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Cain, C.J.                 5     f                         TN
Cain, Diney                43    f                         NC
Cain, F.A.                 18    f                         NC
Cain, Jimeson              17    m                         NC
Cain, Richard              42    m    farmer               NC
Cain, T.T.A.               15    m                         AL
Cambpell, Arther           30    m    farmer               TN
Cambpell, C. W.            3     m                         AR
Cambpell, D. D.            1     m                         AR
Cambpell, D. R.            31    m    farmer               TN
Cambpell, F. J.            24    f                         TN
Cambpell, J. R.            1     m                         AR
Cambpell, M. A.            6     f                         AR
Cambpell, M. E.            2     f                         AR
Cambpell, M. F.            5     f                         AR
Cambpell, Mary             37    f                         AL
Cambpell, Rebecca          24    f                         TN
Cambpell, Roxanna          3     f                         AR
Cambpell, S. E.            7     f                         AR
Cambpell, S. S.            2     f                         AR
Cambpell, W. B.            4     m                         AR
Cambpell, W. J.            5     m                         AR
Cambpell, Wm.              32    m                         TN
Campbell, Ann              16    f                         KY
Campbell, C.J.C.           40    m    mechanic             GA
Campbell, J.C.             20    m                         TN
Campbell, L.J.             1     f                         AR
Campbell, Lydia            49    f                         SC
Campbell, M.E.B.           7     f                         AL
Campbell, M.V.             9     f                         AL
Campbell, Mary             14    f                         MS
Campbell, N.H.             60    f    farmer               GA
Campbell, Nancy            29    f                         GA
Campbell, S.A.             5     f                         AL
Campbell, Sousan?          8     f                         MS
Campbell, T.A.             25    m    farmer               GA
Campbell, Wilson           48    m    farmer               KY
Campbell, Wm.              17    m                         MS
Cannon, A.J.               44    m    physician            TN
Cannon, B.F.               14    m                         TN
Cannon, Elisabeth          58    f                         SC
Cannon, G.W.               9     m                         TN
Cannon, J.S.               7     m                         TN
Cannon, J.S.               4     m                         TN
Cannon, M. R.              18    f                         AR
Cannon, Malinda            42    f                         TN
Cannon, Mary               12    f                         TN
Cannon, Monroe             16    m    farmer               TN
Cannon, R. W.              58    m    physician            GA
Cannon, R.E.               2     m                         AR
Cantrell, Catharine        10    f                         AL
Cantrell, Elisabeth        36    f                         GA
Cantrell, J.R.             16    m                         AL
Cantrell, L.D.             37    m    blacksmith           SC
Cantrell, Mary             2     f                         AL
Cantrell, Rebecca          15    f                         AL
Cantrell, Sousan           4     f                         AR
Cantrell, Wm.              7     m                         AL
Carpenter, Amanda          4     f                         TX
Carpenter, Elmina          6     f                         AR
Carpenter, Jane            30    f                         AR
Carpenter, John            42    m    farmer               KY
Carpenter, Matilda         9     f                         AR
Carpenter, R.H.            1     m                         AR
Carpenter, Rebecca         12    f                         AR
Carpenter, Sarah           14    f                         AR
Carroll, Amanda            13    f                         AL
Carroll, Catherine         23    f                         AL
Carroll, Cicero            17    m                         AL
Carroll, David             49    m    farmer               SC
Carroll, J. W.             19    m    farmer               GA
Carroll, John              21    m                         AL
Carroll, Martha            46    f                         NC
Carroll, Michael           50    m    hatter               NC
Carter, E. C.              6     f                         AR
Carter, Franklin           8     m                         AR
Carter, H. W.              34    m    farmer               NC
Carter, James              46    m    farmer               NC
Carter, James              12    m                         AR
Carter, John               14    m                         AR
Carter, M. C.              4     f                         AR
Carter, M.F.               6     f                         AR
Carter, Martha             34    f                         TN
Carter, Robt. M.           10    m                         AR
Carter, Sirena             37    f                         AR
Carter, T. H.              8     m                         AR
Carter, Thos. J.           3     m                         AR
Carter, W. H.              1     m                         AR
Carter, Wesley             2/12  m                         AR
Cary, Catharine            11    f                         TN
Cary, G. W.                6     m                         TN
Cary, J. W.                14    m                         TN
Cary, M. A.                11/12 m                         AR
Cary, N. B.                41    f                         NC
Cary, R. H.                4     m                         AR
