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Bacon, C. J.           14    m                         AR
Bacon, Elisabeth       44    f                         TN
Bacon, G. D.           7     m                         AR
Bacon, J. M.           10    m                         AR
Bacon, M. C.           4     m                         AR
Bacon, M. E.           12    f                         AR
Bacon, N. F.           15    f                         AR
Bacon, S. J.           17    f                         AR
Bacon, S. M.           9     f                         AR
Bacon, W. J.           8     m                         AR
Bacon, W. T.           44    m    farmer               TN
Bagley, Easter         32    f                         SC
Bagley, M. E.          1/12  f                         AR
Bagley, R. H.          33    m    farmer               GA
Bagley, W. H.          3     m                         AR
Bags, Lichford
Baldwin, Abram         33    m    farmer               GA
Baldwin, Elisabeth     33    f                         GA
Baldwin, J. L.         10    m                         GA
Baldwin, J. M.         5     m                         GA
Baldwin, M. L.         2     f                         GA
Ball, A. D.            6     m                         IL
Ball, Fedrick          40    m    farmer               NC
Ball, J. B.            3     m                         IL
Ball, J. M.            13    m                         IL
Ball, J. T.R.          2/12  m                         IL
Ball, N. J.            8     f                         IL
Ball, Rebecca          34    f                         TN
Ball, W. J.            11    m                         IL
Barns, J.C.            25    m    farmer               AR
Barns, J.D.            5     m                         AR
Barns, M.E.            3/12  f                         AR
Barns, Martha          24    f                         MO
Barns, Z.J.            3     f                         AR
Bean, Hulda            59    f                         GA
Bean, Jane             15    f                         GA
Bean, Jonathan         59    m    farmer               NC
Bean, M.J.             7     f                         AR
Bean, Wm.              20    m    farmer               GA
Beldin, Almeda         19    f                         IL
Beldin, D.P.           14    m                         IN
Beldin, Euritta        2     f                         AR
Beldin, Iris? W.       11    f                         IN
Beldin, Joseph C.      7     m                         AR
Beldin, Loray D.       16    m                         WI
Beldin, M.A.           40    f                         NY
Beldin, Rosella        17    f                         WI
Beldin, S.D.           57    m    farmer               KY
Beldin, Ziba T.        9     m                         IN
Bell, C. C.            52    m    farmer               NC
Bell, Caladona         11    f                         MO
Bell, Cynthia          42    f                         TN
Bell, Daniel           15    m                         GA
Bell, E. M.            40    f                         NY
Bell, Elisabeth        31    f                         AL
Bell, Eliza            14    f                         GA
Bell, G. W.            1     m                         AR
Bell, Henry            8     m                         GA
Bell, J. C.            17    m                         GA
Bell, Jefferson        3     m                         MS
Bell, John             16    m                         TN
Bell, Julia            8     f                         MS
Bell, Licoander(?)     12    m                         TN
Bell, Manervy          7/12  f                         AR
Bell, Margaret         2     f                         AR
Bell, N. A.            17    f                         MS
Bell, R. D.            34    m    farmer               AL
Bell, Rebecca          40    f                         NC
Bell, Rutha            11    f                         GA
Bell, Silas            22    m                         GA
Bell, T. W.            26    m    farmer               TN
Bell, W. C.            8/12  m                         TX
Bell, W. W.            42    m    manufacturer         GA
Bell, Wm.              11    m                         GA
Bell, Wm. W.           4     m                         GA
Bennett, E. C.R.       42    m    farmer               TN
Bennett, E. F.         19    f                         TN
Bennett, Jane          37    f                         TN
Berry, Florence        14    f                         KY
Berry, John            6     m                         AR
Berry, Lavenia         38    f                         IN
Berry, Mary            9     f                         AR
Berry, Nancy           2     f                         AR
Biggers, C.S.          2     f                         AR
Biggers, E.J.          32    f                         AL
Biggers, M.R.          8     f                         MS
Biggers, R.W.          5     m                         MS
Biggers, Z.G.          43    m    farmer               SC
Biggers, Z.M.          10    f                         MS
