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Sanders, Aminta        14    f                         AL
Sanders, Cela?         30    f                         AL
Sanders, Daniel        17    m                         AR
Sanders, Elender       12    f                         AL
Sanders, Fedrick       16    m                         AL
Sanders, Greenville    15    m                         AL
Sanders, Henry A.      15    m                         AR
Sanders, J.W.          18    m                         MS
Sanders, John          7     m                         AR
Sanders, M.N.          13    f                         AR
Sanders, Nancy         11    f                         AR
Sanders, W.J.          10    m                         AL
Sanders, W.P.          41    m    blacksmith           NC
Sandford, Alexander    25    m    farmer               GA
Sandford, F. E.        $     f                         AR
Sandford, Polley       31    f                         TN
Sandford, R. M.        2     m                         AR
Sanford, C. A.         15    f                         GA
Sanford, C. M.         40    f                         TN
Sanford, E.            23    f                         GA
Sanford, E. C.         13    f                         GA
Sanford, H. M.         3     m                         AR
Sanford, L. J.         10    f                         GA
Sanford, M. B.         8     f                         AR
Sanford, R.            47    m    farmer               GA
Sanford, W. N.         17    m                         GA
Scarbrough, E. C.      9     f                         AR
Scarbrough, E. W.      38    m    mechanic             TN
Scarbrough, M. D.      11    f                         TN
Scarbrough, M. M.      38    f                         TN
Scarbrough, S. A.      16    f                         TN
Scarbrough, W. B.      13    m                         TN
Scott, H. J.           22    f    school teacher       TN
Scott, J. M.           37    m    farmer               SC
Scott, J. N.           29    f                         AL
Scott, J. W.           3     m                         AR
Scott, J. W.           71    m    hatter               VA
Scott, M. E.           8     f                         AR
Scott, S. A.           20    f    school teacher       MO
Scott, S. J.           7     f                         AR
Scott, W. B.           5     m                         AR
Self, Baolum           18    m                         AR
Self, Cooper           3/12  m                         AR
Self, D.A.             4     m                         AR
Self, D.J.             13    m                         AR
Self, Forgus           47    m    farmer               AL
Self, Mariah           33    f                         AL
Self, S.A.M.           8     f                         AR
Self, Thomas           16    m                         AR
Self, Vincen           18    m                         AR
Self, W.L.             10    m                         AR
Sevier, G. W.          34    m    farmer               KY
Sevier, J. H.          4     m                         AR
Sevier, M. F.          4/12  f                         AR
Sevier, Martha         27    f                         AR
Shanks, Edwin          20    m                         TN
Shanks, Emly           13    f                         MS
Shanks, James          16    m                         MS
Shanks, Manervy        5     f                         AR
Sharp, John            58    m    farmer               TN
Sharp, M. J.           14    f                         AR
Sharp, Martha          50    f                         NC
Sharp, R. A.           18    f                         TN
Shofner, E. J.         12    f                         TN
Shofner, J. M.         2     m                         AR
Shofner, J. P.         4     m                         AR
Shofner, Mary          33    f                         TN
Shofner, R. C.         10    m                         TN
Shofner, S. E.         14    f                         TN
Shofner, W. B.         38    m    farmer               TN
Shofner, W. T.         8     m                         Ark
Simmons, Arabella      13    f                         AR
Simmons, J. S.         9     m                         TN
Simmons, Jane          18    f                         AR
Simmons, S.A.          12    f                         AR
Simpson, A.            37    m    farmer               NC
Simpson, A.A.          6     f                         AR
Simpson, C.A.          5     f                         AR
Simpson, H. P.         29    f                         TN
Simpson, J. P.         6     m                         AR
Simpson, J.A.          28    m    farmer               TN
Simpson, Lauretta      25    f                         AR
Simpson, M.            3     f                         AR
Simpson, M.A.          17    f                         AL
Simpson, R.F.          17    f                         TN
Simpson, T. J.         10    f                         AR
Simpson, T.J.          20    m    farmer               GA
Simpson, W.J.          8/12  m                         AR
Simpson, W.V.          29    m    farmer               SC
Sisk, D. W.            21    m    farmer               AL
Sisk, H. C.            19    f                         AL
Sisk, M. J.            2     f                         AR
Smedley, M.C.          3     m                         TN
Smedley, M.F.          5     f                         TN
Smedley, Missirua      26    f                         TN
Smedley, W.J.          9     m                         TN
Smedley, W.R.          34    m    farmer               TN
Smith, A.              35    m    farmer               AR
Smith, A.H.            1     m                         AR
Smith, B. J.           24    f                         AL
Smith, B. T.           11/12 m                         TN
