Pike County Arkansas

                    Tax List 1851


Received (at) Murfreesboro, Pike County, Arkansas of Thomas K. Daper, Clerk,
Pike County, the Tax Book for the year A.D. 1851, which I will collect the
following monies, to wit: for all taxes due Two Hundred Sixty One dollars
and Seventy-four cents and for County taxes Six Hundred Thirty Nine dollars
and Twenty-seven cents this the 7 day of June 1851.

                              Lewis Huddleston, Sheriff and Collector
                                             of Pike County, Arkansas

                   Pike County Tax Book For The Year 1851

           A List of Persons Assesed for Taxation in Pike County
                         in the State of Arkansas.

Adair, C.W.                   Gilmer, Martin                Nicholas, Joseph            
Adams, E.H.                   Glasscock, George             Oldham, _____             
Alford, D.W.                  Gordon, William P.            Orrick, A.B.            
Alford, David                 Graham, John                  Orrick, Eph                 
Alford, M.E.                  Graves, Joseph                Orrick, Lorenza             
Allen, Hankins                Graves, William               Owens, David              
Allen, Redrick                Gray, Nathaniel               Owens, Edwin              
Allison, Jonathan             Gray, Samuel                  Owens, John S.          
Ashbrook, Aaron               Green, J.D.                   Pamron, Gillis              
Ashbrook, M.                  Griffin, Green                Panther, John               
Ashbrook, John                Griffin, Wade                 Polk, Anderson              
Ashbrook, William             Hale, Jackson                 Polk, Taylor            
Bacon, John D.                Hale, James                   Polston, John                 
Bacon, William T.             Hale, John                    Preston, Henry            
Banks, Jonas                  Hale, S.J.                    Preston, William H.             
Bassett, T.S.                 Hale, William                 Rainey, John                
Baxter, Jessee                Hammock, W.D.                 Raymond & Anderson          
Berry, W.A.                   Hancock, Abner                Reece, George               
Bissell, Abraham              Hancock, J.                   Reece, Sloman               
Bissell, John                 Hancock, J.D.                 Reece, William G.           
Bissell, William              Henson, James                 Reed Cebron               
Bittick, Aml[?]               Hickinson, Aaron              Reed, Asa             
Bittick, Jesse                Holliday, T.F.                Reeves, William           
Bittick, M.                   Holliday, W.H.                Reeves, Willis              
Bixby, David                  Holmes, Jesse                 Ried, William                 
Blackwood, Andrew             Hoover, Cassandra             Robbins, James      
Brewer, David                 Hoover, Wesley                Robbins, William          
Brewer, Elizabeth             Howerton, Oneal               Roberson              
Brewer, F.M.                  Howerton, William             Roberson, B.J.            
Brewer, Henderson             Huddleston, _____             Rodgers, J.R.       
Brewer, Henry                 Huddleston, D.L.              Rogers, J.P.            
Brewer, J.S.                  Huddleston, D.M.              Roher, James              
Brewer, John                  Huddleston, L.                Rosser, Samuel              
Brewer, John D.               Huddleston, L.                Roy, William            
Brewer, John, Estate          Huddleston, William           Saillers, John  
Brewer, Lewis                 Hudson, Andrew                Saillers, N.              
Brewer, William A.            Hudson, Davis                 Scott, James            
Brewer, William, Sr.          Hudson, Diah                  Scott, Joseph         
Brock, David                  Hudson, Isaac, Jr.            Scott, William J.       
Brock, J.C.                   Hudson, Isaac, Sr.            Self, Daniel            
Brock, Jackson                Hudson, John                  Self, Forgus                
Brock, Leonard                Hudson, Silas                 Sevedge, William            
Brock, Moses                  Hughes, J.H.                  Sevier, G.W.                  
Brock, Samuel                 Hughes, J.M.                  Sharp, John                 
Brock, Zack                   Hughes, John                  Shirley, henry                
Bush, James                   Hughes, William               Shirley, Jonathan           
Busick, S.H.                  Hughett, J.O.                 Shirley, Joshua               
Caldwell, A.J.                Hutchiston, _____             Simmons, William        
Campbell, David               Hutchiston, L.                Simpson, Jesse          
Campbell, William             Jackson, A.R.                 Smith, Everett          
Cannon, R.W.                  Jackson, J.B.                 Smith, James                  
Carpenter, J.L.               Jackson, J.L.                 Snell, James              
Carpenter, J.L.               Jackson, William, Jr.         Snoddy, Thomas    
Carpenter, Jesse              Jackson, William, Sr.         Speer, B.F.       
Carpenter, John Sr.           Jacobs, English               Speer, James        
Carpenter, John. Jr.          Jacobs, John                  Speer, John, Jr.      
Carroll, David                James, John                   Speer, William B.             
Carroll, Michael              Jenkins, Thomas               Stegger, R.M.           
Carroll, S. _____             Jenkins, William              Stegger, S.J.       
Carter, Henry                 Johnston, John                Stell, A.A.               
Cheshier, E.                  Johnston, M.                  Stell, Hiram                  
Cheshier, John B.             Johnston, Peter               Stell, Joseph         
Choate, James                 Johnston, William             Stinett, John           
