Pike County Burnt Records

Abstract of Title Book Prior to 1890

Featherston & Featherston

                        Arkansas History Commission                        
                        Little Rock, Arkansas 72201                        
                     John L. Ferguson, State Historian                     
                               May 27, 1975                                
The following material has today been received by the Arkansas History     
Commission for microfilming subject to any and all of the restrictions     
listed below:                                                              
            Pike County, Ark. Abstract of Title Book Prior to 1890         
                       "Pike County Burnt Records Book"                    
Restrictions: Since these records are being made available by the Guaranty 
Abstract and Title Company of Murfreesboro, Arkansas for historic purposes 
only, no copies of this film or the contents thereof may be made for any   
abstract or related purpose without the express written permission of the  
Guaranty Abstract and Title Company. Those wishing to publish any segment  
of these records should also obtain written permission from the Guaranty   
Abstract and Title Company.                                                
      Seal                   R.P. Baker, Archivist                         
                       Guaranty Abstract & Title Company                   
                           Murfreesboro, Ark. 71958                        
                               May 26, 1975                                
Received from Guaranty Abstract & Title Company of Murfreesboro, Arkansas, 
"Burnt Records" Book of ... records prior to 1890. This Book is borrowed   
for the purpose of micofilming and will be returned in approximately 2     
weeks. I personally will be responsible for the safe return of this Book.  
                        Russell P. Baker, Archivist                        
                        Arkansas History Commission                        
                          Little Rock, Ark. 72201                          
                             Pike County Records                           
Pike County was created on November 1, 1833. The site of the courthouse was
located at what is now Murfreesboro. A log courthouse and a small frame    
building for the clerk's office were erected soon thereafter. In the spring
of 1855 the clerk's office was destroyed by fire and all county records    
burned. A new two-story courthouse was built in 1856 and continued in use  
until it too was burned sometime in 1895 again destroying all county       
records, with the exception of one small tax book.                         
The ... record book, sometimes called the "Burnt Records of Pike County"   
was copied from the county records by a Prescott abstract firm about 1890. 
It contains a summary of many of the records that were destroyed in the    
1895 fire.                                                                 
                                 R.P. Baker                                

David Kelley 1997