Biggs, A.              58    m    physician            SC
Biggs, A.C.            14    m                         TN
Biggs, J.A.            9     m                         AR
Biggs, M.A.            40    f                         TN
Biggs, Molley A.       1     f                         AR
Biggs, Virginia        16    f                         TN
Biggs, W.H.            19    m                         TN
Billings, D. C.        52    m    farmer               NC
Billings, Daniel       8/12  m                         AR
Billings, David        3     m                         AR
Billings, Elisabeth    12    f                         AR
Billings, George       10    m                         AR
Billings, Harriet      40    f                         TN
Billings, John         14    m                         MS
Billings, M. J.        16    f                         MS
Billings, Margret      8     f                         AR
Billings, Tennessee    5     f                         AR
Bird, Elisabeth        10    f                         MS
Bittick, Caroline      26    f                         AR
Bixby, Elisabeth       63    f                         MO
Bixby, Margaret?       20    f                         AR
Black, J. F.           31    m    grocer               SC
Blackwood, Almeda      1     f                         AR
Blackwood, Andrew      33    m    farmer               TN
Blackwood, Angeline    13    f                         AR
Blackwood, Elen        21    f                         AL
Blackwood, Elie        26    m    farmer               TN
Blackwood, H.C.        8     m                         AR
Blackwood, John        28    m    farmer               TN
Blackwood, Louisa      24    f                         IL
Blackwood, M.A.        3     f                         AR
Blackwood, Mary        28    f                         AL
Blackwood, Rebecca     5     f                         LA
Blackwood, Rebecca     50    f                         KY
Blackwood, S.A.        3     f                         AR
Blackwood, Sousan      9     f                         AR
Blackwood, Wm.         8/12  m                         AR
Blackwood, Wm.         11    m                         AR
Blackwood, Wm.         21    m    blacksmith           AR
Blocker, Altizara?     8     f                         AL
Blocker, J.C.          6     m                         AL
Blocker, J.T.          11    m                         AL
Blocker, Jacob         19    m                         AL
Blocker, Margret       45    f                         GA
Blocker, Martha        13    f                         AL
Blocker, Reden         59    m    farmer               SC
Blocker, S.A.          16    f                         AL
Bobbitt, Elias         1     m                         AR
Bobbitt, Elisabeth     26    f                         GA
Bobbitt, John          26    m    farmer               AR
Bobbitt, John          1     m                         AR
Bobbitt, Samuel P.     4     m                         AR
Bobbitt, Sarah         19    f                         AR
Bobbitt, Wm.           10    m                         IN
Boggs, Eliza           23    f                         AR
Boggs, F.F.            7     m                         AR
Boggs, M.J.            3     f                         AR
Boggs, N.A.            24    m    farmer               AR
Boggs, N.C.            6/12  m                         AR
Bolt, C. C.            11    m                         AR
Bolt, Harrina          7     m                         AR
Bolt, John             5     m                         AR
Bolt, M. A.E.          31    f                         TN
Bolt, Mary             9     f                         AR
Bolt, Nancy E.         3     f                         AR
Bolt, W. E.            34    m    mechanic             AR
Bowen, ?E.A.M.         4     m                         GA
Bowen, C.L.            6     m                         GA
Bowen, D.L.            8     m                         GA
Bowen, J.J.            35    m    farmer               SC
Bowen, L.A.            10    f                         GA
Bowen, M.L.            31    f                         SC
Bowen, N.C.            13    f                         GA
Bowen, Noname          4/12  m                         AR
Box, Elisabeth         44    f                         TN
Box, Wm.               47    m    farmer               GA
Brewer, A.Y.           14    m                         AR
Brewer, C.J.           9     m                         AR
Brewer, David          28    m    farmer               AR
Brewer, Elisabeth      44    f                         TN
Brewer, Elisabeth      45    f                         MO
Brewer, Elisabeth      40    f                         SC
Brewer, F. M.          28    m    farmer               TN
Brewer, G.W.           3     m                         AR
Brewer, H. D.          2/12  m                         AR
Brewer, H. T.          10    m                         AR
Brewer, H.J.           6     f                         AR
Brewer, H.L.           10/12 m                         AR
Brewer, Henderson      56    m    farmer               MO
