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Hagler, Harriet        59    f                         GA
Hagler, J.F.           23    m                         AL
Hagler, J.H.           13    m                         AR
Hagler, Wm.            59    m    farmer               GA
Halcom, Calup          25    m                         AL
Halcom, D. H.          31    m    farmer               GA
Halcom, David          3/12  m                         AR
Halcom, David          61    m    farmer               GA
Halcom, Dennis         31    m    farmer               GA
Halcom, E. L.          3     f                         AR
Halcom, M.A.           31    f                         GA
Halcom, N. E.          3     f                         AR
Halcom, N. T.          8     f                         TX
Halcom, N.E.           15    f                         AL
Halcom, Nancy          53    f                         SC
Halcom, Rachel         66    f                         GA
Halcom, S. A.          30    f                         SC
Halcom, S. A.          3     f                         AR
Halcom, S. C.          28    f                         AL
Halcom, S. J.          10    f                         AL
Halcom, T. W.          10    m                         AL
Halcom, W. B.          4     m                         AR
Halcom, W. M.          23    m                         AL
Hale, A.T.             20    m                         TN
Hale, E. J.            16    f                         TN
Hale, Ema              11    f                         TN
Hale, G.C.             55    m    farmer               TN
Hale, J. T.            12    m                         TN
Hale, John             12    m                         GA
Hale, Lucy             39    f                         TN
Hale, Lucy             8/12  f                         AR
Hale, M.T.             44    f                         TN
Hale, Mildred          9     f                         TN
Hale, Nealberry        18    m                         TN
Hale, PC               3     m                         AR
Hale, Rebecca          6     f                         AR
Hale, Rutha            16    f                         GA
Hale, S. E.            14    f                         TN
Hale, S.A.             5     m                         AR
Hale, Shedrick         14    m                         GA
Hale, W. C.            44    m    farmer               TN
Hale, WH.              8     m                         TN
Hall, A.B.             8     m                         AR
Hall, A.W.             35    m    farmer               TN
Hall, Angeline         11    f                         AR
Hall, Ann              76    f                         *   (*Belamina Ireland
Hall, Elisabeth        26    f                         AL
Hall, J.A.             6     m                         AR
Hall, J.C.             34    m    farmer               TN
Hall, M.A.             13    f                         AR
Hall, M.J.             26    f                         TN
Hall, Nancy            10    f                         AR
Hall, R.C.             15    f                         AR
Hall, R.J.             6     f                         AR
Hall, Rebecca          39    f                         AL
Hall, S.A.             l     m                         AR
Hall, S.J.             42    m    farmer               SC
Hall, W.J.             2     m                         AR
Hall, W.R.             9     m                         AR
Hammet, Francis        1     f                         MS
Hammet, J.D.           29    m    farmer               SC
Hammet, S.J.           25    f                         SC
Hammet, Thomas         3     m                         MS
Hancock, A.G.          2     m                         AR
Hancock, M. A.         25    f                         AR
Hancock, R. W.         5     m                         AR
Hancock, W.            4     m                         AR
Handcock, J. L.        35    m    farmer               TN
Hardin, James          9     m                         AR
Hardin, Mary           35    f                         TN
Hardin, W.T.           35    m    farmer               TN
Hardin, Wm.            14    m                         AR
Harkness, Catharine    43    f                         KY
Harkness, J. P.        50    m    farmer               SC
Harkness, Jerusha      2     f                         AR
Harkness, M. E.        17    f                         MS
Harkness, M. J.        20    f                         AL
Harper, J. M.          14    m                         TN
Harris, Elisabeth      65    f                         GA
Harris, Elisabeth      28    f                         SC
Harris, J.B.           25    m    farmer               AL
Harris, M.F.           5     f                         MS
Harris, M.N.           7     f                         AL
Harris, Missouri       5/12  f                         AR
Harris, N.J.           3     f                         AR
Harrison, E.M.         45    f                         NC
Harrison, James        45    m    farmer               VA
Harrison, L.A.         7     f                         TX
Harrison, M.C.         10    f                         AL
Harrison, M.J.         4     f                         AR
