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Monroe Daniel (M)
d. August 5, 1911, #20468

     Monroe Daniel married Nancy Alice Dorrough, daughter of Absalom N. Dorrough and Lucretia Margaret Parmor, on December 29, 1910 at Randolph County, AL. Monroe Daniel died on August 5, 1911.

     Child of Monroe Daniel and Nancy Alice Dorrough:
Thomas Levi Daniel   b. October 28, 1911

    Kay Davidsen (M)
    b. September 26, 1911, #20470

         Kay Davidsen was born on September 26, 1911.

      Dovie ______ (F)
      b. September, 1880, #20471

           Dovie ______ was born in September, 1880 at GA. She married William A. Davis, son of Charnic P. Davis and Mary Elizabeth Fenn, in 1895. Dovie ______ died.

        Frank Davis (M)
        b. 1925, d. March 20, 1956, #20472

             Frank Davis was born in 1925. He died on March 20, 1956.

          John Davis (M)

               John Davis married Samantha Noles, daughter of William Parker Noles and Margaret A. Benefield.

            John Lewis Davis (M)
            b. 1785, d. 1872, #20474

                 John Lewis Davis was born in 1785. He married Elinda 'Nellie' Cantrell, daughter of John 'Johnny Flat' Cantrell and Mary Adkins. John Lewis Davis died in 1872.

              Effie Dennis (F)

                   Effie Dennis married William Bradford Heptinstall, son of David Monroe Heptinstall and Nancy Butler.

                Harriet M. ______ (F)
                b. November 2, 1875, d. October 24, 1950, #20476

                     Harriet M. ______ was born on November 2, 1875. She married Perry H. Dennis, son of James Harvey Dennis and Judieth Ann Hadley. Harriet M. ______ died on October 24, 1950 at age 74.

                  Anne Dudley (F)

                       Anne Dudley married George Crymes, son of George Crymes and _____ ______, on February 9, 1786.

                    Luther Duffy (M)

                         Luther Duffy married Ledonia Noles, daughter of William Parker Noles and Margaret A. Benefield.

                      James Clifton Duke (M)
                      b. August 1, 1908, d. August 31, 1972, #20479

                           James Clifton Duke was born on August 1, 1908. He married Dollie Allen, daughter of Staley T. Allen and Mary Susan Cantrell. James Clifton Duke died on August 31, 1972 at Phenix City, Russell County, AL, at age 64. He was buried at Lakeshore Memory Gardens, Russell County, AL.

                        Isaac Dunham (M)

                             Isaac Dunham married Mary Frances Allen, daughter of Winslow Wade Allen Sr. and Lucinda 'Lucy' Norris.

                          Beulah Durham (F)
                          b. April, 1877, #20482

                               Beulah Durham was born in April, 1877. She married Joseph E. McConnell, son of William B. McConnell and Tabitha Olive Kent, on June 2, 1889 at Lee County, AL. Beulah Durham died.

                            Feriba Durham (F)

                                 Feriba Durham married Sampson Cantrell, son of Richard Cantrell and Constance Bethel.

                              Ira Durham (F)
                              b. March, 1874, #20484

                                   Ira Durham was born in March, 1874. She married Mack McConnell, son of William F. McConnell and Sarah Long.

                                Sarah Durham (F)

                                     Sarah Durham married Abraham Cantrell, son of Abraham Cantrell and _____ ______.

                                  Doctor James Dykes (M)
                                  b. 1835, #20486

                                       Doctor James Dykes was born in 1835. He married Malinda Roberts, daughter of William Roberts I and Sallie Humphrey, on December 15, 1853.

                                    W. E. Dubose (M)

                                         W. E. Dubose married Mary Cantelou, daughter of William Bernard Cantelou and Lucinda M. Martin.

                                      Martha Edge (F)

                                           Martha Edge married Lonnie Allen, son of Andrew Jackson Allen and Susannah H. Mullican.

                                        Carol ______ (F)

                                             Carol ______ married James Erlandson, son of Harold D. Erlandson and Diane Fagerland.

                                          Harold D. Erlandson (M)

                                               Harold D. Erlandson married Diane Fagerland. Harold D. Erlandson married Barbara Kirk.

                                               Children of Harold D. Erlandson and Diane Fagerland:
                                          James Erlandson
                                          Karen Erlandson
                                          Linda Erlandson
                                          Steven Erlandson

                                            James Erlandson (M)
                                            Pop-up Pedigree

                                                 James Erlandson was the son of Harold D. Erlandson and Diane Fagerland. James Erlandson married Carol ______.

                                              Karen Erlandson (F)
                                              Pop-up Pedigree

                                                   Karen Erlandson was the daughter of Harold D. Erlandson and Diane Fagerland.

                                                Linda Erlandson (F)
                                                Pop-up Pedigree

                                                     Linda Erlandson was the daughter of Harold D. Erlandson and Diane Fagerland. Linda Erlandson married Steven Stutts.

                                                  Steven Erlandson (M)
                                                  Pop-up Pedigree

                                                       Steven Erlandson was the son of Harold D. Erlandson and Diane Fagerland. Steven Erlandson married Angela Herring.

                                                    Charles David Estes Sr. (M)
                                                    b. April 14, 1898, d. January 19, 1980, #20501

                                                         Charles David Estes Sr. was born on April 14, 1898 at Chambers County, AL. He married Florence Alma Davis, daughter of John Henry Davis and Eoleta Martha Cantelou, on September 30, 1933. Charles David Estes Sr. died on January 19, 1980 at P.C., Russell County, AL, at age 81.