Brewer, Henry          59    m    farmer               NC
Brewer, J.C.           22    m                         AR
Brewer, J.S.           49    m    farmer               MO
Brewer, John           46    m    farmer               TN
Brewer, Lafayette      18    m                         AR
Brewer, Louisa         4     f                         AR
Brewer, Lucinda        7     f                         AR
Brewer, M. A.          22    f                         AR
Brewer, M. C.          22    f                         TN
Brewer, M.A.T.         12    f                         AR
Brewer, M.J.           21    f                         AL
Brewer, M.S.E.         5     f                         AR
Brewer, S.H.           8     m                         AR
Brewer, S.J.           32    f                         NC
Brewer, S.S.           16    m                         AR
Brewer, Sarah          24    f                         AL
Brewer, Thos.C.        12    m                         AR
Brewer, W. J.M.        3     m                         AL
Brewer, W. R.          28    m                         AR
Brewer, W.A.           10    m                         AR
Brewer, Zerelda        48    f                         TN
Briges, Green          18    m                         MS
Brock, A.S.            20    f                         AR
Brock, B. J.           6     m                         AR
Brock, B.D.            25    m    farmer               TN
Brock, E.A.            41    f                         TN
Brock, E.J.            30    f                         TN
Brock, E.J.            18    f                         AL
Brock, Elijah          3     m                         AR
Brock, Elisabeth       11    f                         AL
Brock, F.M.            21    m    farmer               AL
Brock, G.R.            41    m    farmer               AL
Brock, J.M.            9     m                         AR
Brock, J.W.            17    m                         TN
Brock, Jackson         43    m    farmer               TN
Brock, Josafine        2/12  f                         AR
Brock, Kizzia          42    f                         GA
Brock, L. C.           8     f                         AR
Brock, L. N.           10    m                         AR
Brock, L.A.            12    f                         AR
Brock, L.C.            43    f                         VA
Brock, L.E.            1     f                         AR
Brock, L.F.            9     m                         AR
Brock, L.V.            7     f                         AR
Brock, Leonard         75    m    farmer               VA
Brock, Louisa          7     f                         AL
Brock, M. E.           4     f                         AR
Brock, M.R.            19    m                         TN
Brock, Mahala          58    f                         TN
Brock, Moses           44    m    farmer               TN
Brock, Moses           57    m    farmer               TN
Brock, N.C.            1     f                         AR
Brock, N.E.            14    f                         AR
Brock, R. E.           1     m                         AR
Brock, R.F.            6     m                         AR
Brock, S.L.            21    f                         TN
Brock, Samule          37    m    farmer               TN
Brock, W. F.           12    m                         AR
Brock, W.D.J.          4     m                         AR
Brooks, Aaron          53    m    farmer               TN
Brooks, Elisha         2/12  m                         AR
Brooks, J.F.           13    m                         GA
Brooks, M.E.           16    f                         GA
Brooks, Martha         41    f                         TN
Brooks, Matilda        7     f                         GA
Brooks, Peter          6     m                         GA
Brooks, W.F.           18    m                         GA
Brown, E.J.            34    f                         SC
Brown, Emily           24    f                         GA
Brown, F.E.            14    f                         AL
Brown, F.M.            14    f                         AL
Brown, Harvy           45    m    farmer               TN
Brown, J. W.           5     m                         AR
Brown, J.B.            10/12 m                         AR
Brown, J.C.            24    m    farmer               AL
Brown, J.C.            25    m    farmer               MS
Brown, J.G.            16    m                         AL
Brown, L. V.           10    f                         TN
Brown, Larissa         3     f                         AR
Brown, M.A.            22    f                         MS
Brown, M.A.            39    f                         NC
Brown, M.E.            7     f                         AR
Brown, M.J.            1     f                         AL
Brown, Marinda         30    f                         TN
Brown, Martha J.       23    f                         TN
Brown, Nancy           3     f                         MS
Brown, P. H.           12    m                         TN
Brown, R. J.           7     m                         TN
Brown, R.C.            5     f                         AR
