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Pike County, Arkansas originated from portions of Clark and Hempstead      
counties by an act passed in the General Assembly of the Territory of      
Arkansas approved on November 1, 1833. Initial boundaries were set with the
first partial east boundary between Clark and Pike ... "beginning at the   
Antoine bridge, running thence (with) the old road (south) to John Wood's  
on the (Little) Missouri river."                                           
The south boundary between Hempstead and Pike ... "commencing at the house 
of John Wood on (the) Little Missouri river,  thence up said river to the  
mouth of Hickory creek, thence up said creek to its source, thence on the  
dividing ridge between Mine creek and (Little) Missouri, thence due west to
the Sevier county line."                                                   
The second partial east boundary between Clark and Pike beginning ... "at  
the above named (Antoine) bridge, thence up the Antoine to its source,     
thence a north direction to the west fork of the Caddo" with the north     
boundary between Hot Spring and Pike "thence up said fork (of the Caddo)   
to the" Sevier county line.                                                
Additional acts of the General Assembly provided for apportioning the debts
of Clark and Hempstead counties with Pike, the surveying of the line       
between Sevier and Pike county, and the election of civil officers,        
including a county judge, and county commissioners to locate the seat of   

Pike County Formation History
Historical Memoirs 1890

An Act to Erect and Establish the County of Pike
An Act Apportioning the Debts of Clark and Hempstead with Pike &c.
An Act to Run and Mark the Line Between the Counties of Sevier and Pike
An Act for the Election of Civil Officers for the County of Pike &c.

                             February 13, 1855                             
The Clerk's office at Murfreesboro, Pike county, was destroyed by fire on  
the night of Tuesday, the 13th inst. All records of the county together    
with the law library of A.B. Williams, Esq., which had but a few days      
previous been moved into it, were destroyed. The fire is supposed to have  
been the work of an incendiary, as there was no fire in the offices on the 
evening previous the destruction - Washington Telegraph, February 21, 1855.
                               March 5, 1895                               
Thirty-two years ago tomorrow the Pike County court house and the Pike     
County Courier were destroyed by fire. No insurance was carried by either, 
all a total loss, including the public records of the county - Pike County 
Courier, March 4, 1927.                                                    


                Law Offices of Featherston & Featherston                   
                         Murfreesboro, Arkansas                            
I hereby grant permission for you David Kelley to have copies made of the  
Pike County, Arkansas Burnt Records Abstract of Title Book Prior to 1890   
with the understanding that these records will not be used in the abstract 
or title business.                                                         
                        Featherston & Featherston                          
                          Jimmy L. Featherston                             

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