The Old Country Store

The following picture and article are from the February 1991 Volume 4 No 2 Issue of The Old Time Chronicle
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[Fred and Ruth MYERS are both deceased. They were Morris's Uncle and Aunt].

Fred and Ruth Myers on the porch of their store.
A part of the American past that is fast disappearing is the "Mom & Pop" rural
grocery store. Just scant years ago a traveler down almost any of Arkansas'
highways could expect to find these little stores scattered alng at regular intervals.
They were nothing fancy, most of them had only a soft drink sign and a gas pump
proclaiming their presence. There were no weekly mailings of sale papers from the
stores, and the stock of goods consisted of only the bare essentials. Country folk were
their biggest customers. Rural housewives could purchase whatever was needed to "get
by" until the next shopping trip. Travelers too, found comfort by knowing that the
tank of gas they forget to get in the last town could be bought just around the curve
or over the next hill.

Fred and Ruth Myers store at Clear Springs community in Clark County provid-
ed for the immediate needs of the Clear Springs residents, travelers on Highway 26,
and the many hunters who hocked to the area during the fall, from about 1960 until

The store itself has quite a history. The building was built in the late 1800's and
was part of the great Meek's Emporium, which offered everything from hardware and
furnishings to medicine and groceries to the area's large farming community.
Mr. and Mrs. Myers will be remembered as congenial country folk, well liked by
anyone who came in contact with them. Whether the customer wanted a tank of gas,
a soda pop, or just directions, he was always met with a smile, a hearty greeting,
and a "thank you" when he left.

The "homey" atmosphere of the store, with its wood burning heater, and
straight-backed chairs scattered around it was an invitation to stop and "chat" awhile
with the friendly couple or the locals who congregated there.

Mr. Myers gained his experience in the business by working as clerk in the old
McAnelly store at Hollywood, and later for Gered Clark in the same location. Mrs.
Myers "busied" herself for years by writing the local news for the Daily Siftings Herald
of Arkadelphia and quilting and sewing for her neighbors. Lunch for her and Mr.
Meyers was cooked on the wood stove in the rear of the store.

A changing way of life is eliminating the little country stores. Soon all that will be
left of them are pictures and memories.

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