William Jackson Kelley & Nancy N. Scott

Family Group Record                0158
Husband's Name   William Jackson Kelley
 Born:    20 Dec 1830    Place: Clark (Pike) County, Arkansas
 Died:    25 Aug 1872    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
 Married: 24 Jun 1852    Place: Mine Creek, Hempstead, Arkansas (A-145)
 Father:         William Kelley
 Mother:         Rebecca McMahan
Wife's Name      Nancy N. Scott
 Born:       Abt 1835    Place: Hempstead County, Arkansas
 Died:       Aft 1880    Place: Brinkley, Monroe, Arkansas
 Married:    Abt 1873    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
 Spouse:         J.C. McKethan or McKetchan (Doctor)
 Father:         Allen McBride Scott
 Mother:         Hannah Pouge
 1. Sex Name
     F  Alice Louise Kelley
        Born:       Abt 1853    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
 2. Sex Name
     M  William Allen Kelley
        Born:                   Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:       Bef 1860    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (census)
 3. Sex Name
     M  James Scott Kelley
        Born:                   Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:       Bef 1860    Place: Pike County, Arkansas (census)
 4. Sex Name
     M  Edward Beverly Kelley
        Born:       Abt 1860    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
 5. Sex Name
     M  Robert Jackson Kelley
        Born:       Abt 1862    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
        Spouse:  Elizabeth Haigh
 6. Sex Name
     F  Minnie McBride Kelley
        Born:    20 Sep 1864    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:           1940    Place: Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee
        Married:        1885    Place: Brinkley, Monroe, Arkansas
        Spouse:  William James Knox
 7. Sex Name
     M  Samuel Burke Kelley
        Born:    09 Aug 1868    Place: Murfreesboro, Pike, Arkansas
        Died:           1925    Place: Lonoke, Lonoke, Arkansas
        Married:                Place: 
        Spouse:  Luda F. Yates
                         Husband's Pedigree Chart
                          _Giles Kelley___________|
                         | b      Vrg             |________________________
 _William Kelley_________| d 1827 Ark
| b 17 Dec 1794 Ten      |                         ________________________
| m 14 Jun 1814 Ill      |________________________|
| d 14 Feb 1869 Ark                               |________________________
|-William Jackson Kelley
| b 20 Dec 1830 Ark                                ________________________
| d 25 Aug 1872 Ark       _Robert McMahan_________|
|                        | b 1760 Vrg             |________________________
|_Rebecca McMahan________| d 1823 Ill
  b 04 May 1800 Ill      |                         ________________________
  d 09 Oct 1857 Ark      |_Nancy Kester___________|
                           b                      |________________________
                           Wife's Pedigree Chart
                         |                        |________________________
 _Allen McBride Scott____|
| b                      |                         ________________________
| m                      |________________________|
| d                                               |________________________
|-Nancy N. Scott
| b                                                ________________________
| d                       ________________________|
|                        |                        |________________________
|_Hannah Pouge___________|
  b                      |                         ________________________
  d                      |________________________|

                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1850
Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Missouri Township in the County of Pike,
State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 2nd day of December, 1850.
William H. Preston, Ass't Marshal.

 266-266   William Kelley          55  m     Farmer         Tennessee
           Rebecca                 50  f     Blind          Illinois
           Margaret                22  f                    Arkansas
           William                 20  m     Farmer         Arkansas
U.S. Federal Census, Pike County, Arkansas 1850, National Archives
Microfilm Publication: M-432, Roll 23.
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1860
Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Thompson Township in the County of Pike,
State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 22nd day of June, 1860. W.J.
White, Ass't Marshal. Post Office: Murfreesboro

  49-49    W.J. Kelley             30  m   Circuit Clerk    Arkansas
           N.N. Kelley             24  f                    Arkansas
           A.L. Kelley              7  f                    Arkansas
           H.J. Scott              22  f   School Teacher   Tennessee
           S.A. Scott              20  f   School Teacher   Missouri
U.S. Federal Census, Pike County, Arkansas 1860, National Archives,
Microfilm Publication: T-7, Roll 10.
                              Military Service
There were two companies organized out of Pike County, Arkansas during the
Civil War. First, the Pike County "Blues" later designated as Company G in
the 4th Arkansas Regiment, and second, the company of William J. Kelley.

