Pike County Archives & History Society
The Pike County Archives and History Society was founded in 1986 and is a  
non-profit organization. The organization is dedicated to collecting and   
preserving materials which bring together the unique history of Pike       
County, Arkansas and its people. One of the objectives of PCAHS is to      
promote interest in the history of Pike County and the State of Arkansas.  
The collection of PCAHS includes family histories, census records,         
microfilm, publications and other materials for genealogical research. The 
archives house many old record books including early tax records, maps,    
etc. There is no charge for the use of these materials or of the research  
facilities in Murfreesboro but donations of money and/or research material 
are always welcome - PCAHS                                                
Pike County Arkansas Database - Discontinued
Original statement ... The information is out there -- why not make it     
available to interested folks? The information contained in the Pike County
Database or An Arkansas Connection ... database is not to be considered a  
"sure thing." While all the people who contributed information are good    
researchers, we all sometimes make mistakes, or neglect to write down our  
sources. We're sure some people have added information to their personal   
charts since the time they submitted them for inclusion in the databases.  
These databases are intended to help people figure out where they might    
look for information. If a person was born and died in Pike County, chances
are there will be some documents out there. Since there were several court 
house fires, finding the documents is the trick. In some instances, there  
simply are no existing documents. We have researched families for many     
years and have found that some of the best leads are from other researchers
who were willing to share their information.                               
Cindy Scott began building the database in 1995. It includes people who    
lived in Pike County Arkansas at any time and their ancestors and/or       
descendants, regardless of where they lived before or after residing in    
Pike County. She began building her personal database of 5,000 individuals 
in 1988 and has added about 25,000 people since beginning work on the new  
Pike County Cemetery Book ...                                              
Individuals have donated family histories and GEDCOM's and they are being  
entered into the database as time permits. When the cemetery book is ready 
for publication, Cindy will finish adding available family histories and   
the information contained in the book to the database. Then she will start 
adding information from the Pike County Marriage Records and Censuses that 
have been published. These sources may not be perfect, but it is a good    
place to start. Cindy plans on maintaining this database for at least 20   
years and hopes that someone will be willing to take over and continue the 
project. She plans to add anything she can get her hands on -- Goodspeed's 
book, Wills, Bible records, etc.                                           
Morris Myers started collecting data on his family line in December of     
1998. He decided to try and use the internet 'exclusively' in his research.
That approach turned out about 85% effective. Through the contributions of 
many relatives and friends he was able to compile the database known as An 
Arkansas Connection ... His desire was to put as much information about    
Pike County families as he could in one place. The information was intended
to be complimentary to that contained on the Pike County AR Gen Web site.  
There are currently 21,000 individuals in the database and it continues to 
grow. The fascinating thing is that the data in An Arkansasa Connection ...
is mostly different than that in the PCD.                                  
It is planned that the two databases will someday merge and become one     
massive research database - Morris Myers                                  
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Pike County Arkansas GenWeb Site
Original statement of Mary & Kevin Feige past coordinators ... Our goal is 
to provide Pike County researchers with as much on-line information as     
possible. This is achieved through the efforts of wonderful volunteers like
you. If you have information you would like to contribute, please email us!
Don't forget to stop by and sign our guestbook. We'd love to hear from     
you! ... "My name is Shane Hill. I am the coordinator for the Pike County  
USGenWeb site."                                                           
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