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Wade, James S.         38    m    school teacher       TN
Wagner, John           33    m    merchant             *   Werttenberg
Wagner, M.             35    m    blacksmith           *   Werttenberg
Wagner, M. L.          20    f                         AR
Wagner, R. R.          6/12  f                         AR
Wagner, Sarah          20    f                         AR
Walker, A.J.           31    m    farmer               SC
Walker, George         15    m    farmer               GA
Walker, Harvey         48    m    farmer               TN
Walker, Hugh           18    m    farmer               GA
Walker, S.A.           23    f                         MS
Walker, Sarah          52    f                         TN
Walker, W.H.           24    m    farmer               TN
Wallace, G.A.          7     f                         GA
Wallace, Jessee        1     m                         AR
Wallace, John          30    m    farmer               GA
Wallace, Lucinda       30    f                         GA
Wallace, M.E.          8     f                         GA
Wallace, Wm.           4     m                         AR
Walls, B.M.            35    m    farmer               GA
Walls, C.A.            10    f                         AL
Walls, Isaac           59    m    farmer               GA
Walls, J.H.            12    m                         AL
Walls, J.R.            8     m                         AL
Walls, L.E.            6     f                         AR
Walls, M.S.            1     f                         AR
Walls, Martha          24    f                         TN
Walls, N.A.            60    f                         GA
Walls, N.J.            4     f                         AR
Walston, A.E.          20    f                         GA
Walston, B.B.          59    m    farmer               SC
Walston, E.J.          10    f                         AR
Walston, E.L.          2     f                         AR
Walston, G.W.          4     m                         AR
Walston, H.J.          32    m    farmer               GA
Walston, J.B.          17    m                         GA
Walston, J.C.          7     m                         AR
Walston, J.W.          3     m                         AR
Walston, Martha        13    f                         GA
Walston, N.A.          6     f                         AR
Walston, Sarah         43    f                         GA
Walston, Sousan        23    f                         AL
Walston, T.J.          1     m                         AR
Walston, Wm.           21    m    farmer               AL
Walton, A.M.           40    m    farmer               TN
Walton, Anna           4     f                         AR
Walton, David          15    m                         MS
Walton, Emoline        19    f                         MS
Walton, George         5     m                         AR
Walton, H.J.           21    m    farmer               MS
Walton, J.S.           21    m                         MS
Walton, John           2     m                         AR
Walton, Kizzia         29    f                         MS
Walton, Louise         17    f                         MS
Walton, M.D.           4/12  f                         AR
Walton, M.W.           42    f                         AL
Walton, Malvina        7     f                         AR
Walton, Millissia      2     f                         AR
Walton, Raford         8     m                         AR
Walton, S.A.           21    f                         SC
Walton, Silas          12    m                         MS
Walton, Virginia       6     f                         AR
Wamac, D. A.           3     m                         AR
Wamac, F. M.           8     m                         AR
Wamac, J. B.           6     m                         AR
Wamac, N. H.           5     f                         AR
Wamac, Sarah           29    f                         TN
Wamac, W. H.           28    m  m  echanic             TN
Wammack, Charles       17    m                         AR
Ward, Ansalina         8     f                         AR
Ward, Inez             5     f                         AR
Ward, J.D.             17    m                         AR
Ward, J.F.             39    m    farmer               AR
Ward, Jane             29    f                         IL
Ward, John             17    m                         AR
Ward, M.C.             12    f                         AR
Ward, S.J.             10    m                         AR
Watley, Jane           20    f                         AR
Watley, John           28    m    farmer               GA
Watley, Mary           10    f                         AL
Watley, Sarah          3     f                         AR
Watson, C. A.          1/12  m                         AR
Watson, C. R.          34    m    farmer               TN
Watson, D. M.          22    m                         TN
Watson, E. C.          11    f                         AR
Watson, H. D.          3     m                         AR
Watson, J. H.          31    m    blacksmith           TN
Watson, J. S.          1     m                         AR
Watson, J. W.          6     m                         AR
Watson, J. W.          18    m                         TN
Watson, James          24    m    blacksmith           TN
Watson, M. R.          1     f                         AR
Watson, Mary           19    f                         AL
Watson, N. C.          29    f                         TN
Watson, S. C.          9     f                         AR
Watson, S. E.          34    f                         TN
Watson, S. J.          4     f                         AR
Watson, Sarah          26    f                         TN
Watson, W. J.          9     m                         AR
Watson, W. W.          6     m                         AR
Watson, Warren         17    m                         AR
Weaver, Benj.          18    m                         MS
Weaver, Catharine      56    f                         TN
Weaver, Jeremiah       55    m    farmer               TN
Webb, Abner            39    m    farmer               VA
Webb, Eri              18    m                         VA
Webb, Isaac            10    m                         VA
Webb, J.M.             4     m                         VA
Webb, Joshua           16    m                         VA
Webb, M.A.             13    f                         VA
Webb, Rebecca          7     f                         VA
Webb, Sarah            35    f                         VA
Welch, J.A.            25    m                         SC
Wesbrook, H.J.         30    m    farmer               TN
