William H. Braswell to Blount Bullock

Power of Attorney



Abstract made by an unknown abstractor about 1890 from original records of   

Pike County, Arkansas and recorded in Abstract of Title Book Prior to 1890   



Probate Book A pages 109 & 110. Power of Attorney. William H. Braswell of    

Edgecomb County, North Carolina nominates, constitutes, and appoints Blount  

Bullock of Pike County, Arkansas his true and lawful attorney and agent "for 

me in my name to ask, demand, sue for & receive of and from Jack Dickson     

alias John Dickson of the said County of Pike as administrator of David      

Bullock, all such monies and property as I am or may be entitled to in right 

of my wife Mary or Polly Braswell who is one of the next of kin &            

distributees of the said David (Bullock) and all and every proper            

acquittance and acquittances, receipt or receipts and release or releases    

for me and in my name to make and execute, hereby notifying and confirming   

whatsoever the said Blount (Bullock) shall or may do in the premises as      

fully as if the same were done by me in my own proper person. In witness     

whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name & set my seal this 14th April     

1849." William H. Braswell. Witness Wm. Norflit acknowledges before John F.  

Spright, Chairman of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, May 2nd 1849,  

that he saw William H. Braswell sign and seal said power of attorney and     

that the said William H. Braswell left the same with him to be sent by mail  

to Blount Bullock. I.N. Norflit, Clerk of Edgecomb County, North Carolina    

certifies as to (the) authority of said John F. Spright and the genuineness  

of his signature. Clerks authority and signature certified to by said        




Abstract of Title Book Prior to 1890, page 289.                              



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