Pike County Arkansas

                    Tax List 1839

                       Pike County Tax List For 1839                         
         A List of Persons and Property Assessed for Taxation in the         
        County of Pike and State of Arkansas for the year, A.D. 1839.        
Adkins, C.L.                Falkner, H.A.               McDonield, J.M.      
Ashford, James              Ford, Absalom               McDoniel, Alvin      
Brewer, Henry               Falkner, L.N.               McDoniel, Leroy      
Brewer, Harmon              Gay, Edmund                 Millwee, S.H.        
Brewer, Wm.                 Gollihar, John              Massey, P.F.         
Blocker, John Jr.           Goodman, Josiah             Melson, J.G.         
Blocker, John Sr.           Gilmer, Wm.                 Marks & Jordan       
Blocker, Wm.                Griffin, Wade               McLaughlin, J.C.     
Bittick, Robt.              Griffin, J.E.               Mansfield, J.C.      
Brewer, J.S.                Garner, Thomas              Milson, Thos.        
Brewer, John                Griffin(g), L.B.            Mara, Lazarus        
Barnett, John G.            Green, John                 Medford, Johnathan   
Barnes, Joshua              Green, Jeremiah             Miles, Joel          
Brewer, Henderson           Harl, Thompson              Newman, Moses        
Barnes, Jesse               Hughes, John                Melson, Solomon      
Brinley, Jacob              Hughes, James               Oliver, William      
Mathias B. adjoining        Henthorn, James             Price, Ervin         
Brinley, Mathias            Henthorn, Cyrus             Prator, Phillip      
Black, James M.             Hancock, Wm.                Redding, Joseph      
Baxter, Jesse               Holliday, Peter             Reeves, Willis       
Baxter, Joel                Hasley, Saml.               Roberts, Wm.         
Bassett, Thos.              Hensley, George             Rainey, John         
Bittick, Francis            Hancock, Abner              Roberson, Bj.        
Bittick, Jesse              Hughes, Wm.                 Simpson, Jesse       
Bizzel, W.H.                Huddleston, David           Stone, F.G.          
Crowel, Ezra                Huddleston, J.W.            Stone, Wm.           
Collier, Jackson            Henry, James                Stringer, Rice       
Coker, J.J.                 Hardin, A.K.                Scott, James         
Clifton, Levin              Johnston, Micj.             Sanders, Samuel      
Collier, Nathan             Johnston, Wm.               Stallcup, Pleasant   
Cisterson, Samuel           Jacobs, English             Steel, Thos.         
Cox, Thomas                 Jenkins, Jesse              Simpson, Saml.       
Calvert, James              Johnston, James             Self, L.W.           
Conner, Isham               Jones, Absalom              Self, Lewis          
Davis, William              Gentry, Wm.                 Self, David          
Davis, Clement              Kizzia, Hiram               Self, Forges         
Dickson, S.B.               Kizzia, John                Thompson, Asa        
Davis, Abijah               Keer, J.L.                  Tryon, Seldon        
Dickson, John               Kirkham, James              Randle, Owen         
Daniel, John                Kelley, Wm.                 White, Absolum       
Dickson, Saml. A.           Kelley, Saml.               Westbrook, S.W.      
Davis, Matthew              Kizzia, Wm.                 Williams, W.P.       
Davis, J.W.                 Kizzia, James               Wheat, James         
Draper, Thos.               Kelley, Elijah              White, Jourden       
Dickson, Wm. T.             Latimer, Isham              White, Pleasant      
Davis, William              Long, James                 White, John Sr.      
Dickson, D.S.               Mobley, David               White, John Jr.      
Elliott, M.C.               Mobley, Wm.                 Wadkins, James       
Edwards, John               McDonield, Robt.            Weaver, Jeremiah     
Falkner, Nathan             McDonield, Alex.            White Isaac          
State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
This day received of David S. Dickson, Clerk of the circuit court and        
Exoffi(cio) Clerk of the county Court, aforesaid, the Tax Book for the
year A.D., 1839, and the Sum of three Hundred and Fifty-five Dollars and          
Seventy-eight cents is due to the County of Pike and the sum of Eight-nine   
dollars and forty-four cents is due the State of Arkansas by the county of   
Pike from this levy of the County Court.                                     
                        Amt. of State Tax, $89.44 cts.                       
                        Amt. of County Tax, $355.78 c.                       
                              Isaac White, Sheff.                            
State of Arkansas,                                                           
County of Pike,                                                              
I, David S. Dickson, clerk of the circuit court and Exoffi(cio) Clerk of
the County Court in and for the county of Pike, aforesaid, do hereby
certify that the Sum of Eighty-nine dollars and forty-four cents is due
the State of Arkansas from the County of Pike for the year A.D. 1839
agreeable to the assessment made and returned to this office by the
Sheriff of this County at one Eight per cent per annum.
                           Murfreesboro 1 May 1839                           
Little Rock, Arks.                                                           
D(ea)r Sir: You will see by this line the rates of County Taxes. Each made   
Taxable - $1.00. 1/2 p(e)r cent on Every Hundred Dollars. Household and      
Kitchen furniture, none in Pike County, Taxable; But one Jack ass in the     
I therefore give you the Total amount of the Taxes in Pike County the form   
is not completed with agreeable to your Request, But, I hope as there is
not sufficient property to comply with your Request, you will Excuse me in
not complying with the Request. You will see on the Tax Book the amount of
County Taxes and State Taxes separately stated, which I hope you will        
Receive. Your Most Honorable and Obedient Servant.                     
                              D.S. Dickson, Clk.                             
                              Little Rock, Arks.                             
                       Auditor's Office, May 16th 1839.                      
Tax list received and filed this day.                                        
                      Saml. H. Hempstead, acting auditor.                    
$89.44 charged to Sheriff page 7.                                            
                         E.N. Conway, Auditor of Ark's.                      

Pike County, Arkansas Tax List 1839, Arkansas History Commission, Little     
Rock, Arkansas.
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