                                                      Josie Estes (F)

                                                           Josie Estes married Richard M. Cantrell, son of William Riley 'Bill Flat' Cantrell and Constance Magness.

                                                        Bama Lee Estridge (F)

                                                          John C. Etchinson (M)
                                                          b. October 18, 1874, d. January 16, 1936, #20504

                                                               John C. Etchinson was born on October 18, 1874 at AL. He married Maggie Mary Robinson, daughter of John Christopher Robinson and Mary Jordan, in 1897. John C. Etchinson died on January 16, 1936 at age 61.

                                                               Children of John C. Etchinson and Maggie Mary Robinson:
                                                          _____ Etchinson
                                                          Mary C. Etchinson   b. 1898
                                                          Charles Etchinson   b. 1900
                                                          Annie M. Etchinson   b. 1903
                                                          Maggie E. Etchinson   b. 1906
                                                          John L. Etchinson   b. 1908

                                                            John Evans (M)

                                                                 John Evans married Narcissus Cantrell, daughter of Richard Cantrell and Constance Bethel.

                                                              George Farmer (M)

                                                                   George Farmer married Nancy Crymes, daughter of George Crymes and _____ ______.

                                                                Gene Faulk (M)

                                                                  Malissa Faulkner (F)

                                                                       Malissa Faulkner married Leroy P. 'Cain' Magness, son of Perry Green Magness Sr. and Mary Cantrell, on November 11, 1857.

                                                                    Florence Fetner (F)
                                                                    b. April 12, 1905, d. May 26, 1980, #20511

                                                                         Florence Fetner was born on April 12, 1905. She married Lawrence Cleophes Robinson, son of Lewis Oscar Robinson and Annie E. McDaniel, on July 23, 1922 at LaGrange, Troup County, GA. Florence Fetner died on May 26, 1980 at age 75.

                                                                         Children of Florence Fetner and Lawrence Cleophes Robinson:
                                                                    Rudell Robinson
                                                                    Lena Pearl Robinson
                                                                    Gerson Robinson
                                                                    Fetner Robinson
                                                                    Vinion L. Robinson+   b. 1924, d. February 14, 1994

                                                                      D. William Fish (M)

                                                                           D. William Fish married Delila Allen, daughter of Andrew Allen and Ludia J. Swaner.

                                                                        Julia Ann Fisher (F)
                                                                        b. August 10, 1868, d. November 20, 1921, #20513

                                                                             Julia Ann Fisher was born on August 10, 1868. She married James Alvin Cotton, son of John Mckelvey Cotton and Mary Cantrell, in 1889. Julia Ann Fisher died on November 20, 1921 at age 53.

                                                                          William Fisher (M)
                                                                          b. September 25, 1817, #20514

                                                                               William Fisher was born on September 25, 1817. He married Sarah 'Sallie' Roberts, daughter of William Roberts I and Sallie Humphrey. William Fisher died.

                                                                            _____ Fitzpatrick (M)

                                                                                 _____ Fitzpatrick married Mary C. Cantelou, daughter of Lamar Cantelou and Mary G. Campbell.

                                                                              Captain James W. Flanigan (M)

                                                                                   Captain James W. Flanigan married Sarah Cantrell, daughter of Richard Cantrell and Constance Bethel, on August 25, 1829.

                                                                                Robert H. Flanigan (M)

                                                                                     Robert H. Flanigan married Elizabeth Cantrell.

                                                                                  _____ Flowers (M)

                                                                                       _____ Flowers married Rosie Cottingham, daughter of Marcus Kohn Cottingham and Mamie L. Cantelou.

                                                                                    Barney Flowers (M)

                                                                                         Barney Flowers married Mattie Whitted, daughter of Henry Ed Whitted and Rosa Lu Viola Cantelou.

                                                                                      Lewis Floyd (M)

                                                                                           Lewis Floyd married Francis Noles, daughter of Zachariah Henry Noles and Gena Gertrude Brown.

                                                                                        Joicey Mendie Mabell Ford (F)
                                                                                        b. May 14, 1906, d. November 6, 1989, #20521

                                                                                             Joicey Mendie Mabell Ford was born on May 14, 1906 at Cleburne County, AL. She married Monroe David Heptinstall, son of David Monroe Heptinstall and Nancy Butler, on August 19, 1933 at Roanoke, Randolph County, AL. Joicey Mendie Mabell Ford died on November 6, 1989 at age 83.

                                                                                             Children of Joicey Mendie Mabell Ford and Monroe David Heptinstall:
                                                                                        Ader Odell Heptinstall   b. June 15, 1934, d. July 22, 1974

                                                                                          Gary Dewayne Fortune (M)

                                                                                            Frances Fowler (F)

                                                                                                 Frances Fowler married Benjamin Cantrell, son of John Cantrell and _____ Brittian.

                                                                                              William Marshall Frazier (M)

                                                                                                   William Marshall Frazier married Elizabeth Cantelou, daughter of Louis Crymes Cantelou and Rebecca Alice Lester, in 1833.

                                                                                                R. L. Freeman (M)
                                                                                                b. 1842, #20526

                                                                                                     R. L. Freeman was born in 1842 at GA. He married Rebecca E. Long on August 25, 1867 at Lee County, AL. R. L. Freeman died.

                                                                                                  Warren Fuller (M)

                                                                                                       Warren Fuller married Ollie Ruth Noles, daughter of Zachariah Henry Noles and Gena Gertrude Brown.

                                                                                                    George Fuqua (M)

                                                                                                         George Fuqua married Dicy Malissa Calsina Warr, daughter of Ezekial Sylvester Warr and Parisade Benton.

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