Pike County Arkansas

                    Tax List 1834

Arkansas Territory,                                                          
Pike County                                                                  
I, John Hughes, Sheriff of the said county of Pike, do hereby acknowledge    
the receipt of the tax list of the said county of Pike, for the year A.D.    
1834, from the hands of David S. Dickson, clerk of the county and circuit    
courts of said county, of which the within is a true copy.                   
October 7th, A.D. 1834.                                                      
              A Tax List for the year 1834, Pike County, A.T.                
            Names persons chargeable with tax for the year 1834.             
Anderson, David             Dickson, David              Pierce, Jesse        
Brewer, Wm L.               Effland, George             Price, Ervin         
Bittick, Francis            Eastes, Russel              Reeves, Willis       
Brinley, Jacob              Edwards, John               Rainey, John         
Brinley, Mathias            Girtman, Daniel             Roberts, Wm.         
Brown, Wm. Jnr.             Green, John                 Roberts, Mason       
Brown, Joseph               Green, Jeremiah             Sorrels, Saml. J.    
Baxter, Jesse               Gollihar, John              Sorrels, James L.    
Bittick, Jesse              Guest, Martin               Sorrels, Washington  
Blocker, John               Hasley, Samuel              Smawley, Josiah      
Baxter, Joel B.             Hopkins, John               Shelton, Wm.         
Bittick, Robert             Hopkins, Thomas             Smith, Robert        
Brown, Gabriel              Holliday, Peter             Simpson, Saml.       
Brewer, Oliver              Hensley, Geo. W.            Stone, Wm.           
Brewer, James S.            Henthorn, James             Steel, Thomas        
Brewer, Henry               Hughes, John                Sorrels, P.C.        
Brewer, Harmon              Hughes, James               Simpson, Jesse       
Brewer, Wm.                 Hughes, Nathan              Speer, John          
Blair, Silas C.             Hughes, Wm.                 Stringer, Rice       
Brewer, John                Hughes, Andrew              Self, David          
Brewer, Henderson           Hancock, Wm. T.             Self, Lacky Wm.      
Baker, Elisha C.            Hancock, Abner              Self, Forgus         
Coker, James J.             Johnson, Lawson             Self, Lewis          
Coker, John                 Jacobs, John                Wingfield, Charles   
Collier, Nathan             Jacobs, English             Ward, Wm.            
Cochran, Benjamin           Kelley, Wm.                 White, John Jnr.     
Dickson, Wm. T.             Kelley, Elijah              White, Absalom       
Davis, Abijah               Kirkham, J.H.               White, Isaac         
Dickson, Sam'l A.           Linville, Richard           Williams, E.K.       
Davis, Clement              McLaughlin, H.G.            White, John Snr.     
Dickson, Sion B.            Melson, J.G.                White, Jordan        
Dickson, D.S.               Milson, Thomas              Wheat, James         
Dickson, John M.            Mayberry, David                                  
Dickson, John               Newman, Moses                                    
Territory of Arkansas,                                                       
County of Pike,                                                              
This day received of D.S. Dickson, clerk of the circuit court and exofficio  
clerk of the county court in and for the county and territory aforesaid, a   
true copy of the foregoing tax list for collection. Amount of county tax,    
one hundred and forty-seven dollars and seven and three-fourths cents, and   
territorial taxes, ten dollars and seventy cents. Given under my hand, this  
14th day of October, 1834.                                                   
                             John Hughes, Sheff.                             

Pike County, Arkansas Territory, Tax List 1834, Arkansas History
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