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Lakey, Barbara C.        17     f    w                                     AR
Lakey, David W.          3      m    w                                     AR
Lakey, Elizabeth E.      8      f    w                                     AR
Lakey, Eliza J.          6      f    w                                     AR
Lakey, John W.           10     m    w                                     AR
Lakey, May F.            25     f    w                                     AL
Lakey, Muse H.           3      m    w                                     AR
Lamb, Amberishia         1      f    w                                     AR
Lamb, Catherine          24     f    w                                     AR
Lamb, Hannah E.          4      f    w                                     AR
Lamb, Henry              4      m    w                                     AR
Lamb, John A.            9      m    w                                     AR
Lamb, John               21     m    w                                     AR
Lamb, Jospehine          9      f    w                                     AR
Lamb, Lee B.             11     m    w                                     AR
Lamb, Louis J.           32     m    w      farm laborer                   TN
Lamb, Louis J. Jr.       8      m    w                                     AR
Lamb, Martha A.          20     f    w                                     GA
Lamb, Martha A.          31     f    w                                     GA
Lamb, Mary J.            37     f    w                                     AL
Lamb, Mary S.            11     f    w                                     AR
Lamb, Polly              62     f    w                                     NC
Lamb, Thomas             37     m    w      farmer          400            TN
Lamb, William A.         2      m    w                                     AR
Lamir, Bardon            62     m    w      farmer          150            NC
Larry, Martha E.         10     f    w                                     AR
Lathrop, Elizabeth E.    26     f    w                                     AL
Lathrop, Jerome H.       33     m    w      lawyer          1000           AR
Latime, Charles C.       19     m    w                                     AR
Latime, Johan P.         64     m    w      farmer          700            KY
Latime, Mary A.          55     f    w                                     SC
Latimer, Isabella        11     f    w                                     AR
Latimer, Lydia M.        17     f    w                                     AR
Latimer, Samuel          15     m    w                                     AR
Latty, Andrew J.         8      m    w                                     AR
Latty, Francis           42     f    w                                     TN
Latty, James M.          17     m    w      farm laborer                   GA
Latty, John              65     m    w      farmer          600            TN
Latty, Margaret E.       3      f    w                                     AR
Latty, Mary J.           15     f    w                                     GA
Latty, Rebecca F.        2      f    w                                     AR
Latty, Sarah E.          12     f    w                                     GA
Lavinder, John T.        27     m    w                                     GA
Lavinder, James W.       3      m    w                                     AR
Lavinder, Matilda E.     26     f    w                                     AR
Lavinder, William F.     1      m    w                                     AR
Lee, Alice               13     f    w                                     AR
Lee, Anetta              46     f    w                                     AL
Lee, Elizabeth           14     f    w                                     LA
Lee, Florence            24     f    w                                     AR
Lee, George              53     m    w      farmer          300            NC
Lee, George W.           22     m    w      farm laborer                   MS
Lee, Georgiana           23     f    w                                     GA
Lee, Green B.            53     m    w                                     SC
Lee, Isaac               7      m    w                                     AR
Lee, Lily                2      f    w                                     AR
Lee, Linsey              2/12   m    w                                     AR
Lee, Martha              9      f    w                                     AR
Lee, Mary                4/12   f    w                                     AR
Lee, Melisa              12     f    w                                     AR
Lee, Rufus               5      m    w                                     AR
Lee, Sarah               19     f    w                                     GA
Lefevers, Arminda A.     2      f    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Blunt          8      m    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Eady C.        15     f    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Frederick      20     m    w      farm laborer                   AL
Lefevers, Isaac          52     m    w      farmer          1000           AL
Lefevers, Isaac B.       17     m    w      farm laborer                   AR
Lefevers, Martha         28     f    w                                     AL
Lefevers, Margaret E.    7/12   f    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Mary J.        4/12   f    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Nancy          6      f    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Nancy A.       21     f    w                                     AL
Lefevers, Nancy C.       2      f    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Sarah G.       13     f    w                                     AR
Lefevers, Wm. D.         22     m    w      farmer          200            AL
Lemons, Ama              50     f    b                                     VA
Lemons, Anthony          37     m    b      farm laborer                   TN
Lemons, Elena            8      f    b                                     AR
Levi, Edmond             53     m    b      farmer          600            NC
Levi, Hardy              17     m    b                                     GA
Levi, Martha             6      f    b                                     AR
Levi, Percilla           25     f    b                                     TX
