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Macon, Glllam                59    m    farmer               NC
Magby, A.M.                  4     f                         AR
Magby, Charles               20    m                         AL
Magby, E.J.                  3     f                         AR
Magby, Elisabeth             20    f                         NC
Magby, Emily                 29    f                         TN
Magby, G. M.                 4     m                         AR
Magby, G. W.                 1     m                         AR
Magby, Jefferson             31    m                         AL
Magby, Joel                  29    m    farmer               AL
Magby, L.R.                  5     f                         AR
Magby, Marion                14    m                         AR
Magby, Marley                26    m    farmer               AL
Magby, N.A.                  25    f                         TN
Magby, R.A.                  3     f                         AR
Magby, Robert                76    m    farmer               SC
Magby, Robin                 3     m                         AR
Magby, S.F.                  2     f                         AR
Magby, W. P.                 6     m                         AR
Magby, W.R.                  25    m    farmer               AL
Magill, C. A.                42    m    merchant             GA
Mancefield, J.C.             59    m    farmer               KY
Mancefield, J.D.             16    m                         AR
Mancefield, Ulila            53    f                         VA
Manney, M. M.                7     m                         AR
Marbury, B. F.               14    m                         AR
Marbury, Francis             6     f                         AR
Marbury, George              11    m                         AR
Marbury, M. A.               15    f                         AL
Marbury, W. G.               45    m    farmer               NC
Marbury, W. H.               1     m                         AR
Markham, C.J.                5     f                         MS
Markham, I.N.                14    m                         AL
Markham, J.B.                1     m                         AR
Markham, J.W.                16    m                         AL
Markham, Jane                42    f                         TN
Markham, L.S.                8     m                         MS
Markham, Wm.                 46    m    farmer               AL
Markham, Wm. C.              12    m                         AL
Marshall, A.J.               4     m                         AR
Marshall, J.B.               2     m                         AR
Marshall, J.L.               33    m    farmer               AL
Marshall, L.C.               6     f                         AR
Marshall, M.A.               12    f                         MS
Marshall, M.J.               10    f                         MS
Marshall, Sousanah           36    f                         SC
Martin, E.F.                 25    f                         AR
Martin, J.C.C.               5     m                         AR
Martin, J.D.                 37    f    farmer               *   (born: Hanover Germany
Martin, M.A.J.               3     f                         AR
Martindale, E. J.            6     f                         SC
Martindale, Elisabeth        57    f                         SC
Martindale, G. L.            31    m    farmer               SC
Martindale, J. A.            3     m                         SC
Martindale, J. L.            26?   m    farmer               SC
Martindale, James            60    m                         SC
Martindale, M. N.            24    f                         SC
Mason, Elisabeth             7     f                         AR
Mason, Elisha                24    m                         AR
Mason, Hulda                 5     f                         AR
Mason, Luke                  33    m    farmer               TX
Mason, M.A.                  11    f                         AR
Mason, Malinda               21    f                         AR
Mason, Malinda               9/12  f                         AR
Mason, Polley                27    f                         AR
Mason, Polley                65    f                         MS
Mason, Wm.                   9     m                         AR
Matthews, A.G.               41    m    farmer               VA
Matthews, B.A.               24    m    brickm ason          TN
Matthews, D.J.               25    f                         TN
Matthews, H. C.              24    f                         SC
Matthews, J. W.              33    m    farmer               SC
Matthews, Louvina            16    f                         TN
Matthews, Mary               28    f                         TN
Matthews, S. F.              1     f                         AR
Matthews, S.C.               17    f                         AR
Matthews, Sousanah           52    f    farmer               TN
Matthews, T.J.               22    m                         TN
Matthews, W.D.               18    m                         TN
Mauney, G. R.                35    m    physician            NC
Mauney, Mary                 18    f                         MS
Mauney, Roxana               5     f                         AR
Maxey, J.A.                  5     m                         AL
Maxey, M.J.                  7     f                         AL
Maxey, Ruth                  20    f                         GA
Maxey, S.G.                  1     f                         AR
Maxey, Wm.                   31    m    farmer               TN
McCammoc, E.                 35    f                         GA
McCammoc, J.                 2     m                         TX
McCammoc, J. A.              5     m                         LA
McCammoc, John               36    m    farmer               VA
McCammoc, M. A.              $     f                         MS
McCammoc, W. W.              10    m                         MS