Harrison, M.S.         12    f                         AL
Harrison, Samule       20    m                         AL
Harrison, W.M.         14    m                         AL
Hawkins, J.B.          6     m                         GA
Hawkins, John          36    m    farmer               AL
Hawkins, N.A.          24    f                         GA
Hawkins, R.C.          4     f                         AR
Haynes, A. L.          9     m                         GA
Haynes, A. S.          11    f                         GA
Haynes, B. P.          15    m                         GA
Haynes, C. P.          7     m                         GA
Haynes, E. A.          21    f                         GA
Haynes, E. S.          5     f                         GA
Haynes, Elisabeth      42    f                         NC
Haynes, H. V.J.        4     m                         GA
Haynes, Henry          63    m    farmer               NC
Haynes, J. D.          13    m                         GA
Haynes, J. M.          28    m    farmer               GA
Haynes, L. J.          1     m                         AR
Haynes, M. R.          2     f                         AR
Haynes, S. P.          10/12 m                         AR
Haynes, T. J.          17    m                         GA
Henderson, A.J.        16    m                         AR
Henderson, A.M.        3     m                         AR
Henderson, A.N.        22    m    farmer               AL
Henderson, Abner       63    m    farmer               NC
Henderson, Catharine   36    f                         VA
Henderson, E.A.        19    f                         KY
Henderson, E.D.        4/12  m                         AR
Henderson, F.C.        20    f                         AL
Henderson, J. H.       24    m    farmer               TN
Henderson, J.E.        2     m                         AR
Henderson, J.W.        25    m    farmer               AL
Henderson, Lewis       18    m                         AL
Henderson, Louisa      53    f                         TN
Henderson, M.E.        12    f                         AR
Henderson, M.J.        23    f                         TN
Henderson, Mahala      27    f                         TN
Henderson, N.L.        3     f                         AR
Henderson, W.T.        24    m    farmer               AL
Henley, A.J.           15    m                         AR
Henley, David          12    m                         AR
Henley, Jackson        49    m    farmer               TN
Henley, Jane           14    f                         AR
Henley, Matilda        49    f                         TN
Henley, Michael        9     m                         AR
Henley, Samule         12    m                         AR
Henman, Sarah          72    f                         VA
Hensley, W. H.         14    m                         AR
Henson, Anna           38    f                         SC
Henson, Cynthia        9     f                         AR
Henson, J. C.          8     m                         AR
Henson, J. H.          14    m                         AR
Henson, James          7     m                         AR
Henson, John           33    m    farmer               AL
Henson, John           10    m                         AR
Henson, M. A.          3     f                         AR
Henson, Paul           40    m    farmer               KY
Henson, S. A.          25    f                         AR
Henson, T. J.          1     m                         AR
Henson, Thos.          5     m                         AR
Henson, W. A.          11    m                         AR
Henson, W. N.          9     m                         AR
Hewitt, A.J.           2/12  f                         AR
Hewitt, C.A.           6     f                         AR
Hewitt, D.J.           4     m                         GA
Hewitt, Emaline        2     f                         AR
Hewitt, G.A.           3     f                         GA
Hewitt, G.W.           34    m    farmer               GA
Hewitt, H.H.           26    m    farmer               AR
Hewitt, L.C.           23    f                         GA
Hewitt, M.A.           19    f                         AR
Hewitt, M.F.           8     f                         GA
Hewitt, P.A.           1     f                         AR
Hewitt, S.A.           30    f                         AL
Hewitt, T.M.           7     m                         AR
Hicks, James           21    m                         TN
Higgins, C. E.         9     f                         GA
Higgins, Calvin        38    m    laborer              GA
Higgins, J. A.         1     m                         AR
Higgins, J. C.         30    f                         GA
Higgins, M. A.         8     f                         GA
Higgins, N. M.         3     f                         AR
Higgins, P. A.         6     f                         GA
High, S. T.?           28    m    grocer               NC
Hight, J.M.            16    f                         TN
Hight, J.R.            6     m                         AR
Hight, J.S.            13    m                         TN
Hight, N.A.            18    f                         TN
Hight, R.E.            9     f                         AR
Hight, Rebecca         41    f    farmer               TN