     Later in 1861 another company was recruited by William J. Kelley.
     At the organization Mr. Kelley was elected captain ... This
     company was organized in the (Fourth) Arkansas Infantry. After
     the battle of Pea Ridge in which they were engaged they preceded
     across the Mississippi River. After several engagements they were
     with the army at the defense of Port Hudson and sustained the ...
     seige at that place; at its fall they were paroled and very few
     ever joined the army again. Capt. Kelley had resigned on account of
     bad health soon after the troops reached the front; he returned
     home and lived in Pike County till his death ...

Captain William J. Kelley's Company, South Arkansas Regiment became Company
H of the Sixteenth Arkansas Infantry about December 4, 1861.
            Name                  Rank In              Rank Out
     William J. Kelley            Captain              Captain

     Beverly R. Dickson           1st Lieutenant       1st Lieutenant
     William M. Gilmer            2nd Lieutenant       2nd Lieutenant
     Grandison D.R. Preston       3rd Lieutenant       3rd Lieutenant

     Jacob F.M. Blocker           Sergeant             Sergeant
     John B. Cloud                Sergeant             Captain
     William A. Hipp              Sergeant             Private
     James A. Stone               Sergeant             Private

     Robert Y. Dillard            Corporal             2nd Lieutenant
     John W. Kelley               Corporal             Sergeant
     Jacob H. Lightsey            Corporal             1st Sergeant
     David Mobley                 Corporal             Private

     Edward L. Beggs              Private              Private
     Nathan Beggs                 Private              Private
     David Brewer                 Private              Private
     George W. Carpetner          Private              Private
     Cicero D. Carroll            Private              Private
     John C. Carroll              Private              Private
     Andrew J. Conatser           Private              Private
     Marion A. Conatser           Private              Private
     William P. Conatser          Private              Private
     Edward E.T. Cox              Private              Private
     Nathan V. Crump              Private              Private
     Jetediah Davis               Private              Private
     Hazen C. Dow                 Private              Private
     Thomas Ellison               Private              Private
     Alfred P. Flemmings          Private              Private
     Oliver Fletcher              Private              Private
     Scott Forrester              Private              Private
     William Forrester            Private              Private
     John L. Gamble               Private              Private
     William L. Gentry            Private              Private
     James W. Gillham             Private              Private
     Wise M. Holcombe             Private              Private
     William D. Henderson         Private              Private
     David Hill                   Private              Private
     William F. Holliday          Private              Private
     Asa Jones                    Private              Private
     James A. Jordan              Private              Private
     John C. Jordan               Private              Private
     Carroll N. Kelley            Private              Private
     James L. Kennedy             Private              Private
     Joshua M. Kirby              Private              Sergeant
     Thomas Latty                 Private              Private
     James Lefevers               Private              Private
     Joel A. Lewis                Private              Private
     John Y. Lingo                Private              Private
     Milton G. Lingo              Private              Private
     William D. Matthews          Private              Private
     Wiley McDaniel               Private              Corporal
     Jonathan Mobley              Private              Corporal
     Levi L. Price                Private              Private
     Frederick Saunders           Private              Private
     Greenville Saunders          Private              Private
     Samuel Smith                 Private              Private
     Jefferson Stinnett           Private              Private
     John B. Tolleson             Private              Private
     Shelby M. Tolleson           Private              Corporal
     Heuston C. Walker            Private              Private
     Abner Webb                   Private              Private
     Moses F. Westerman           Private              Private
     Joseph Whisenhunt            Private              Private
        Additions having enlistment dates after original enlistment
            Name                  Rank In              Rank Out
     J.W. MacPherson              2nd Lieutenant       2nd Lieutenant
     William H. Walker            Corporal             Corporal
     James Dorris                 Private              Private
Received this the 16th day of November 1861 of Lieut. M.M. Kimmal, CSA and
Ordnance Officer at Fayetteville, Ark. the following ordnance stores.

