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Ragsdale, D. A.        16    m                         TN
Ragsdale, D. A.B.      48    m    farmer               NC
Ragsdale, E. N.        40    f                         TN
Ragsdale, H. B.        6     m                         AR
Ragsdale, J. W.        17    m                         TN
Ragsdale, N. J.        8     f                         AR
Ragsdale, Smith        1     m                         AR
Ragsdale, Thos         22    m                         TN
Ragsdale, W. N.        13    m                         TN
Rainy, David           22    m                         AR
Rainy, Isaac           20    m                         AR
Rainy, James           2     m                         AR
Rainy, John            62    m    farmer               GA
Rainy, John            26    m                         AR
Rainy, Mahala          22    f                         AR
Rainy, Nancy           45    f                         MS
Rainy, Nancy           17    f                         AR
Rainy, Pruda           6     f                         AR
Rainy, Siba            13    f                         AR
Rainy, Synthia         11    f                         AR
Rainy, Wm.             15    m                         AR
Ray, Emaline           31    f                         MS
Ray, G. W.             1     m                         AR
Ray, Louisa            10    f                         AR
Ray, T?A.              6     m                         AR
Ray, William           34    m    farmer               AR
Ray, Wm.               8     m                         AR
Reando, F.F.           2     m                         TX
Reando, Franklin       35    m    farmer               MO
Reando, Izabelle       24    f                         MS
Reed, A.?              11    m                         AR
Reed, G. L.            l     m                         AR
Reed, H.E.             9     f                         AR
Reed, M. A.            4     f                         AR
Reed, M. J.            2     f                         AR
Reed, M.A.             1     f                         AR
Reed, Nancy            32    f                         AR
Reed, S. A.            24    f                         AR
Reed, Seaborn          44    m    farmer               TN
Reed, W. D.            31    m    farmer               TN
Reed, W.J.             14    m                         AR
Reese, A. W.           8     m                         AR
Reese, C. W.           6     f                         AR
Reese, Catharine       32    f                         TN
Reese, D. D.J.         4     m                         AR
Reese, E. J.           31    f                         TN
Reese, J. C.           7     m                         AR
Reese, J. F.           6     m                         AR
Reese, J. G.           38    m    farmer               TN
Reese, J. W.           10    m                         AR
Reese, M. M.T.         1     f                         AR
Reese, N. E.           14    f                         TN
Reese, N. T.           34    f                         TN
Reese, R. E.           9     f                         AR
Reese, S. C.           16    f                         TN
Reese, S. G.           3     m                         AR
Reese, S. W.           36    m    farmer               TN
Reese, S. W.           18    m                         TN
Reese, T. J.           2     m                         AR
Reese, W. B.           14    m                         TN
Reese, W. M.           11    m                         AR
Reese, W. W.           35    m    farmer               VA
Reese, Wm. M.          12    m                         AR
Reeves, J.A.           12    m                         AR
Reeves, Mary           8     f                         AR
Reid, A. H.            16    m                         GA
Reid, D. S.            18    m                         TN
Reid, E. C.            9     f                         AR
Reid, E. D.            2     f                         AR
Reid, F. C.            2     f                         AR
Reid, F.Y.             29    m    farmer               TN
Reid, G. W.            4     m                         AR
Reid, George           44    m    farmer               GA
Reid, J. F.            41    m    physician            NC
Reid, J. W.            11    m                         TN
Reid, J. W.            7     m                         AR
Reid, J.L.             1     m                         AR
Reid, M. A.            36    f                         TN
Reid, M. F.            9     m                         TN
Reid, M. J.            18    f                         GA
Reid, Margaret         19    f                         GA
Reid, N. S.            13    f                         TN
Reid, S. A.            28    f                         AL
Reid, S. M.            4/12  f                         AR
Rhodes, J.W.           7/12  m                         AR
Rhodes, M.E.           19    f                         TN
Rhodes, M.J.           12    f                         AR
Rhodes, M.J.           22    f                         AR
Rhodes, Samule         27    m    farmer               AL
Rhodes, William        22    m    farmer               AL
Richard, Cile          12    m                         TN
Richardson, John       24    m    farmer               AL
Riggs, H.E.            30    m    farmer               AL
Riggs, J.J.            6     m                         AL
Riggs, M.J.            3     f                         AL
Riggs, Sarah           31    f                         AL
Riggs, W.E.            11/12 m                         AL
Rinkle, C. L.          1     f                         AR
Rinkle, Daniel         29    m    farmer               TN
Rinkle, J.W.M.         9     m                         AR
Rinkle, John           25    m    farmer               TN
Rinkle, L.S.           5/12  f                         AR
Rinkle, M.A.           1     f                         AR
Rinkle, M.E.           22    f                         TN
Rinkle, N. A.          19    f                         GA
Rinkle, S.J.A.         7     f                         AR
Roan, J.W.             17    m                         MS
Roan, M.A.             53    f                         TN
Roan, Tennessee        12    f                         MS
Roan, Woodard          55    m    farmer               TN
Robberson, R. F.       24    m    physician            AR
Robberson, Rebeca      20    f                         AR
Roberson, L. G.        28    m    stone mason          AL
Roberson, Leonard      12    m                         AL
Robins, H.R.           38    m    farmer               TN
Robins, Mary           36    f                         TN
Robinson, B. J.        47    m    farmer               NC
Robinson, E. C.        14    f                         AR
Robinson, F. A.        12    f                         AR
Robinson, J. H.        17    m                         AR
Robinson, J. J.        3     m                         AR
Robinson, J. W.        19    m                         AR
Robinson, M. C.        10    f                         AR
Robinson, Nancy        43    f                         AR
Robinson, W. A.        7     m                         AR
Rogers, A.A.H.         7     m                         TN
Rogers, Alfred         35    m    farmer               TN
Rogers, B.J.           4     f                         AR
Rogers, Elisabeth      43    f                         TN
Rogers, Feby           36    f                         TN
Rogers, G.W.           5/12  m                         AR
Rogers, J. F.          9     m                         TN
Rogers, J.A.           13    m                         AL
Rogers, J.S.           9     m                         TN
Rogers, J.W.           5     m                         MO
Rogers, M.E.           19    f                         GA
Rogers, M.F.           11    f                         AL
Rogers, N. R.          16    f                         TN
Rogers, N.E.           9     f                         MS
Rogers, N.E.           12    f                         TN
Rogers, S.C.           7     f                         MS
Rogers, S.D.           4     f                         MS
Rogers, S.J.           5     f                         MS
Rogers, Samule         39    m    farmer               TN
Rogers, Uriah          45    m    farmer               TN
Roggers, J. B.         14    f                         AR
Roggers, J. G.         20    f                         KY
Roggers, J. R.         60    m    farmer               NC
Roggers, S. W.         58    f                         KY
Roler, Jacob           25    m                         AL
Rounds, W. L.          22    m                         AR

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