McCarty, Wm                  21    m                         MS
McClure, E. F.               14    m                         TN
McClure, F. J.               3     f                         AR
McClure, G. W.               7     m                         TN
McClure, Jane                35    f                         TN
McClure, Jessee              51    m    farmer               SC
McClure, M. J.               15    f                         TN
McClure, M. J.               8     f                         TN
McClure, M. M.               36    f                         TN
McClure, Margaret            10    f                         AR
McClure, Mary                11    f                         AR
McClure, Minerva             13    f                         TN
McClure, O. A.               1     m                         AR
McClure, S. A.               5     f                         AR
McClure, Sarah               12    f                         TN
McClure, Sousan              12    f                         TN
McClure, Sousan              30    f                         TN
McClure, T. A.               3     m                         AR
McClure, T. W.               36    m    farmer               TN
McClure, W. H.               2/12  m                         AR
McClure, W. N.               17    m                         TN
McClure, Wiley               6     m                         AR
McClure, Wiley               25    m    farmer               TN
McCollum, J. B.              1/12  m                         AR
McCollum, J. L.              4     m                         GA
McCollum, J. M.              29    m    farmer               GA
McCollum, S. M.              28    f                         TN
McCollum, W.                 6     m                         GA
McConnell, J. W.             22    m                         AR
McConnell, M. A.             22    f                         AL
McCrery, J.H.                6     m                         MS
McCullough, Dorcas           55    f                         TN
McCullough, Jos.             10    m                         AL
McCullough, Samule           62    m    farmer               GA
McCullough, T.F.             13    m                         AL
McCurly, E. J.               5     f                         AL
McCurly, Franncy             24    f                         GA
McCurly, R. A.               3     f                         AL
McCurly, R. C.               1     m                         AL
McCurly, Slone               27    m    farmer               AL
McDaniel, Ailsey             30    f                         TN
McDaniel, Edward             9     m                         AR
McDaniel, Elizabeth          11    f                         AR
McDaniel, F.A.               16    m                         AR
McDaniel, G.W.               5     m                         AR
McDaniel, Hardy              2     m                         AR
McDaniel, Levi               13    m                         AR
McDaniel, Thos.              41    m    farmer               AR
McDanil, Eliza               19    f                         AR
McDonald, A. J.              36    m    farmer               AL
McDonald, Cathrine           24    f                         TN
McDonald, Eliza              5     f                         AR
McDonald, H. R.              33    m    farmer               SC
McDonald, J. M.              1     m                         AR
McDonald, L.D.R.             22    m    farmer               AR
McDonald, M.J.               1     f                         AR
McDonald, Sarah              18    f                         TN
McDonald, T? C.              3     m                         AR
McDonald, W. M.              2     m                         AR
McDonnell, H.W.              28    m    farmer               AL
McDonnell, J.N.L.            1     m                         AR
McDonnell, M.J.              22    f                         AR
McDowell, J.                 6/12  m                         AR
McDowell, James Wilford      35    m    farmer               TN
McDowell, Lucinda Ann        2     f                         AR
McDowell, Luvicy Elvy        20    f                         AR
McDowell, Rebecca Elizabeth  6     f                         AR
McDowell, Tennessee          4     f                         AR
McDowell, William D.         8     m                         TN
McFarlin, B. F.              27    m    farmer               TN
McFarlin, E. E.              18    f                         AR
McFarlin, Nancy              65    f                         VA
McFarlin, Thos.              63    m    farmer               NC
McGuire, Isaac               22    m                         AR
McGuire, J. J.               30    f                         TN
McKelroy, A.C.               7     f                         AL
McKelroy, G.R.L.             15    m                         MS
McKelroy, Jacob              ?4    m    farmer               TN
McKelroy, L.D.C.             42    f                         SC
McKelroy, L.J.               1     f                         AL
McKelroy, M.C.               10    f                         AL
McKelroy, R.E.               11    f                         AL
McKelroy, S.F.               5     f                         AL
McLaughlin, A.J.             2     f                         AR
McLaughlin, E.B.             10    m                         AR
McLaughlin, Emily            35    f                         AR
McLaughlin, F.L.             14    f                         AR
McLaughlin, H.L.             16    m                         AR
McLaughlin, J.A.             12    m                         AR
McLaughlin, M.E.             7     f                         AR
McLaughlin, R.W.             4     m                         AR
McLaughlin, W.F.             46    m    farmer               MO
McMenis, D.W.                18    m                         AL