Wesbrook, J.W.         1     m                         AR
Wesbrook, M.E.         26    f                         TN
Wesbrook, W.W.         6     m                         AR
Weson, E.H.            18    m                         SC
Weson, E.J.            14    f                         SC
Weson, E.J.            11    m                         SC
Weson, Emly            34    f                         SC
Weson, H.J.            44    m    farmer               SC
West, Benj.            66    m    farmer               SC
West, J.M.             26    m                         GA
West, Priscillia       47    f                         SC
Westerman, C. C.       6     m                         AR
Westerman, C. D.       50    m    carpenter            KY
Westerman, C. R.       21    m                         TN
Westerman, D. J.       20    f                         AR
Westerman, D. L.       3     m                         AR
Westerman, Elisabeth   7     f                         TN
Westerman, F. M.       14    f                         TN
Westerman, G. F.       4     m                         AR
Westerman, G. W.       10    m                         AR
Westerman, J. E.       11/12 f                         AR
Westerman, J. L.       7     m                         AR
Westerman, J. L.M.     5     m                         AR
Westerman, J. W.       32    m    farmer               TN
Westerman, J. W.       4     m                         AR
Westerman, J. W.       12    m                         TN
Westerman, John        30    m    farmer               TN
Westerman, L. H.       6/12  m                         AR
Westerman, M. F.       27    m    farmer               TN
Westerman, M. F.       2     m                         AR
Westerman, M. H.       8     m                         TX
Westerman, M. J.       3     f                         AR
Westerman, M. L.       17    m                         TN
Westerman, Matilda     23    f                         TN
Westerman, Nancy       51    f                         VA
Westerman, Pleasant    21    m    farmer               TN
Westerman, R. J.       31    f                         TN
Westerman, Rebecca     25    f                         GA
Westerman, S. A.       19    f                         AR
Westerman, Z. L.       12    m                         TX
Wheat, Buck            26    m    farmer               AR
Wheat, James           2     m                         AR
Wheat, Rebecca         28    f                         AR
Whisenhunt, A. B.      15    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, A.F.       18    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, Adam       19    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, Adam       44    m    farmer               NC
Whisenhunt, B. J.      15    f                         GA
Whisenhunt, E. A.      12    f                         GA
Whisenhunt, F. E.      6     f                         AR
Whisenhunt, G. A.      13    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, George     15    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, H.B.       7     m                         AR
Whisenhunt, Henry      63    m                         NC
Whisenhunt, J. W.      2     m                         AR
Whisenhunt, J.J.       28    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, J.W.       6     m                         AR
Whisenhunt, Josiah     20    m    farmer               GA
Whisenhunt, L. C.      17    f                         GA
Whisenhunt, M. A.      19    f                         GA
Whisenhunt, M. E.      10    f                         AR
Whisenhunt, M.A.       49    f                         SC
Whisenhunt, M.R.       16    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, M.S.       23    f                         TN
Whisenhunt, Mary       60    f                         NC
Whisenhunt, N.A.       4     f                         AR
Whisenhunt, P.B.       17    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, P.M.       10    m                         GA
Whisenhunt, Pegy       22    f                         GA
Whisenhunt, S.         25    f                         AR
Whisenhunt, S.C.       15    f                         GA
Whisenhunt, S.J.A.     6     f                         AR
Whisenhunt, T.L.       30    m    miller               GA
Whisenhunt, W.T.       l     m                         AR
White, A.B.            14    m                         TN
White, A.B.            11    m                         AR
White, A.H.            12    m                         TN
White, A.J.            12    f                         AR
White, Adaline         30    f                         TN
White, B.C.            20    f                         AR
White, B.F.            1     m                         AR
White, Barthemew       17    f                         TN
White, Bashey          42    f                         TN
White, C.P.            4     m                         AR
White, Catharine       46    f                         KY
White, D.B.            8     m                         AR
White, D.H.            51    m    farmer               NC
White, David           56    m    farmer               TN
White, David           24    m                         TN
White, E.A.            7     f                         TN
White, E.J.            1     f                         AR
White, Elisabeth       12    f                         AR
White, Elisabeth       55    f                         VA
White, Emaline         23    f                         TN
White, Emly            23    f                         GA
White, G.W.            20    m                         TN
White, Isaac           4     m                         AR
White, Isaac           64    m    farmer               TN
White, Isaac           30    m    carpenter            TN
White, Isaac           30    m    farmer               TN
White, J. A.           2     m                         TN
White, J.C.            23    m                         AR
White, J.F.            22    f                         GA
White, James           22    m                         AR
White, Jasper          13    m                         AR
White, John            43    m    farmer               TN
White, John            11    m                         AR
White, John            32    m    farmer               TN
White, Joshua          12    m                         AR
White, L.H.            18    m                         TN
White, Lawson          15    m                         AR
White, Litha           13    f                         TN
White, M. A.           5     f                         AR
White, M.D.            15    m                         AR
White, M.E.