Hight, T.C.            20    m                         TN
Hilbron, M.            20    m    clerk                *   Werttenberg
Hill, J.L.             38    m    wagon maker          SC
Hill, John             8     m                         AR
Hill, Jordan A.        29    m    wagon maker          GA
Hill, Martha           10    f                         AR
Hill, T.J.             4     f                         AR
Hill, Uhana, Jr.       14    f                         GA
Hill, Uhana, Sr.       36    f                         TN
Hill, Virginia         1     f                         AR
Hipp, J.P.             21    m    farmer               SC
Hipps, J.T.            17    m                         SC
Hipps, M.A.E.          18    f                         SC
Hipps, Meeky           40    f                         SC
Hipps, S.L.            15    m                         SC
Hipps, W.A.            13    m    farmer               SC
Holcom, A. J.          40    m    farmer               SC
Holcom, Carline        23    f                         GA
Holcom, Elisabeth      27    f                         AL
Holcom, J.H.           27    m    farmer               GA
Holcom, John           7/12  m                         AR
Holcom, John           37    m    farmer               GA
Holcom, M.A.           3     f                         AL
Holcom, M.M.           26    f                         GA
Holcom, Marion         28    m    farmer               GA
Holcom, Mary           3     f                         AR
Holcom, N. A.          12    f                         AL
Holcom, N.J.           5     f                         GA
Holcom, R. M.          35    f                         SC
Holcom, S.M.           6     f                         AL
Holcom, W. B.          15    m                         AL
Holcom, W.L.           8/12  m                         AR
Holcomb, Elisabeth     25    f                         GA
Holcomb, G.C.          11    m                         GA
Holcomb, H.C.          9     m                         GA
Holcomb, NoName        1     m                         AR
Holcomb, Wm.           35    m    farmer               GA
Holcomb, Wm.           5     m                         GA
Holland, Americus      5     m                         GA
Holland, C. C.         3     m                         GA
Holland, Cerogordo     6     f                         GA
Holland, E. J.         21    m    farmer               GA
Holland, G. M.D.       12    m                         GA
Holland, J.V.          4     m                         GA
Holland, Loleta        40    f                         GA
Holland, S.A.          24    f                         GA
Holland, T.W.          26    m    farmer               GA
Holland, W. F.         10    m                         GA
Holland, W.M.          1     m                         AR
Holland, Wm.           42    m    farmer               SC
Holt, B. A.            7     m                         AR
Holt, B. F.            43    m    farmer               TN
Holt, J.H.             15    m                         TN
Holt, L. J.            16    f                         TN
Holt, L.J.             8     f                         AR
Holt, Margret          6     f                         AR
Holt, Mary             38    f                         TN
Holt, N.A.             10    f                         TN
Holt, R. F.            2     m                         AR
Holt, T. M.            14    m                         TN
Holt, Z. W.S.          13    m                         TN
Holyday, C.M.          9     m                         AR
Holyday, Joab          6     m                         AR
Holyday, John          11    m                         AR
Holyday, P. E.         17    m                         AR
Holyday, S.A.          6     f                         AR
Holyday, W.F.          14    m                         AR
Hoover, E. M.          37    f                         VA
Hoover, H. J.          19    m                         MO
Hoover, J. C.          11    m                         MO
Hoover, M. A.          5     f                         TX
Hoover, R. H.          13    m                         MO
Hoover, S. E.          7     f                         MO
Hoover, S. F.          17    f                         MO
Hoover, S. J.          5     m                         TX
Hoover, Simeon         40    m    farmer               TN
Hoover, W. B.          6     m                         TX
Horton, John           44    m    farmer               VA
Horton, Nancy          22    f                         AR
Howard, A. J.          12    m                         MS
Howard, G. W.          9     m                         AR
Howard, H. C.          2     m                         AR
Howard, Luvisa         35    f                         AL
Howard, M. A.          7     f                         AR
Howard, M. J.          11    f                         AR
Howard, W. L.          40    m    farmer               TN
Hubble, A.C.           16    m                         TN
Hubble, Cyrus          44    m    farmer               KY
Hubble, Eighttha?      35    f                         TN
Hubble, H.M.           10    m                         TN
Hubble, M.A.           5     f                         AR
Hubble, T.J.           14    m                         TN
