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Tallant, A. H.         16    m                         GA
Tallant, B. C.         7     f                         AR
Tallant, Barbary       48    f                         NC
Tallant, E. D.         1     m                         AR
Tallant, E. T.         3     m                         GA
Tallant, J. A.         16    m                         GA
Tallant, J. W.         10    m                         GA
Tallant, James         47    m    farmer               TN
Tallant, John          49    m    farmer               TN
Tallant, L. C.         6     f                         GA
Tallant, M. A.         19    f                         GA
Tallant, M. A.         21    f                         GA
Tallant, M. A.         19    f                         GA
Tallant, M. M.         13    f                         GA
Tallant, Malinda       44    f                         TN
Tallant, Martha        7     f                         GA
Tallant, N. T.J.       4     m                         AR
Tallant, P. C.         14    f                         GA
Tallant, R. M.         19    m                         GA
Tallant, Richard       21    m                         GA
Tallant, Wm.           10    m                         GA
Talley, D.B.           5     m                         AR
Talley, E.F.           31    f                         AR
Talley, J.C.           11    m                         AR
Talley, R.M.           2     m                         AR
Talley, W.A.           9     m                         AR
Talley, W.C.           5     m                         AR
Tare, J.L.             26    m    farmer               TN
Tarply, B.E.           1     f                         AR
Tarply, G.W.           32    m    farmer               AR
Tarply, Leaner         19    f                         AR
Tarply, S.W.           2     m                         AR
Tate, Columbus         13    m                         AR
Tate, Elisabeth        50    f                         TN
Tate, James            57    m    farmer               GA
Tate, Moses J.         21    m                         IL
Tate, Ruffin           10    m                         AR
Tate, Sousan           6     f                         AR
Tate, W.?A.            18    m                         IL
Tedder, Elisabeth      28    f                         AL
Tedder, Farmington     28    m    farmer               NC
Tedder, J.A.           2     m                         MS
Tedder, J.A.           1/12  f                         AR
Tedder, Rebecca        58    f                         NC
Tedder, Thos.          23    m    farmer               NC
Thomas, B.W.           1     m                         AR
Thomas, John           33    m    farmer               MS
Thomas, M.P.           20    f                         MS
Tidwell, A. R.         1     m                         AL
Tidwell, B. H.         2/12  m                         AR
Tidwell, M. M.         23    f                         AL
Tidwell, P. B.         18    m                         AL
Tidwell, W. H          23    m    farmer               AL
Toland, E. L.          3     f                         AR
Toland, M. L.          12    f                         AR
Toland, N. C.          26    f                         SC
Toland, T. L.          33    m    cabinet maker        SC
Tolleson, B.J.         2/12  m                         AR
Tolleson, Columbus     21    m                         TN
Tolleson, D.R.         18    m                         TN
Tolleson, F.M.         7     m                         MS
Tolleson, J.A.         14    m                         MS
Tolleson, Josafine     9     f                         MS
Tolleson, L.J.         36    f                         TN
Tolleson, Louisa       5     f                         AR
Tolleson, M.A.         10    m                         MS
Tolleson, N.S.         19    f                         TN
Tolleson, R.A.         12    m                         MS
Tolleson, S.N.         16    m                         MS
Tolleson, T.J.         48    m    farmer               AL
Tolleson, T.J.         13    m                         MS
Tolleson, W.J.         26    m    farmer               AL
Trout, Ailsey          42    f                         NC
Trout, E.E.            25    f                         AL
Trout, G.J.W.          14    m                         GA
Trout, J.B.            7/12  m                         AR
Trout, J.G.            8     m                         TX
Trout, J.H.            43    m    farmer               NC
Trout, J.J.G.          12    m                         GA
Trout, John F.         24    m                         AL
Trout, L.D.            9     f                         TX
Trout, M.A.            18    f                         AL
Trout, M.A.            16    f                         AR
Trout, M.E.            13    f                         GA
Trout, Mary            48    f                         SC
Trout, N.J.            5     m                         AR
Trout, S.J.            11    f                         GA
Trout, Susanah         26    f                         AL
Trout, W.G.W.          16    m                         GA
Tull, F. M.            18    m                         AR
Tweedle, C.A.          38    f                         TN
Tweedle, Isaac         45    m    farmer               IN
Tweedle, J.H.          13    m                         AR
Tweedle, J.W.          7     m                         AR
Tweedle, S.J.          8     m                         AR
Tweedle, S.R.          45    f                         SC
Tweedle, W.A.          15    m                         AR

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