           Article                                     Condition

             60        Sixty Percussion Muskets          Good
             60        Sixty Bayonet Scabbards
             10        Ten Gun Wipers
             10        Ten Screw Drivers
             60        Sixty Sling Belts
             60        Sixty Cap Boxes
             36        Thirty-Six New Belts
             60        Cart. Boxes
             12        Twelve Extra Tubes
            3000       B & B Cartgs.
              3        Ammunition Boxes

                    Wm. J. Kelley, Capt. Ark. Infantry
William J. Kelley, joined for a 12 months tour of duty and was mustered in
at Fort Smith, Arkansas as Captain on November 11, 1861. He was enrolled by
Major G.W. Clarke. For the Company Muster Roll during the period December
13, 1861 to February 28, 1862 he is "absent sick." On April 17, 1862,
unable to recover his health sufficient to return to active duty he
resigned his commission.
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Pike County,
1890, page 308; Military Service Records, William J. Kelley, National
Archives; Company Report, Kelley's 4th Arkansas Infantry, Company H 16th
Arkansas, Desmond Walls Allen, Arkansas Research, Conway, Arkansas.
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1870
         Township: Thompson  Post Office: Murfreesboro  Page: 242

 D-165  Wm. J. Kelley              40  m w   Teacher        Arkansas
        Nancy N. Kelley            35  f w                  Arkansas
        Alice L. Kelley            17  f w                  Arkansas
        Edward B. Kelley           10  m w                  Arkansas
        Robert J. Kelley            7  m w                  Arkansas
        Minnie M. Kelley            5  f w                  Arkansas
        Samuel B. Kelley            1  m w                  Arkansas
1870 United States Census, Pike County, Arkansas, Dorothy Kennedy Partain,
1986, page 92.
                            Tribute of Respect

To the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Pike Lodge, No. 91: The
committee heretofore appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the sense
of this lodge on the death of our much esteemed worshipful master and
brother, William J. Kelley, beg leave to submit the following as their

Whereas, It pleased the Grand Architect of the universe, on the 25th day of
August, 1872, to remove our esteemed worshipful master and brother, William
J. Kelley, to the celestial lodge above; therefore:

Resolved, That in the death of Brother William J. Kelley the Masonic
fraternity lost an efficient worshipful master, a worthy brother and
zealous Mason, the community a good citizen, the bereaved family a kind
husband and father.

Resolved. That the members of Pike lodge, No. 91, of Ancient, Free and
Accepted Masons, wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days.

Resolved. That we tender our condolence to the family of our deceased
brother, and that the widow of said deceased be furnished an
authenticated copy of these resolutions.

Resolved. That the secretary furnish a copy of these resolutions to the
Arkansas State Gazette for publication, and that the Journal and Republican
be requested to copy.

                               Jas. H. Howard
                               Wm. H. Preston
                                 A.D. Meeks


A true copy from the record.

                          Wm. B. Gould, Secretary.
Arkansas State Gazette, October 8, 1872, page 1, column 5.
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1880
         Township: Thompson  Post Office: Murfreesboro  Page: 418

 D-53   J.C. McKeethan              47  m w   Physcian       NCa  Nca  Nca
        Nancy N. McKeethan          44  f w   Wife           Ark  Ten  Ten
        Robert J. Kelley            17  m w   Step Son       Ark  Ark  Ark
        Minnie M. Kelley            15  f w   Step Dau       Ark  Ark  Ark
        Samuel B. Kelley            11  m w   Step Son       Ark  Ark  Ark
        James S. McKeethan           5  m w   Son            Ark  NCa  Ark
1880 Pike County, Arkansas Federal Census, abstracted by Dorothy Kennedy
Partain, typed by Linda Willingham Meek, no date, page 9.
                            Mrs. William J. Knox

Mrs. Minnie McBride (Kelley) Knox, who was active in the Christian Church
and in WCTU work in Arkansas for many years before moving to Memphis about
three years ago, died last night at her home, 1669 Jackson. She was 76. She
was born in Murfreesboro, Ark., and lived in Brinkley, Newport and
Blytheville. She was in Blytheville about 20 years. Mrs. Knox leaves her
husband, William James Knox; her granddaugher, Mrs. C.L. Winston, with whom
she lived. Services will be held at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the First Christian
Church at Blytheville and burial will be in Walnut Grove Cemetery there.
National Funer Home in charge.
Newspaper clipping, no date, provided by James C. Winston, St. Louis,
Missouri, 19 Feb 1996.
                            Samuel Burke Kelley

