A           Battalion 7      

    David Alford                             
  Pvt  , Captain James Burleson's Company,
of Mounted Infantry, Madison
(War of 1812.)

Appears on                                          

Company Pay Roll

for      Nov 14 to Dec 20  , 1813.

Roll dated   Not dated                  

                                            , 181 ,

    Commencement of service      
or of this settlement,
 Nov 14 ,1813.
       Expiration of service or       
of this settlement.
 Dec 20 ,1813.

Terms of service charges, 1 months,  6  days.

Pay per month,          8   dollars,         cents.

Amount of pay,          9 dollars,   54  cents.

Horse hire,             14 dollars,   40  cents.

Total amount,           23 dollars.   94  cents.

Remark: 40 cents per day added to each man's
pay for loan of his horse.

Remarks: ____________________________




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