Lida, Jacob              21     m    w      farm labor                     AR
Lida, Lavisa             18     f    w                                     AR
Lightsey, Elen B.        15     f    w                                     AL
Lightsey, Jacob H.       24     m    w      farmer          100            AL
Lightsey, John H.S.      1      m    w                                     AR
Lightsey, Permeasey A.   23     f    w                                     AL
Lightsey, Soloman        61     m    w      farmer                         SC
Lightsey, Thursey A.     22     f    w                                     MS
Lindsey, Charles         4      m    w                                     AR
Lindsey, James           10     m    w                                     AR
Lindsey, Lena+F144       6      f    w                                     AR
Lindsey, Lucinda         40     f    w                      600            TN
Lindsey, Mary E.         15     f    w                                     LA
Lindsey, Michael C.      17     m    w      farm laborer                   AL
Lindsey, Willie J.       14     f    w                                     LA
Lindsey, William         8      m    w                                     AR
Lingo, Alabama           13     f    w                                     AR
Lingo, Amanda J.         24     f    w                                     AL
Lingo, Duran             4      m    w                                     AR
Lingo, Elijah            2      m    w                                     AR
Lingo, Elijah            22     m    w      farm laborer                   TN
Lingo, Erby M.           3      m    w                                     AR
Lingo, John G.           25     m    w      farmer          200            TN
Lingo, Levincy F.        6/12   f    w                                     AR
Lingo, Manda J.          11     f    w      cotton mill                    AR
Lingo, Mary J.           5      f    w                                     AR
Lingo, Nancy J.          16     f    w                                     AR
Lingo, Sally             25     f    w                                     AR
Lingo, Sarah J.          35     f    w                                     AL
Lingo, Sarah             55     f    w                                     TN
Lingo, Sarah A.          17     f    w                                     AL
Lingo, Sarah M.          16     f    w                                     AL
Lingo, Thomas R.         24     m    w      farm laborer                   TN
Lingo, William S.        32     m    w      farm laborer                   TN
Lingo, William Y.        6      m    w                                     AR
Lingo, Yerby             63     m    w      farmer          650            NC
Lingo, Zacahariah        24     m    w      farm laborer                   TX
Linsey, Saml.            18     m    w      farm laborer                   GA
Littlepage, William      39     m    w      teacher                        KY
Logan, Darias A.         22     m    w      farmer          30             TN
Logan, Dorcas            64     f    w                                     MO
Logan, Elen E.           20     f    w                                     AR
Logan, Elizabeth         21     f    w                                     MS
Logan, Emly J.           8/12   f    w                                     AR
Logan, Geo. W.           32     m    w      farmer          200            AR
Logan, Julia E.          1      f    w                                     AR
Logan, Lucinda J.        3      f    w                                     AR
Logan, Mariel T.         28     f    w                                     AR
Logan, Mary T.           10     f    w                                     AR
Logan, Rebecca.          32     f    w                                     AR
Logan, Susan             36     f    w                                     GA
Logan, William A.        37     m    w      farmer                         SC
Logan, William D.        1      m    w                                     AR
Long, Andrew J.          6      m    w                                     AR
Long, Francis B.         18     f    w                                     TN
Long, Geo. W.            15     m    w      farm laborer                   AL
Long, Henry              47     m    w      farm laborer                   AL
Long, James G.           2      m    w                                     AR
Long, James              21     m    w      farmer                         AL
Long, Jemima             16     f    w                                     AR
Long, Josephine          25     f    w                                     MS
Long, Joshua             45     m    w      farmer          11600          AL
Long, Martha A.          19     f    w                                     AL
Long, Nancy              48     f    w                                     SC
Louievy, Nathan H.       48     m    w      farmer          500            TN
Louis, James             58     m    w      farm laborer                   SC
Louis, Jane              60     f    w                                     MS
Louis, Martha            22     f    w                                     MS
Louis, Mary L.           1      f    w                                     AR
Louis, Nary J.           28     f    w                                     TN
Louis, Quimoy H.         38     m    w      merchant                       AL
Louis, Quimoy H. Jr.     8/12   m    w                                     AR
Lowery, Malinda          9      f    w                                     AR
Lowery, Mary             41     f    w                                     TN
Lowery, Mary A.          17     f    w                                     GA
Lowery, Martha           i      f    w                                     AR
Lowery, Ritta J.         15     f    w                                     GA
Lowery, Rollie           12     m    w      farm laborer                   AR
Lynn, America            14     f    w                                     AR
Lynn, Caldonia           16     f    w                                     TN
Lynn, Henry              65     m    w      farmer          1500           NC
Lynn, Peggy              58     f    w                                     NC
Lynn, William            23     m    w                                     TN

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