Choate, John D.               Joiner, J.W.                  Stinett, Thomas           
Choate, P.J.                  Jones, C.B.                   Stone, C.C.                     
Clark, Anthony                Jones, Charles                Stone, Uriah              
Clark, Joel                   Jones, Rebecca                Stone, William              
Clements, Isaac               Jones, Samuel                 Stone, William            
Clements, J.                  Jordan, Mary                  Stover, Isaac                 
Collier, Nathan               Jordon, J.L.                  Stringer, Joseph          
Connatser, _____              Kelley, E.B.                  Stringer, Rice            
Connatser, D.K.               Kelley, E.W.                  Sullivan, Jack            
Connatser, J.H.               Kelley, Elijah Sr.            Sutton, John, S.    
Connatser, John               Kelley, Robert                Swink, J.H.             
Connatser, William B.         Kelley, Wesley                Tallant, James    
Connatser, William P.         Kelley, William               Tallant, Thomas   
Conway, T.J.                  Kennedy, Robert               Tallant, W.D.               
Cooley, Isaac                 Kennedy, Rubin                Taylor, Henry             
Copeland, R.                  Kennedy, William              Taylor, M.                
Covington, William            King, John                    Terry, William            
Crawford, Josiah              Kirkham, J.H.                 Thompson, S.S.            
Davis, Abijah                 Kizziar, James, Sr.           Thompson, William F.  
Davis, John M.                Kizziar, Martin               Thorn, W.B. Estate        
Davis, Wayne                  Kizziar, T.J.                 Tweedle, Isaac                
Davis, William                Laird, Patrick                Tweedle, William          
Davis, Young                  Latimer, I.P.                 Vardenburg, John              
Dickson, J.A.                 Lewis, Joel                   Walton, A.M.                  
Dickson, John                 Lingo, Erby                   Washburn, Thomas              
Dickson, L.A.                 Lingo, John                   Watson, Henry                 
Dickson, Rebecca              Linville, Brice               Wenner, Jerry           
Dickson, S.B.                 Linville, William             Westerman, C.D.         
Dickson, S.B., Jr.            Macon, Gideon                 Westerman, J.T.         
Dickson, William              Magby, Joel                   Westerman, John             
Dickson, William T.           Magby, Riley                  Wha, George           
Donohoe, P.                   Magby, Robert, Sr.            Whistenhunt, A.         
Dossey, William G.            Mansfield, J.C.               Whistenhunt, H.       
Draper, Daniel                McClure, Jesse                Whistenhunt, Noah         
Drummons, B.                  McClure, T.W.                 White, Ab                     
Durham, George                McLaughlin, F.                White, David              
Dyer, Caloway                 McLaughlin, J.C.              White, H.L.             
Edgin, C.                     McLaughlin, James             White, Isaac, Jr.           
Edgin, Nathan                 McLaughlin, Thomas            White, Isaac, Sr.     
Edmonds, George               McLaughlin, W.C.              White, Jack           
Elliott, D.F.                 McMahan, F.M.                 White, John, Sr.            
Epperson, Charles             McMahan, James                White, Jordan         
Epperson, George              McMahan, Robert               White, Jordan, Jr.      
Evans, T.P.                   McMenis, Joseph               White, Pleasant             
Farley, Stephen               McRay, M.A.                   White, Pleasant, Jr.        
Farley, Thomas                McRay, Massey                 White, Spencer              
Farley, William Jr.           McRay, William                White, William      
Farley, William Sr.           McWalkins, James              Williams, J.H.    
Farmer, John                  Miller, John                  Williams, William             
Garner, T.R.                  Mobley, David, Jr.            Williamson, Thomas      
Gentry, J.M.                  Mobley, David, Sr.            Winford, Ben            
Gibbs, C.H.                   Mobley, William               Wingfield, E.               
Gill, John                    Moore, John                   Wofford, B.C.                     
Gillham, Nancy                Moore, William                Woods, J.P.               
Gillham, Perry                Neely, William                Yates, G.W.               
Gillham, William              Nelson, Robert                
Gillmer, Elijah               Nelson, Samuel                

Pike county Tax Books for the year 1851 received and filed in the auditor's
office 28th June, 1851 and $261.74 charged to sherriff,
page 36,

                                             C.C. Danley, Auditor
                                                          of Arkansas

Amounts receipted for the sheriff        $261.74
Correct amount of Tax Book               $255.80
Difference placed to sheriffs credit     $  5.94


                      Condensed Statement

                            313 Polls.

             14819    Acres of Land             55501
                16    Town Lots                  1500
                79    Slaves                    30550
                 1    Saw Mill                    500
                 2    Pleasure Carriage           130
               492    Horses & Mares            20562
                25    Mules                      1180
              1398    Neat Cattle               11128
                      Value of Merchandise        451
                      Money loaned at interest    720

                     Total Value  122033

Pike County, Arkansas Tax List 1851, Arkansas History Commission, Little
Rock, Arkansas.

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