Smith, C. H.           42    m    farmer               SC
Smith, C. W.           15    m                         AR
Smith, E.              45    m    farmer               KY
Smith, E. J.           1     f                         AR
Smith, E> D.           20    f                         TN
Smith, Eliza           23    f                         AL
Smith, Francis         16    f                         AL
Smith, M. C.           18    m                         AR
Smith, M. J.           26    m    farmer               TN
Smith, M.A.            5     f                         AR
Smith, M.E.            7     f                         AR
Smith, N. L.           7     f                         AR
Smith, N.A.            9     f                         AR
Smith, S.A.            26    f                         MS
Smith, T. A.           3/12  f                         AR
Smith, T.E.            25    m    farmer               AL
Smith, W. J.           13    m                         AR
Smith, W. S.           24    m    clerk                GA
Smith, W.H.            18    m                         AL
Snellgrove, C.C.       29    f                         AR
Snellgrove, E.F.       3     f                         AR
Snellgrove, H.F.       9     m                         AR
Snellgrove, John       12    m                         AR
Snellgrove, Joshua     28    m    farmer               AR
Snellgrove, M.A.       6     f                         AR
Snellgrove, M.A.       45    f                         IL
Snellgrove, Richard    18    m                         AR
Snellgrove, S.O.       14    f                         AR
Snellgrove, W.B.       2     m                         AR
Snodgrass, Benj.       2     m                         AL
Snodgrass, F.          32    m  m  echanic             VA
Snodgrass, Joseph      4     m                         AL
Snodgrass, Leona       28    f                         GA
Snodgrass, S.J.        8     m                         AL
Snodgrass, Sarah       6     f                         AL
Snody, C. R.           23    m    farmer               TN
Snody, M. A.E.         17    f                         GA
Southworth, G. W.      8     m                         AR
Southworth, J. J.      13    m                         TN
Southworth, L. C.      18    m                         TN
Southworth, L. J.      21    f                         TN
Southworth, P. H.      19    m                         TN
Southworth, Wm.        28    m    farmer               TN
Sparks, B. R.          5     m                         AL
Sparks, David          54    m    farmer               GA
Sparks, E.A.           28    f                         GA
Sparks, H.T.           12    m                         AL
Sparks, Henry          56    m    farmer               GA
Sparks, J.B.           20    m                         AL
Sparks, L.T.           13    f                         AL
Sparks, M.E.           4     f                         AR
Sparks, M.J.           1     m                         AR
Sparks, Martha         53    f                         SC
Sparks, Rebecca        3     f                         AR
Sparks, Rhoda          54    f                         SC
Sparks, Veda           23    f                         GA
Sparks, W.E.           28    m    farmer               GA
Speer, A.A.            3     f                         AR
Speer, Ada             1     f                         AR
Speer, J.F.W.          8     m                         AR
Speer, J.S.            33    f                         AR
Speer, L.J.            13    f                         AR
Speer, W.B.            41    m    farmer               MO
Speer, W.B.            5     m                         AR
Springer, S.T.         5     m                         AR
Standlee, Abraham      71    m    farmer               TN
Standlee, C.B.         5     m                         AR
Standlee, Elisabeth    17    f                         MS
Standlee, Elisabeth    69    f                         TN
Standlee, Elisabeth    13    f                         AR
Standlee, Francis      11    f                         AR
Standlee, L.D.         19    m                         AR
Standlee, M.A.         1     f                         AR
Standlee, T.J.         21    m    farmer               AR
Standler, Henrietta    10    f                         AR
Standler, Isabella     1     f                         AR
Standler, J.P.         45    m    farmer               TN
Standler, J.W.         23    m                         TN
Standler, John         8     m                         AR
Standler, Josafine     4     f                         AR
Standler, M.J.         13    f                         AR
Standler, Nancy        43    f                         NC
Standler, Prudence     15    f                         AR
Standler, Sousan       17    f                         AR
Standler, Stephan      20    m                         AR
Standler, W.J.         6     m                         AR
Start, Abner           23    m    farmer               AR
Start, Benj.           38    m  m  echanic             TN
Start, G. W.           28    m  m  echanic             AR
Start, G. W.           1     m                         AR
Start, M. E.           25    f                         AL
Start, Martha          63    f                         VA
Stelle, A.A.           39    m    farmer               GA
Stelle, A.E.           8     f                         AR
Stelle, Charity        27    f                         TN
Stelle, H.T.           34    m    farmer               SC
Stelle, Izabella       71    f                         GA
Stelle, J.A.           4     m                         AR
Stelle, J.B.           3     m                         AR
Stelle, J.H.           4     m                         AR
Stelle, Josafine       6     f                         AR
Stelle, Joseph         74    m    farmer               SC