White, M.F.            2     f                         AR
White, M.J.            3     f                         AR
White, M.M.            6     f                         AR
White, Martha          9     f                         AR
White, Mary            6     f                         AR
White, Mary B.         13    f
White, Moses           1     m                         AR
White, N. A.           30    f                         AR
White, N. A.           9     f                         AR
White, Nancy           6     f                         AR
White, O.?C.           17    m                         GA
White, P.D.            37    f                         GA
White, Pleasant        42    m    farmer               TN
White, S.A.            10    f                         TN
White, S.H.            17    f                         AR
White, S.M.            22    f                         AR
White, Sarah           25    f                         AR
White, Sarah           16    f                         TN
White, T.E.            16    m                         GA
White, T.J.            10    m                         AR
White, T.M.            21    m                         AR
White, W. H.           1     m                         TN
White, W. J.           32    m                         TN
White, W. P.           24    m    farmer               TN
White, W.C.            3     m                         AR
White, W.T.            5     m                         AR
White, Wm.             8     m                         AR
White, Wm.             19    m    laborer              MS
White, Wm.             55    m    mechanic             TN
Wigfield, Emly         16    f                         SC
Wigfield, Ephraim      12    m                         AR
Wigfield, Thompson     27    m                         AR
Williams, A. A.        5     m                         AR
Williams, A. P.        3/12  m                         AR
Williams, Benj.        20    m                         TN
Williams, C. J.        4     f                         AR
Williams, C. M.        3     m                         AR
Williams, E.           26    f                         GA
Williams, E. C.        30    f                         AL
Williams, Elisabeth    34    f                         TN
Williams, Feby         24    f                         MS
Williams, G. D.        46    m    miller               TN
Williams, G. D.        11    m                         TN
Williams, G. W.        7     m                         AR
Williams, H. C.        5     m                         AR
Williams, J. H.        11    m                         TN
Williams, James        33    m    farmer               AR
Williams, Josafine     2     f                         AR
Williams, Joshua       26    m    farmer               TN
Williams, M. A.        3     f                         AR
Williams, M. A.        5     f                         AR
Williams, M. C.        8     f                         AR
Williams, M. E.        13    f                         AR
Williams, M. F.        7     f                         AR
Williams, M.J.         4     f                         AR
Williams, N. E.        4     f                         AR
Williams, Nancy        14    f                         TN
Williams, S. J.        9     f                         TN
Williams, Tabitha      27    f                         GA
Williams, W. W.        10    m                         AR
Williams, W.H.         1     m                         AR
Williams, William      47    m    hatter               VA
Williams, Wm.          16    m                         TN
Williams, Wm.          32    m    farmer               TN
Williams, Z. T.        12    m                         AR
Wilson, Bethiar        26    f                         GA
Wilson, C.M.           40    m    farmer               SC
Wilson, C.M.           9     m                         AL
Wilson, E.             24    f                         AL
Wilson, E.E.           14    f                         SC
Wilson, E.M.           3     m                         MS
Wilson, Elisabeth      46    f                         SC
Wilson, Elisabeth      27    f                         GA
Wilson, Elisabeth      5     f                         GA
Wilson, Elisha         6     m                         GA
Wilson, Elmira         1     f                         MS
Wilson, F.B.           18    m    farmer               SC
Wilson, F.E.           2     f                         AR
Wilson, G.L.           54    m    farmer               SC
Wilson, H.D.           18    m    farmer               SC
Wilson, H.M.           12    f                         SC
Wilson, J. F.          29    m    blacksmith           LA
Wilson, J.A.           14    m                         MS
Wilson, J.B.           16    m                         SC
Wilson, J.C.           14    m                         SC
Wilson, J.D.           4     m                         AR
Wilson, J.N.           34    m    farmer               GA
Wilson, J.R.           9     m                         GA
Wilson, J.R.           27    m    school teacher       SC
Wilson, J.W.           20    m    farmer               SC
Wilson, John           20    m                         KY
Wilson, Josafine       1     f                         AR
Wilson, L.W.           11    m                         MS
Wilson, Louisa         9     f                         GA
Wilson, M.A.           6     f                         MS
Wilson, M.D.           16    f                         SC
Wilson, M.E.           18    f                         SC
Wilson, M.E.           7     f                         GA
Wilson, M.E.           35    f                         SC
Wilson, M.F.R.         3     f                         MS
