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The Gems of Pike County

The Gems of Pike County
Vol. 17 No. 2 & 3 Spring & Fall 2006 Photo Supplements

Page 33: J.L.Robert with Family in front of home ca. 1909
Page 33: Etta Mansfield Conaster, at B.B. Conaster funeral ca. 1890
page 47 The James K. Polk and Laura Lou "Cox" Shope Family; Back row: Charlie Lenard, William Leither, John Jackson, Richard. Middle row: james K. Polk Shope (Father), Harrison Dudley,  Laura Lou "Cox" Shope (Mother). Front row: Jerry Jefferson (Jeff) , Jeames Murdock (the baby, father Peggy Loomis).
Page 55: Wallace "Sonny" Sparks, Orene merchant Moore, Molene Ford Forbes, Aldon Thompson, Jolene Wilson Copeland, Etta Wolson Griffin, Diane Franks Rather, Leroy Sparks (standing with back to camera), Leon Moore (standing on right side).
Page 56: Leon Moore (standing on left side), Mary Lee Wilson thompson, Jolene Wilson Copeland, Zetta Wilson Griffin, Orene Merchant Moore (leaning on table), Diana Franks Rather, Dale Sparks (standing at back), Joyce Wenick Wood, marguerite Griffin, Oscar sparks, Leroy Sparks (sitting on right side)
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