Huchings, R.S.         30    m                         GA
Huddleston, A.P.       14    m                         AR
Huddleston, America    26    f                         TN
Huddleston, D.         8     m                         AR
Huddleston, D. F.      25    m    farmer               AL
Huddleston, Daniel     10    m                         AR
Huddleston, David      60    m    farmer               NC
Huddleston, E.D.       8     m                         AR
Huddleston, E.D.       1     m                         AR
Huddleston, E.E.       2     f                         AR
Huddleston, E.F.E.     10    f                         AR
Huddleston, E.H.       12    f                         AR
Huddleston, E.L.       21    m    farmer               AR
Huddleston, Elen       37    f                         AR
Huddleston, Elisabeth  13    f                         AR
Huddleston, F. L.      12    m                         AR
Huddleston, F.A.       5     f                         AR
Huddleston, F.L.       34    f                         AR
Huddleston, Harriet    30    f                         TN
Huddleston, J. T.      5     m                         AR
Huddleston, J.N.B.     18    m                         AR
Huddleston, J.W.       17    m    farmer               AR
Huddleston, Jane       21    f                         TN
Huddleston, L. A.      23    m    farmer               AR
Huddleston, L. B.      17    m                         AR
Huddleston, L. J.      2     m                         AR
Huddleston, L.H.       20    m                         AR
Huddleston, M. J.      3/12  f                         AR
Huddleston, M.A.       10    f                         AR
Huddleston, M.E.       10    f                         AR
Huddleston, Martha     16    f                         AL
Huddleston, Rachel     7     f                         AR
Huddleston, S.A.       43    f                         TN
Huddleston, S.L.       18    m                         AR
Huddleston, T.F.       13    m                         AR
Huddleston, Thomas     4     m                         AR
Huddleston, W. C.      17    m                         AR
Huddleston, W.J.       8     m                         AR
Huddleston, Wm.        70    m    farmer               NC
Hughes, D. C.          22    f                         TN
Hughes, John           26    m    farmer               AR
Hughes, L. J.          1/12  f                         AR
Hughes, W. B.          3     m                         AR
Hughett, C.E.          13    f                         AR
Hughett, C.E.E.        15    f                         AR
Hughett, E.J.          32    f                         TN
Hughett, J.O.          43    m    farmer               IL
Hughett, J.O.          6     m                         AR
Hughett, James         10    m                         AR
Hughett, M.A.          3     f                         AR
Hughett, R.E.          4/12  f                         AR
Hughett, Wm.           8     m                         AR
Hutchings, John        29    m    farmer               VA
Hutchings, M.L.C.      6     f                         GA
Hutchinson, A. C.      16    f                         SC
Hutchinson, A. M.      21    m                         SC
Hutchinson, A. S.      52    m    farmer               SC
Hutchinson, J. J.      50    f                         SC
Hutchinson, J. M.      7     m                         SC
Hutchinson, James      11    m                         SC
Hutchinson, M. C.      18    f                         SC
Hutchinson, Margaret   13    f                         SC
Hutchinson, Rufus      9     m                         SC
Hutson, A. J.          33    m    farmer               TN
Hutson, A. J.          1     m                         AR
Hutson, Andrew         10    m                         AR
Hutson, C. A.          19    f                         AR
Hutson, D. B.          6     m                         AR
Hutson, D. D.          49    m    mechanic in factory  NC
Hutson, Daniel         3     m                         AR
Hutson, E. J.          43    f                         SC
Hutson, Elisabeth      16    f    factory laborer      TN
Hutson, H. E.          11    f                         AR
Hutson, Isaac          8     m                         AR
Hutson, Isaac          18    m    factory laborer      TN
Hutson, Joab           50?   m    farmer               SC
Hutson, Louisa         3     f                         AR
Hutson, M. A.          4     f                         AR
Hutson, M. J.          8     f                         AR
Hutson, M. P.          41    f                         TN
Hutson, Mary           12    f                         TN
Hutson, N. J.          5     f                         AR
Hutson, N. L.          33    f                         TN
Hutson, Pleasant       23    m    factory laborer      TN
Hutson, S. A.          11/12 m                         AR
Hutson, S. M.          36    m    farmer               TN
Hutson, Sarah          55    f                         SC
Hutson, Wm.            22    m    factory laborer      TN
Hysmith, J.C.          33    f                         SC
Hysmith, W.            34    m    farmer               TN

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