Cary, Safrona              17    f                         TN
Cary, Sarah J.             8     f                         TN
Cary, Stephen              49    m    farmer               NC
Cary, Thos.                19    m                         TN
Castleberry, Amon          44    m    farmer               SC
Castleberry, E. F.         19    f                         AL
Castleberry, Emaline       39    f                         TN
Castleberry, J. P.         7     m                         MS
Castleberry, John          9     m                         MS
Castleberry, S. R.         17    f                         AL
Castleberry, Thos.         4     m                         MS
Castleberry, W. R.         12    m                         MS
Cemp, Bird                 39    m    farmer               VA
Cemp, E.J.                 12    f                         TN
Cemp, Elihu                3     m                         AR
Cemp, J.R.                 16    m                         TN
Cemp, M.C.                 13    f                         TN
Cemp, N.E.                 2     f                         AR
Cemp, S.A.                 5     f                         AR
Cemp, Sarah                33    f                         AL
Cemp, W.L.                 10    m                         TN
Chapell, A. J.             5     m                         AR
Chapell, Amonda            28    f                         GA
Chapell, Elisabeth         54    f                         SC
Chapell, J. L.             12    m                         GA
Chapell, J. M.             15    f                         GA
Chapell, J. R.             8     m                         GA
Chapell, J. W.             9     m                         GA
Chapell, James             61    m    farmer               NC
Chapell, Jessee            35    m    farmer               GA
Chapell, L. C.             10    f                         GA
Chapell, M. E.             17    f                         GA
Chapell, M. M.             7     f                         GA
Cheshier, C. W.            7     m                         AR
Cheshier, D. J.            9     m                         AR
Cheshier, J. B.            41    m    farmer               VA
Cheshier, J. M.            11    m                         TN
Cheshier, N. J.            35    f                         TN
Cheshier, R. C.            12    f                         TN
Cheshier, S. C.            4     f                         AR
Chesshier, Dano            1     m                         AR
Chesshier, Delila          29    f                         TN
Chesshier, E. A.           41    f                         MD
Chesshier, G. H.           11    m                         TX
Chesshier, J. A.           4     m                         AR
Chesshier, John            14    m                         TN
Chesshier, Ketura          64    f                         VA
Chesshier, Lewis           2/12  m                         AR
Chesshier, Louisa          8     f                         AR
Chesshier, M. W.           27    m    farmer               TN
Chesshier, Paline          6     f                         AR
Chesshier, S. C.           18    f                         TN
Chesshier, Sarah           21    f                         TN
Chesshier, Wm.             46    m    farmer               VA
Chesshier, Zachias         16    m                         TN
Chesshier, Zachias         68    m    farmer               VA
Clap, F.N.                 5     f                         AR
Clap, J.S.                 7     m                         AR
Clap, K. Anthony           44    m    farmer               AR
Clap, Laurie               2     f                         AR
Clap, M.M.                 38    f                         TN
Clark, Anna                36    f                         TN
Clark, Anthony             1     m                         AR
Clark, Francis             37    f                         TN
Clark, G.M.                10    m                         AR
Clark, H.L.                7     f                         AR
Clark, J.N.                15    m                         AR
Clark, J.S.                39    m    farmer               AR
Clark, J.S.                12    f                         AR
Clark, James               8     m                         AR
Clark, Joel                50    m    farmer               SC
Clark, M.A.                3     f                         AR
Clark, M.A.E.              41    f                         GA
Clark, M.E.                3     f                         AR
Clark, Martha              10    f                         AR
Clark, S.F.                6     m                         AR
Clark, T. E.               38    m    farmer               AR
Clark, W.A.                8     m                         AR
Cloud, Amanda              25    f                         AR
Cloud, D.E.                2     m                         AR
Cloud, E.J.                12    f                         AR
Cloud, J.B.                23    m    farmer               KY
Cobble, E.J.               27    f                         SC
Cobble, J.                 35    m    farmer               AL
Cobble, L.A.               5     f                         AR
Cobble, Roberta            2     f                         AR
Coe, Elisabeth             17    f                         AR
Coe, Francis               10    m                         AR
Coe, G.W.                  41    m    farmer               PA
Coe, Harriet               34    f                         AL
Coe, Martha                15    f                         AR
Coe, Patrick               1     m                         AR
Coe, William               3     m                         AR
Coker, Franklin            13    m                         AR
Coker, Lydia               44    f                         IL
Coker, N. A.               6     f                         AR
