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An Arkansas Connection ...

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Please Note: Since Morris Myers' passing, I do not have access to all the family data records and programs used to generate this database. I cannot change the information within these pages as they are all interlinked. I have received several e-mails that some of this information is incorrect, so please research all data gathered from these pages thoroughly before accepting it as fact.

Shane Hill

Why are we doing this?
The information is out there -- why not make it available to interested folks? The information contained in the Pike County Database or An Arkansas Connection ... database is not to be considered a "sure thing." While all the people who contributed information are good researchers, we all sometimes make mistakes, or neglect to write down our sources. We're sure some people have added information to their personal charts since the time they submitted them for inclusion in the databases. These databases are intended to help people figure out where they might look for information. If a person was born and died in Pike County, chances are there will be some documents out there. Since there were several court house fires, finding the documents is the trick. In some instances, there simply are no existing documents. We have researched families for many years and have found that some of the best leads are from other researchers who were willing to share their information.

Cindy Scott began building the database in 1995. It includes people who lived in Pike County Arkansas at any time and their ancestors and/or descendants, regardless of where they lived before or after residing in Pike County.

Individuals have donated family histories and GEDCOM's and they are being entered into the database as time permits.

Morris started collecting data on his family line in December of 1998. Through the contributions of many relatives and friends he was able to compile the database known as An Arkansas Connection ... His desire is to put as much information about Pike County families as he possible in one place.
How can you contribute to this project?
Would you like to donate a family history to be added to the database? Contact the webmaster for instructions on where to send your information. If you use a genealogy program on your computer and would like to contribute your information for inclusion in the Pike County Data Base, please contact the webmaster. You can attach your GEDCOM to your message if you like. Not sure how to create a GEDCOM? Send e-mail to the webmaster -- he's a very helpful fellow!

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The pages of the databases and indexes contain a great deal of information and are very large. It may take several minutes to load each page. Please be patient.
If you find errors or omissions in the data or if you would like to have your family data added to the database, please send e-mail to her at

All information contained herein is correct as far as we can verify but it is not guaranteed to be perfect. Information may be missing on some people as well, If you can fill any gaps or have corrections to the existing data, please e-mail the webmaster.

The information on this site is offered freely but cannot be used in any publication or on any commercial site without written permission from Shane Hill or Cindy Scott.

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