Stelle, L.A.           8     f                         AR
Stelle, M.B.           3/12  m                         AR
Stelle, M.E.           2     f                         AR
Stevens, D.R.          5     m                         AR
Stevens, J.A.          7     m                         AR
Stevens, J.R.          37    m    farmer               SC
Stevens, Margret       39    f                         TN
Stevens, O.M.          2     m                         AR
Stevens, P.A.          9     f                         AR
Stevens, S.B.          13    m                         GA
Stevens, W.D.          11    m                         GA
Stinnett, Cyrena       39    f                         TN
Stinnett, David        14    m                         MS
Stinnett, Evans        7     f                         AR
Stinnett, Hugh         19    m                         MS
Stinnett, John         5     m                         AR
Stinnett, Mason        46    m    farmer               TN
Stinnett, Mason        1     m                         AR
Stinnett, P.A.         17    f                         MS
Stinnett, Rufus        1     m                         AR
Stokes, C.D.           1     m                         AR
Stokes, J.M.           21    f                         AL
Stokes, J.M.           17    m                         SC
Stokes, John           27    m    farmer               NC
Stokes, M.J.           6     f                         MS
Stokes, N.S.           5     f                         MS
Stokes, S.C.           3     m                         MS
Stone, America         30    f                         AR
Stone, C.C.            33    m    farmer               TN
Stone, D.L.            18    m                         AR
Stone, F.M.            16    m                         AR
Stone, J. M.           33    m    school teacher       TN
Stone, J.F.            2     m                         AR
Stone, J.W.            11    m                         AR
Stone, M.A.            7     f                         AR
Stone, M.E.            7     f                         AR
Stone, N.E.            18    f                         AR
Stone, Nathaniel       9     m                         AR
Stone, Nisey           48    f                         SC
Stone, Nisey E.        14    f                         AR
Stone, S.M.            10    f                         AR
Stone, Sarah L.        52    f                         TN
Stone, Sharlot         12    f                         AR
Stone, Steven          51    m    farmer               SC
Stone, William         50    m    farmer               SC
Stone, Wm.             4     m                         AR
Stone, Wm.             21    m                         TN
Story, A.D.            7     f                         GA
Story, C.W.            21    m                         GA
Story, J.B.            15    m                         GA
Story, M.A.            43    f                         SC
Story, M.L.            24    m                         GA
Story, Milton          54    m    farmer               SC
Story, S.C.            10    m                         GA
Story, S.E.            12    f                         GA
Story, T.A.            9     f                         GA
Strawn, Ann            40    f                         GA
Strawn, Austin         8     m                         GA
Strawn, Cornelia       5     f                         AR
Strawn, Elen           14    f                         GA
Strawn, Elmina         12    f                         GA
Strawn, Hiram          53    m    farmer               GA
Strawn, Hiram          10    m                         GA
Strawn, S.A.           23    f                         GA
Strawn, T.J.           18    m                         GA
Strawn, V.S.           16    m                         GA
Stringer, Casanda      34    f                         TN
Stringer, D.R.         5     m                         AR
Stringer, Daniel       17    m                         AR
Stringer, E.S.         11    f                         AR
Stringer, Joseph       32    m    farmer               AR
Stringer, L. J.        14    f                         AR
Stringer, M.A.         7     f                         AR
Stringer, Mary A.      11    f                         AR
Stringer, R.A.         2     f                         AR
Stringer, Rachel       51    f                         IL
Stringer?, Rice        19    m                         AR
Stuart, A. L.          4     f                         AR
Stuart, Andrew         12    m                         TN
Stuart, F. N.          8     f                         AR
Stuart, J. J.          2     f                         AR
Stuart, Lucresa        27    f                         TN
Stuart, Nancy          32    f                         TN
Stuart, V. A.          2     f                         AR
Stuart, Wm.            19    m                         TN
Sullivan, G. W.        25    m                         TN
Sullivan, J. C.        22    m                         TN
Sullivan, L. R.        11    f                         TN
Sullivan, N. A.        17    f                         TN
Sullivan, Nancy        48    f                         GA
Sullivan, S. E.        14    f                         TN
Sullivan, W. P.        7     m                         AR
Sullivan, Z.           47    m    farmer               TN
Sutherland, J.M.       50    m    farmer               VA
Sutherland, Jane       32    f                         TN
Sutherland, M.A.       2     f                         AR
Sylivan?, Adaline      27    f                         TN
Sylivan?, Daniel       61    m    farmer               TN
Sylivan?, M. J.        14    f                         MS
Sylivan?, Rhoda        55    f                         NC
Sylivan?, S. C.        19    f                         MS

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