Brown, R.S.            34    m    farmer               TN
Brown, Rebecca         18    f                         AR
Brown, Retter          36    f                         GA
Brown, T. M.           17    m                         TN
Brown, Wm.             26    m    farmer               TN
Bryant, Alabama        6/12  f                         AR
Bryant, B. F.          5     m                         TN
Bryant, Benj.          47    m    farmer               VA
Bryant, Eliza          18    f                         TN
Bryant, George         10    m                         TN
Bryant, J. L.          2     m                         TN
Bryant, J.W.           7/12  m                         AR
Bryant, Jessee         31    m    farmer               TN
Bryant, Jessee         15    m                         TN
Bryant, Julia A.       13    f                         TN
Bryant, L. M.          17    f                         AR
Bryant, L. W.          24    m    farmer               TN
Bryant, M. L.          9     f                         TN
Bryant, Mary           17    f                         TN
Bryant, O. P.          4     m                         TN
Bryant, O.R.           21    m    farmer               TN
Bryant, Rebecca        40    f                         TN
Bryant, Rils           19    m                         TN
Bryant, Sofina         7     f                         TN
Bryant, Tennessee      2     f                         AR
Bryant, Virginia       30    f                         TN
Bryant, W. E.          5/12  m                         AR
Bryant, Wm.            6     m                         TN
Buchanan, Alen         6     m                         AR
Buchanan, E.C.         4     f                         AR
Buchanan, Elisabeth    23    f                         AR
Buchanan, Florinda     13    f                         TN
Buchanan, Francis      18    f                         TN
Buchanan, G.H.         6     m                         AR
Buchanan, Hiram        60    m    farmer               VA
Buchanan, J.E.         33    m    farmer               TN
Buchanan, M.J.         1     f                         AR
Buchanan, Mary         21    f                         TN
Buck, Absolan          20    m    farmer               GA
Buck, Priscilla        20    f                         GA
Bullock, Blunt         50    m    farmer               NC
Bullock, Cansada       11    f                         AR
Bullock, Delphia       14    f                         AR
Bullock, Lincy         6     f                         AR
Bullock, M. E.         4     f                         AR
Bullock, S. A.         39    f                         NC
Bullock, Wm.           8     m                         AR
Burkett, B.J.          4     m                         AR
Burkett, David         24    m    farmer               AL
Burkett, Elijah        16    m                         AR
Burkett, J.E.          7     f                         AR
Burkett, Jabes L.      14    m                         AR
Burkett, Jones         49    m    farmer               TN
Burkett, M.A.          1     f                         AR
Burkett, N.V.          24    f                         TN
Burkett, S.C.          32    f                         TN
Burkett, Ulila         11    f                         AR
Burlison, R.T.         3     m                         AR
Burns, C. A.           4     m                         AR
Burns, Elisabeth       22    f                         AR
Burns, S.H.            24    m                         AR
Burns, W. D.           36    m    farmer               AL
Burr, Wm.              30    m    farmer               TN
Bush, Amanda           35    f                         SC
Bush, B.F.             2     m                         AR
Bush, C.B.             9     m                         AR
Bush, Elisabeth        33    f                         KY
Bush, G.W.             8     m                         AR
Bush, H.C.             7     m                         AR
Bush, J.O.A.           5     m                         AR
Bush, J.R.             40    m    farmer               KY
Bush, John             11    m                         AR
Bush, M.E.             12    f                         KY
Bush, M.E.             2     f                         AR
Bush, Martha           5/12  f                         AR
Bush, Mary             5/12  f                         AR
Bush, Wm.              38    m    farmer               VA
Bush, Wm.              6     m                         AR
Bussell, A.            42    m                         TN
Bussell, E. L.         2     f                         AR
Bussell, J. V.         20    m                         TN
Bussell, M. A.         20    f                         TN
Bussell, Mansfield     4     m                         AR
Bussell, Nancy         27    f                         TN
Bussell, Rua           65    f                         TN
Bussell, Sarah         32    f                         TN
Bussell, W.            6     m                         AR
Bussell, W. R.         29    m    blacksmith           TN

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