McMenis, J.A.                6     m                         AR
McMenis, J.B.                4     m                         AR
McMenis, Joseph              39    m    farmer               TN
McMenis, M.M.                15    m                         AR
McMenis, Nancy               40    f                         AL
McMenis, P.A.                13    f                         AR
McMenis, S.E.                8     f                         AR
McMenis, S.M.                10    f                         AR
McWha, A.J.                  1     f                         AR
McWha, James                 41    m    farmer               *   (birthplace: Bangor
McWha, John                  2     m                         AR
McWha, M.A.                  25    f                         TN
McWha, Wm.                   6     m                         AR
Meador, A. H.                11    f                         MS
Meador, D. A.                5     m                         AL
Meador, M. M.                9     m                         MS
Meador, R. G.G.              38    m    farmer               AL
Meador, R. L.                4     m                         AR
Meador, S. E.                42    f                         NC
Meador, S. E.                7     f                         AL
Meador, T. J.                17    m                         MS
Meador, Udora                2     f                         AR
Medlock, C. C.               30    f                         SC
Medlock, C. L.               1     f                         AR
Medlock, H. D.               27    m    farmer               SC
Medlock, M. A.               27    f                         SC
Medlock, W. H.               32    m    farmer               SC
Meeks, A._?                  32    m    farmer               AL
Meeks, A.R.                  30    m    mechanic             AL
Meeks, Allen                 4     m                         MS
Meeks, Caladona              8     f                         MS
Meeks, E.J.                  28    f                         AL
Meeks, Feeby                 51    f                         KY
Meeks, Henry                 14    m                         MS
Meeks, J.L.                  22    m    farmer               AL
Meeks, James                 10    m                         MS
Meeks, James L.              28    m    farmer               AL
Meeks, Jessee                56    m    farmer               KY
Meeks, Jessee                22    m    farmer               AL
Meeks, Jo___ Elen            15    f                         MS
Meeks, John                  6     m                         MS
Meeks, Louisa                16    f                         MS
Meeks, M.F.                  9     f                         MS
Meeks, M.F.                  1     f                         AR
Meeks, M.H.                  18    f                         MS
Meeks, M.S.                  2     f                         AR
Meeks, Malinda               22    f                         SC
Meeks, Margaret              12    f                         MS
Meeks, Mary                  45    f                         SC
Meeks, Mary                  20    f                         AL
Meeks, Mary                  22    f                         TN
Meeks, Mary                  2     f                         AR
Meeks, N.J.                  6/12  m                         AR
Meeks, N.V.                  3     f                         MS
Meeks, Nancy                 19    f                         MS
Meeks, Rebecca               22    f                         AL
Meeks, Sarah                 16    f                         AL
Meeks, Silas                 24    m                         AL
Meeks, Silas                 67    m    farmer               SC
Meeks, Sousan                10    f                         MS
Meeks, Wm.                   8     m                         MS
Melson? (Wilson?), J.J.      26    f    farmer               AR
Melson? (Wilson?), R.C.      6     f                         AR
Melson? (Wilson?), S.J.      5     f                         AR
Merrideth, C. C.             10    m                         AL
Merrideth, Elen              3     f                         AR
Merrideth, H. H.             38    m    farmer               AL
Merrideth, M. A.             38    f                         SC
Merrideth, M. C.             5     f                         AR
Merrideth, S. E.F.           11    f                         AL
Metlock, A.M.                44    m    farmer               TN
Metlock, A.M.                2     m                         AR
Metlock, F.F.                4     m                         AR
Metlock, R.B.                7     m                         AR
Metlock, S.M.                10    f                         AR
Metlock, Sarrona             44    f                         SC
Metlock, Wm.                 12    m                         AR
Miller, A.W.                 11    m                         AR
Miller, C.P.                 12    m                         AR
Miller, E.A.                 4     f                         AR
Miller, F.L.F.               14    f                         GA
Miller, J.A.                 28    m    farmer               TN
Miller, J.C.                 15    f                         GA
Miller, J.L.                 32    m    farmer               NC
Miller, John                 13    m                         GA
Miller, L.A.                 17    m                         GA
Miller, L.L.                 62    m    farmer               SC
Miller, M.A.                 8     f                         AR
Miller, M.A.                 14    f                         GA
Miller, M.E.                 27    f                         TN
Miller, M.L.                 1     f                         AR
Miller, M.S.                 11    f                         AR
Miller, Martha               29    f                         GA
Miller, N.A.                 6     f                         AR