Coleman, Andrew            7     m                         AR
Coleman, Wm.               9     m                         AR
Conatser, A.J.             29    m    farmer               TN
Conatser, A.J.             3     m                         AR
Conatser, B.F.             5     m                         AR
Conatser, B.J.             22    m    farmer               TN
Conatser, D.A.             3     m                         AR
Conatser, D.K.             37    m    farmer               TN
Conatser, E.E.             10    f                         AR
Conatser, E.M.             2     f                         AR
Conatser, Eliza            39    f                         TN
Conatser, Emoline          8     f                         AR
Conatser, F.A.             5/12  m                         AR
Conatser, H.A.             31    m    farmer               TN
Conatser, J.A.             1     m                         AR
Conatser, J.E.             16    m                         TN
Conatser, J.H.             63    m    farmer               TN
Conatser, J.J.             8     m                         AR
Conatser, J.L.             3     f                         AR
Conatser, M.A.             30    f                         TN
Conatser, M.A.             16    m                         TN
Conatser, M.L.             30    f                         TN
Conatser, M.M.             1     f                         AR
Conatser, Margaret         26    f                         TN
Conatser, Mary             2/12  f                         AR
Conatser, N.A.             25    f                         TN
Conatser, Nancy            60    f                         TN
Conatser, V.A.             6/12  m                         AR
Conatser, W.               4     m                         AR
Conatser, W.A.             6     m                         AR
Conatser, W.H.             7     m                         AR
Conatser, W.P.             37    m    farmer               AL
Conway, G. L.              13    m                         AR
Conway, J. H.              10    m                         AR
Conway, L. C.              4     f                         AR
Conway, L. S.E.            8     f                         AR
Conway, M. A.              6     f                         AR
Conway, M. E.              2     f                         AR
Cook, J.A.                 28    f                         GA
Cook, J.G.                 10    m                         IN
Cook, J.H.                 34    m    farmer               *   Germany
Cook, M.L.                 1     f                         AR
Cook, W.H.                 7     m                         IN
Cooley, A.J.               27    m    farmer               TN
Cooley, E. T.              4     f                         AR
Cooley, Elisabeth          35    f                         TN
Cooley, Elizabeth          25    f                         TN
Cooley, Francy             62    f                         SC
Cooley, I.C.               3     m                         AR
Cooley, Isaac              37    m                         TN
Cooley, J. R.              6     m                         AR
Cooley, J.H.               1     m                         AR
Cooley, L. E.D.            27    f                         KY
Cooley, M.J.               22    f                         TN
Cooley, S. F.              8     f                         AR
Cooley, S.E.               20    f                         TN
Cooley, Sarah              62    f                         SC
Cooley, W. T.              1     m                         AR
Cooley, William            58    m    farmer               SC
Cooper, C.L.               1     m                         AR
Cooper, H.M.               30    f                         GA
Cooper, J.T.               12    m                         GA
Cooper, M.A.               13    f                         GA
Cooper, M.A.               9     m                         GA
Cooper, M.E.               5     f                         GA
Cooper, M.T.               6     m                         GA
Cooper, N.A.               34    f                         GA
Cooper, S.T.               36    m    farmer               SC
Cooper, S.T.               3     f                         GA
Cooper, T.L.               21    m    farmer               GA
Cooper, W.H.               11    m                         GA
Copeland, A. J.            1     m                         AR
Copeland, Francis          16    f                         TN
Copeland, G. W.            6     m                         AR
Copeland, J. L.            8     m                         AR
Copeland, John             18    m                         TN
Copeland, M. E.            14    f                         TN
Copeland, R. F.            3     m                         AR
Copeland, R. T.            45    m    farmer               SC
Copeland, S. A.            10    f                         AR
Copeland, Sarah            43    f                         SC
Copeland, T. M.            19    m                         TN
Copeland, W. C.            12    m                         TN
Corble (Casble?), Josiah   55    m                         SC
Corble (Cosble?), H. H.    23    m                         AL
Corble, A. L.              9     f                         AR
Corble, J. B.              8     m                         AR
Corble, J. B.              4     m                         AR
Corble, J. T.              2     m                         AR
Corble, L. R.              4     f                         AR
Corble, L. S.              15    m                         AL
Corble, Louisa             21    f                         TN
Corble, Polley             42    f                         AL
Corble, T. F.              12    m                         AR
Corble, V. E.              1     f                         AR
Corble, W. C.              14    m                         AL
