Pike County Arkansas

                    Tax List 1847

                   Pike County Tax Book For The Year 1847                    
           A List of Persons Assesed for Taxation in Pike County             
                         in the State of Arkansas.                           
Alford, M.E.                Evans, James M.             Mobley, William      
Alford, D.W.                Eldridge, Nathan            McLaughlin, W.C.     
Ashbrook, Moses             Gilmer, William             McLaughlin, W.F.     
Alford, David               Griffin, James E.           McLaughlin, J.C.     
Albright, Jno. J.           Glasscock, G.W.             McWalkins, James     
Brewer, Henry               Gentry, James M.            Mitchell, Allen      
Brewer, James S.            Gleen, John                 Marks & Jordan       
Burkett, Jonas              Gollihar, Thos. M.          Nelson, Sam'l        
Brock, Sam'l                Green, John                 Nelson, Robt.        
Brock, Jackson              Garner, Thos. R.            Orrick, A.B.         
Bittick, Robt.              Hopkins, Thos.              Owens, Edwin         
Ball, Fredrick              Henderson, Abner            Propes, H.J.         
Blair, Silas C.             Henderson, David            Preston, Henry       
Brewer, William             Hancock, William            Preston, W.H.        
Brewer, Thomas              Hancock, John D.            Pearce, Samuel E.    
Brock, Moses                Hancock, Abner              Rosser, Josiah       
Bacon, W. Tyler             Henthorn, Cyrus             Rogers, John R.      
Brewer, Henderson           Hutson, David               Rogers, Harmon       
Branes, James               Hutson, Isaac               Rogers, James        
Bratcher, Charles           Hoover, Cassandra           Roberson, B.J.       
Brewer, Wm. L.              Hale, E.G.                  Raymond & Anderson   
Bittick, Jesse              Hughes, Jno. H.             Royston, G.D.        
Blocker, John Estate        Huddleston, W.L.            Roberson             
Brewer, Henry Trustee       Hughes, William             Reeves, Willis       
for Levisa Preston          Harl, Thompson              Rainy, John          
Brewer, John Estate         Hughes, Jno. Estate         Ramsey, W.F.B.       
Brewer, W.A.                Holliday, Peter Estate      Saunders, J.T.       
Bacon, John D.              Huddleston, Lewis           Swink, J.H.          
Blocker, John               Hughes, William             Speer, William B.    
Baxter, Jesse               Hall, S.P.                  Speer, James         
Boon, John                  Huddleston, David           Shook, John          
Brock, Leonard              Hutson, Joab                Speer, John Sr.      
Bullock, Blunt              Hasty, Sam C.               Steel, Armstrong     
Brewer, John Jr.            Jackson, James C.           S(i)mpson, Jesse     
Carpenter, John Jr.         James, Enoch L.             Sharp, Erban         
Carpenter, J.L.             Joiner, J.W.                Scott, James         
Campbell, D.R.              Johns(t)on, Charles         Scott, William       
Carpenter, Jesse            Jacobs, John                Stone, Hiram         
Coe, G.W.                   Jackson, William            Sharp, John          
Carol, William              Johns(t)on, Micajah         Stell, Joseph        
Clark, Joel                 Johns(t)on, William         Sutton, J.S.         
Cesterson, Sam'l            Jenkins, Jesse              Stinett, John        
Conway, T.J.                Kelley, William             Stringer, Rice       
Cannon, R.W.                Kelley, Robt.               Stone, William       
Collier, Nathan             Kirkham, J.H.               Wood, J.T.           
Cole, S.C.                  Kelley, Elijah              White, J.D.          
Caldwell, A.J.              Kelley, Wesley              Wakley, Samuel       
Davis, Abijah               Kizzia, James C.            Well, S.             
Davis, Clement              Kizzia, James               White, John Jr.      
Davis, William (1)          Kizzia, Thos. J.            Winford, Benj.       
Davis, William (2)          Kennedy, Rheubin            White, Absalom       
Dickson, W.T.               Landers, Major              White, John Sr.      
Dickson, Leroy              Laird, Patrick              White, Jordan        
Dossey, W.G.                Lattimore, I.P.             White, Spencer       
Dillard, James              Langdon, Robert Estate      Williams & Blevins   
Dickson, Sion B.            McMenas, Joseph             Williams, P.R.       
Dickson, Saml.              Mansfield, J.C.             White, Isaac         
Dickson, John               Mobley, David Sr.                                
Dickson, D.S.               Mobley, David Jr.                                
Received of David S. Dickson Clerk of the Circuit Court and Exofficio clerk  
of the County Court of Pike County, the Tax Book for the year Eighteen       
Hundred and forty-seven and the State Tax is the sum of $225.21. County Tax  
is the sum of $250.72.                                                       
                             Lewis Huddleston,                               
                         Sheriff and Collector of                            
                             Pike County, Arks.                              
                            Condensed Statement                              
                                  118 Polls.                                 
                   13057    Acres of Land      42155                         
                      17    Town Lots           2148                         
                      59    Slaves             21450                         
                       1    Saw Mill             700                         
                     291    Horses and mares   10418                         
                      11    Mules                405                         
                       2    Jacks & Jennies      210                         
                    1106    Neat Cattle         5893                         
                   Goodwares and Merchandize    3158                         
                   Money Loaned at Interest     1550                         
                             Dollars  88787                                  
Pike County Tax Book for the year 1847 received and filed 15 Oct(ober) 1847  
and $225.21 charged to Sheriff, page 88.                                     
                         Elias N. Conway, Auditor                            
                                 of Arks.                                    
                      Correct amt. State Tax $228.28                         
                           Stated Amt. $221.25                               
                            $3.07 (difference)                               

Pike County, Arkansas Tax List 1847, Arkansas History Commission, Little     
Rock, Arkansas.

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