Miller, N.C.                 6     f                         AR
Miller, P.R.                 24    m    farmer               NC
Miller, Rebecca              27    f                         NC
Miller, S.J.                 10    f                         AR
Miller, Sarah                57    f                         NC
Miller, W.H.                 7     m                         AR
Mitchell, A.J.               17    m                         MS
Mitchell, David              47    m    farmer               KY
Mitchell, John               19    m                         MS
Mitchell, M.A.               6     f                         MS
Mitchell, M.F.               30    m    laborer              TN
Mitchell, N.E.               13    f                         MS
Mitchell, R.J.               11    f                         MS
Mobley, A.J.                 5     f                         AR
Mobley, A.M.                 15    f                         AR
Mobley, Barbary              56    f                         SC
Mobley, D.A.                 10    m                         AR
Mobley, David                34    m    farmer               AR
Mobley, Elijah               11    m                         AR
Mobley, J.A.                 1     f                         AR
Mobley, J.B.                 3     m                         AR
Mobley, J.F.                 8     m                         AR
Mobley, Jonathan             16    m                         AR
Mobley, M.A.                 2     f                         AR
Mobley, M.A.                 7     f                         AR
Mobley, M.J.                 23    f                         AL
Mobley, M.J.                 33    f                         KY
Mobley, M.L.                 5     f                         AR
Mobley, M.W.                 31    f                         TN
Mobley, W.G.                 12    m                         AR
Mobley, W.M.                 13    m                         AR
Mobley, Wm.                  40    m    farmer               AR
Moffett, Catharine           28    f                         TN
Moffett, E.F.                35    m    farmer               TN
Moffett, E.F.                8     m                         AR
Moffett, James A.            10    m                         TN
Moffett, Luticia             19    f                         TN
Moffett, M.L.                3     f                         AR
Moffett, N.J.                5     f                         AR
Moore, Franklin              21    m    farmer               AL
Moore, M.A.                  1     f                         AR
Moore, N.J.                  23    f                         AL
More, Allen                  54    m    farmer               GA
More, Allen                  14    m                         TN
More, David                  24    m    farmer               AL
More, J. D.                  4     m                         AR
More, M. E.                  9/12  f                         AR
More, Narcissa               28    f                         AL
More, Rebecca                29    f                         TN
More, Rufus                  10/12 m                         AR
More, Sarah                  48    f                         NC
More, Sarah                  6     f                         AR
More, T. M.                  9     m                         TN
Morris, Elender              40    f                         SC
Morris, Izra                 13    m                         AL
Morris, Jessee               20    m                         SC
Morris, John                 9     m                         MS
Morris, Lucinda              7     f                         MS
Morris, M.A.                 16    f                         AL
Morris, Malinda              10    f                         MS
Morris, Sousan               5     f                         MS
Mose, C. C.                  16    m                         AL
Mose, Francis                16    f                         TN
Mose, J.F.                   10    m                         AR
Mose, M. J.                  19    f                         AL
Mose, M.A.                   5     f                         AR
Mose, M.J.                   1     f                         AR
Mose, Nancy                  29    f                         AR
Mose, S.E.                   8     f                         AR
Mose, W.M.                   33    m    farmer               TN
Moses, C.B.                  12    m                         MS
Moses, J.L.                  10    m                         AL
Moses, M.M.                  22    f                         AL
Moses, M.M.                  15    f                         AL
Moses, Matilda               55    f                         KY
Moses, R.H.                  17    m                         AL
Moses, Tilman                54    m    farmer               GA
Murrell, E. P.               43    f                         GA
Murrell, Henry               43    m    manufacturer         NY
Murry, C. R.                 6     m                         AR
Murry, F. A.                 8     f                         TN
Murry, Isaac                 36    m    farmer               TN
Murry, J. C.                 12    m                         TN
Murry, Jane                  3     f                         AR
Murry, M. E.                 15    f                         TN
Murry, Malinda               34    f                         TN
Murry, Sousan                10    f                         TN
Muse, T. W.                  25    m    farmer               GA
Musgroves, N.M.              19    f                         MS
Musgroves, P.T.              59    m    farmer               SC
Musgroves, R.J.              47    f                         TN
Musgroves, S.A.              13    m                         MS
Musgroves, W.J.              15    m                         MS

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