Cornish, E.J.              11    f                         NC
Cornish, J.A.              16    m                         NC
Cornish, J.C.              7     m                         AR
Cornish, J.H.              17    m                         NC
Cornish, J.W.              8     m                         NC
Cornish, M.A.              3     f                         AR
Cornish, M.E.              2     f                         AR
Cornish, Nathan            5     m                         AR
Cornish, Ransom            39    m    farmer               NC
Cornish, Sousan            36    f                         NC
Cosby, A.A.                5     f                         TN
Cosby, E.J.                18    f                         TN
Cosby, G.D.                48    m    farmer               NC
Cosby, Lauriale?           15    f                         AR
Cosby, Mary                46    f                         NC
Cosby, S.G.                13    f                         TN
Cosby, Samule              7     m                         TN
Cosby, T.J.                21    m                         TN
Cosby, W.B.                23    m                         TN
Cothron, F.J.              33    f                         GA
Cothron, G.A.              4     f                         AR
Cothron, J.W.              33    m    farmer               TN
Cothron, L.F.              1     f                         AR
Covington, A.              18    m                         KY
Covington, J. L.F.         10    m                         AR
Covington, L. M.           41    m    farmer               KY
Covington, M.              40    f                         KY
Covington, M. C.           13    f                         KY
Covington, M. L.           16    f                         KY
Covington, M. L.           6     f                         AR
Cox, A.V.                  2     f                         AL
Cox, Ailsey                40    f                         TN
Cox, Eli                   17    m                         MS
Cox, Izora                 13    f                         AL
Cox, Martha                11    f                         AL
Cox, Mary                  3     f                         AL
Cox, R.A.                  47    m    farmer               NC
Cox, W.S.                  20    m                         AL
Crain, George              4     m                         AR
Crain, Joseph              1     m                         AR
Crain, Mary                25    f                         GA
Crain, P.                  30    m    farmer               MS
Crain, Wm.                 6     m                         AR
Crawford, A. J.            11    f                         AR
Crawford, A. J.            2     m                         AR
Crawford, Anthony          11    m                         TN
Crawford, C. W.            5     m                         TN
Crawford, F. M.            2     f                         AR
Crawford, G. W.            5     m                         AR
Crawford, J. P.            1     m                         AR
Crawford, J. W.            5     m                         AR
Crawford, James            39    m                         AL
Crawford, Josiah           35    m    farmer               SC
Crawford, L.H.             32    f                         TN
Crawford, M. F.            7     f                         AR
Crawford, M. J.            4     f                         AR
Crawford, Margaret         35    f                         TN
Crawford, N.G.             60    f                         SC
Crawford, P.M.             18    m    farmer               TN
Crawford, R. H.            7     m                         AR
Crawford, R.J.             61    m    blacksmith           SC
Crawford, S. A.            10    f                         AR
Crawford, S. S.            32    f                         AL
Crawford, W. W.            32    m    farmer               TN
Cross, Elisabeth           10/12 f                         AR
Cross, H.B.                3     m                         AR
Cross, H.C.                39    f                         TN
Cross, L.E.                6     f                         AR
Cross, M.A.                11    f                         TN
Cross, M.C.                8     m                         AR
Cross, M.J.                39    f                         VA
Cross, M.W.                14    f                         TN
Cross, Sousan J.           15    f                         TN
Crosslin, M.L.             13    f                         MO
Crow, A.A.                 12    m                         TX
Crow, Catharine            5     f                         TX
Crow, Isaac                35    m    farmer               GA
Crow, J.M.                 11    m                         TX
Crow, J.T.                 4     m                         AR
Crow, Jane                 22    f                         TN
Crow, M.A.                 10    f                         TX
Crow, M.J.                 1     f                         AR
Crump, A. A.               1/12  f                         AR
Crump, Anna                37    f                         TN
Crump, C.G.                29    m                         TN
Crump, G.R.                3     m                         AR
Crump, J. R.               23    m    farmer               MS
Crump, Jane                24    f                         AR
Crump, John                69    m                         NC
Crump, Leander             2     m                         AR
Crump, M.A.                1     f                         AR
Crump, N.M.                5     f                         AR
Crump, Nathan              18    m                         MS
Crump, Sarah               29    f                         TN
Cushshown, P.A.            48    f                         GA

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