Oliver Brewer to Thomas R. Stephens

Power of Attorney



                                          Territory of Washington            

                                            County of Chehalis               


Know all Men by These presents, that, I, Oliver Brewer, of the above named   

Territory and County, have constituted, made, and appointed, and by these    

presents do constitute, make and appoint Thomas R. Stephens of the County of 

Pike and State of Arkansas, to be my true and lawful attorney, for me and in 

my name and stead, and to my use to ask, demand, sue for, levy, recover and  

receive, all such sum and sums of money, debts, rents, goods, wares, dues,   

accounts and other demands whatsoever which or shall be due, owing, payable, 

and belonging to me or detained from me in any manner of ways or means       

whatsoever, by Henry Brewer of the State of Arkansas and County of Pike, his 

heirs, executors and administrators or any of them, giving and granting unto 

my said attorney by these presents, my full and whole power, strength, and   

authority in and about the premises, to have, sue, and take all lawful ways  

and means in my name for the recovery thereof, and upon the receipt of any   

such debts, dues, or sums of money, aforesaid, acquitances or other          

sufficient discharges for me and in my name, to make, seal, and deliver and  

generally all and every other act or acts, thing and things, device and      

devices in the law whatsoever needful and necessary to be done in and about  

the premises, for me and in my name, to do, execute and perform as largely   

and amply, to all intents and purposes as I might or could do if personally  

present, or as the matter required, more especial authority than is herein   

given, and attorneys, one or more under him, for the purpose aforesaid, to   

make and constitute and again at pleasure to revoke, ratifying, allowing     

and holding, for firm and effectual, all and whatsoever my said attorney     

shall lawfully do in and about the premises,by virtue hereof, in witness     

whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and Seal, this the _____ day of _______ 

A.D. 1878.                                                                   


                            No signature (Seal)                              


Signed in the presence of     (no witnesses)                                 



Provided by Dora Lee, Eugene, Oregon, 1977.                                  



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