Bartlett
                                                                                                Marvin Bartlett

                                                                                                     Children of Dealie Clemintine Cantrell and Malcolm Lafayette Robinson:
                                                                                                Alice A. Robinson   b. November 29, 1897, d. September 7, 1913
                                                                                                James Christopher Robinson   b. June 26, 1900
                                                                                                Freddie Leon Robinson   b. June 23, 1901, d. March 31, 1969
                                                                                                Mattie Sue Evie Robinson   b. November 23, 1903, d. 1973
                                                                                                Claudie Bell Robinson   b. 1906, d. 1906
                                                                                                Infant Robinson   b. 1908, d. 1908
                                                                                                Ethel Odessia Robinson   b. February 8, 1909
                                                                                                Infant Robinson   b. 1911, d. 1911
                                                                                                Mary Lilly Pearl Robinson   b. August 25, 1912
                                                                                                Decie Edna Robinson   b. May 21, 1914, d. November 16, 1980
                                                                                                Ruthie Irene Robinson   b. 1916, d. 1916

                                                                                                  Eleander Cantrell (F)

                                                                                                       Eleander Cantrell married Madison Cantrell, son of John 'Johnny Flat' Cantrell and Mary Adkins.

                                                                                                    Elizabeth Cantrell (F)

                                                                                                         Elizabeth Cantrell married Daniel Brown. Elizabeth Cantrell married Robert H. Flanigan.

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