Pike County Arkansas

                    Tax List 1842

                         Pike County Tax List 1842                           

            A List of Persons and Property Assessed for Taxation             
                  in Pike County in the State of Arkansas.                   
Ashford, James              Green, John                 Lupton, Richard      
Atkins, W.H.                Green, A(a)ron              Mansfield, James C.  
Alford, Madison E.          Wakley, Samuel              McLaughlin, W.C.     
Bankston, Marshal H.        Ward, John                  Milson, Thomas       
Benson, Wm. H.              Williams, Walker T.         McWalkins, Jas. C.   
Brinley, Jacob              Helm, John                  Mobley, William      
Baxter, Joel                Helm, Owen                  Mobley, David        
Baxter, Jesse               Hancock, Ab(ner) H.         McLaughlin, Jno.     
Blaylock, Willis            Hasley, Sam'l               Massey, P.P.         
Bagwell, Milas              Hud(d)leston, David         McDoneld, Leroy      
Burkett, Jonas              Harris, A.F.                McDoneld, Jas. M.    
Brewer, Henderson           Hale, Elbert G.             McDonield, Robt.     
Brewer, Wm. A.              Hensley, George             Morris, Isaac A.     
Brewer, Harmon              Hughes, John                McDoneld, Alvin      
Blocker, Sarah              Hancock, Wm.                Orrick, William      
Blocker, John               Hill, James                 Orrick, And(rew) B.  
Brewer, John                Huddleston, Jno. W.         Orrick, Wm. J.       
Brewer, Oliver's heirs      Hughes, William             Owens, Ed(win)       
Bizzell, Wm. H.             Hughes, James               Oliver Wm. H.        
Burton, Stanford            Hughes, Thos. M.            Prince, C.G.M.       
Burton, W.S.                Henry, James                Price, Erwin         
Brewer, Jas. S.             Harel, Thompson             Patterson, Edmon R.  
Basset(t), Thos.            Holiday, Wm. H.             Preston, W.H.        
Brewer, Wm.                 White, Jordan               Bittick, Jesse       
Brewer, Henry               Jones, Absalom              Self, Forgey         
Conway, Thos. J.            Jones, Wm. J.               Sanders, John T.     
Dickson, Wm. T.             Jenkins, Thos.              Scott, Benj.         
Dickson, Sam'l A.           Joiner Wesley               Simpson, Sam'l       
Davis, Wm.                  Justice, Jacob B.           Scott, Thomas        
Davis, Abijah               Johns(t)on, William         Stone, William       
Dickson, John               Johnston, Charles           Stone, William &     
Davenport, James            Jacobs, English             Sarah Blocker Admin. 
Dickson, Sion B.            Jenkins, Jesse              of the Estate of     
Dickson, David S.           Johns(t)on, Mic(a)jah       Jno. Blocker Decd.   
Davis, Clement              White, Isaac                Self, Lackey W.      
Edwards, John               Kelley, Elijah              Swan, Wilson H.      
Weaver, Jeremiah            Kelley, Wesley              Steel, Thomas        
Franks, Abraham             Kelley, William             Simpson, Jesse       
F(al)kner, Hiram A.         Kelley, Giles               Stringer, Rice       
Griffin, James E.           Kizzia, James C.            Sharp, John          
Gillmore, Wm.               Kizzia, William.            Stone & McDoniel(d)  
Goodman, Arch               Kelley, Robert              Stone, F.G.          
Green, John W.              Kirkham, James H.           Scott, James         
Green, Rich'd               Kizziar, James              Scott, Patrick M.    
Goliher, Jno.               Langdon, Robert                                  
Galbreath, Joseph           Lattimore, Isham                                 
The State of Arkansas,                                                       
County of Pike,                                                              
This day received of D.S. Dickson Clerk (of) the County Court of Pike and    
Exofficio Recorder in and for the County aforesaid, the Tax Book for which   
this is a true copy for the (year) eighteen hundred and forty Two and the    
same is the sum of:                                                          
                         Amt. of State Tax $122.96                           
                         Amt. of County Tax $48?.??                          

                           Henry Brewer, Sheriff                             
The State of Arkansas,                                                       
County of Pike,                                                              
I, David S. Dickson, Clerk of the Circuit and County Court and Exofficio     
Recorder in and for the County of Pike, Do hereby certify that the within
is a true amount of the taxable property as appears by the assessment list
for the year A.D. 1842.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand as Clerk and exofficio     
Recorder as aforesaid, and affixed the seal of office at Murfreysboro        
(Murfreesboro) (the) 28th day of April, A.D. 1842.                           

                               D.S. Dickson                                  
                             By Rice Stringer                                
                         (Little Rock, Arkansas)                             
Pike County Tax List for the year 1842 recorded and filed 7th May 1842.      
$122. 96/100 State tax charged to Sheriff, page 7.                           
                       E.N. Conway, Auditor of Arks.                         

Pike County, Arkansas Tax List 1842, Arkansas History Commission, Little     
Rock, Arkansas.
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