Wilson, M.J.           13    f                         AL
Wilson, M.J.           27    f                         SC
Wilson, Martin         20    m    farmer               GA
Wilson, Mary           40    f                         SC
Wilson, S.A.           7     f                         AL
Wilson, Sarah          48    f                         SC
Wilson, T.B.           51    m    farmer               SC
Wilson, T.J.           16    m                         MS
Wilson, T.P.           31    m    farmer               SC
Wilson, W.A.           32    m    farmer               GA
Winford, Benj.         59    m    farmer               NC
Winford, H.R.E.        4     f                         AR
Winford, J.A.          13    m                         AR
Winford, J.H.          16    m                         TN
Winford, Lucinda       34    f                         VA
Wingfield, Adaline     21    f                         AR
Wingfield, B.F.        5     m                         AR
Wingfield, C.A.        4     f                         AR
Wingfield, Charles     62    m    farmer               KY
Wingfield, E.M.        22    f                         AR
Wingfield, Elijah      40    m    merchant             AR
Wingfield, F.N.        42    f                         SC
Wingfield, H.T.        13    m                         AR
Wingfield, Josafin     10    f                         AR
Wingfield, M.J.        3     f                         AR
Wingfield, Mariam      58    f                         TN
Wingfield, S.H.        35    m    farmer               AR
Wingfield, Sarah       26    f                         AR
Wingfield, W.H.        7     m                         AR
Wingfield, Wm.         30    m                         AR
Wingfield, Wm.         7     m                         AR
Wingo, E. N.           4     m                         AL
Wingo, E. T.           30    f                         GA
Wingo, M. F.           1     f                         AL
Wingo, P. M.           34    m    farmer               SC
Wingo, T. H.           8     m                         AL
Wingo, W. A.           10    m                         AL
Wisner, J.             26    m    farmer               AL
Wisner, N.G.           19    f                         GA
Wisner, Oliver         18    m                         GA
Wofford, John          10    m                         AR
Womack, C. W.          6     m                         AR
Womack, D. D.          30    m    mechanic             TN
Womack, D. W.          3     m                         AR
Womack, F. A.          5     f                         AR
Womack, J. M.          1     m                         AR
Womack, L. E.          31    f                         TN
Womack, S. E.          9     f                         AR
Wood, A.B.             40    f                         GA
Wood, D.H.             14    m                         AL
Wood, Elisabeth        10    f                         AL
Wood, G.B.             9     m                         AR
Wood, g.J.             4     m                         AR
Wood, H.J.             3     m                         AR
Wood, J.A.             3/12  m                         AR
Wood, J.B.             18    m                         AL
Wood, J.C.             17    m                         AR
Wood, J.E.             40    m    farmer               GA
Wood, J.H.             26    m    farmer               AL
Wood, J.M.             4     m                         AL
Wood, J.M.             7     m                         AL
Wood, J.T.             49    m    farmer               KY
Wood, J.T.             13    m                         AR
Wood, L.C.             16    f                         AL
Wood, L.S.             2     m                         AL
Wood, Lucinda          30    f                         AL
Wood, Lucy             66    f                         GA
Wood, M.A.             9     f                         AL
Wood, M.J.             21    f                         GA
Wood, Nancy            5     f                         AL
Wood, P.C.             6     m                         AL
Wood, R.H.             11    m                         AR
Wood, S.A.             67    m    farmer               NC
Wood, S.E.             9/12  f                         AR
Wood, S.H.             7     m                         AL
Wood, S.H.             5     m                         AL
Wood, Sousanah         49    f                         KY
Wood, W.D.             6     m                         AR
Wood, W.G.             12    m                         AL
Wood, W.H.             30    m    farmer               AL
Woodall, Amanda        32    f                         GA
Woodall, C.J.          32    m    farmer               GA
Woodall, Eliza         2/12  f                         AR
Woodall, Emly          2/12  f                         AR
Woodall, J.G.          35    m    farmer               GA
Woodall, J.H.          5     m                         AR
Woodall, J.P.          7     m                         GA
Woodall, M.E.          24    f                         GA
Woodall, M.E.          3     f                         AR
Woodall, M.S.          2     f                         AL
Woodall, Mary          23    f                         AR
Woodall, N.E.          1     f                         AR
Woodall, P.M.          32    m    farmer               GA
Woodall, P.S.          3     m                         GA
Woodall, S.A.          22    m    farmer               GA
Woodall, Sousan        66    f                         GA
Woodall, Sousan        3     f                         AR
Woodall, W.S.          5     m                         GA
Woodard, Irma          19    f                         AR

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