Samuel Burke Kelley, aged 57, died at the family residence Wednesday night
at 11:30 o'clock after an illness of a few days. Mr. Kelley has been owner
and publisher of the Lonoke Democrat and of the Cabot Herald since March
15, 1924, purchasing from Mr. R.E. Bradford, of Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Since that time Mr. Kelley with the aid of his daughter, Miss Luna, who was
place on staff as editor, has made a wonderful success of the paper.
Possessing a friendly personality and being in the newspaper game during
the greater part of his life, Mr. Kelley has been able to carry on the
business in a manner which has proved successful and the paper has been a
credit to the community of Lonoke. There was nothing that he would not do
for his friends and as ... (torn) no better one. He was a member of the
Christian Church of this city, being a faithful worker, also a member of
the A.O.U.W. Lodge, of which he was Master Workman, and of the Woodmen of
the World Lodge. He is survived by his wife, three daughters, Misses Luna,
Rubye and Pauline Kelley of this city, one son, E. Forman Kelley of Forrest
City, and on sister, Mrs. W.J. Knox of Blytheville. Funeral services were
held at the Christian Church, Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock with the
Rev. J.C. Welch of Little Rock officiating, assisted by the Rev. W.H.
Gregory and the Rev. J. Wayne Mann, local ministers. Honorary pallbearers
were: W.T. Couch, J.J. Butler, Dr. T.E. Benton, Dr. J.E. Corn, John T.
Munnerlyn, L.C. McCrary, W.Y. Bransford, George Rule, J.E. Terry, W.J.
Beard and W.J. Waggoner. Active pallbearers: Jack Benton, Azel Hamilton,
Maynard Lyons, Elmer Inglin, R.L. Young Jr. and Fletcher Ford. The remains
were laid to rest in the City cemetery.
The Lonoke Democrat, newspaper clipping, no date 1925. Provided by James C.
Winston, St. Louis, Missouri, 19 Feb 1996.
                            Mrs. Luda F. Kelley

Mrs. Luda F. Kelley, age 59, wife of the late S.B. Kelley, owner and
manager of The Lonoke Democrat, died at her home Monday evening at 6:15
o'clock, following a few days illness of pneumonia. She is survived by four
children, a son, Edward Foreman Kelley of Corinth, Miss., Mrs. Mark B.
Grimes of McCrory, Mrs. Joe R. Roberts of Little Rock and Miss Luna Kelley,
present owner and manager of the Democrat. Funeral services were held at
the First Christian Church, Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock, with the
Rev. Fritz E. Goodbar officiating and assisted by the Rev. George Pratt.
Pallbearers were: Messrs. M.E. Lyons, Oscar Fawcett, J.J. Butler, Lem C.
McCrary, Elmer Inglin and John T. Munnerlynb. Burial was in the city
cemetery. Mrs. Kelley was known to her many friends and neighbors as a
true, loving and faithful woman of wonderful character and her many good
deeds will keep her memory in the hearts of those who knew and lover her,
forever. She had been in ill health for a good many years, but never
complained ofher condition and when she became seriously ill, it was a
great sorrow to her loved ones who knew how brave she had been the past few
years. Relatives and out-of-town friends who attended the funeral were: Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Foreman Kelley and little daughter Elizabeth of Corinth,
Miss., Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Roberts of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Mark B.
Grimes of McCrory, Mrs. Frank Moore of Stuttgart, Robert Epps, Walter
Allen, E.K. Martin and Charles Bohne of Forrest City, Mr. and Mrs. Alton
Fawcett, Mrs. Marie Lee and Miss Verzine Hill of Little Rock, Rev. and Mrs.
J.A. Roberts of Beebe and Mr. M.D. Simms of Memphis, Tenn.
The Lonoke Democrat, newspaper clipping, no date 1933. Provided by James C.
Winston, St. Louis, Missouri, 19 Feb 1996.
                     Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Burke Kelley

Burke Kelley was born August 9, 1868, in Murfreesboro, (Arkansas), the
youngest son of Nancy Scott and William Kelley ... After his father's death
... Burke moved with his mother and two brothers to Brinkley. The other two
Kelley boys were Robert, who was a doctor, practicing in DeWitt and
Arkansas County for a decade, and Edward, who moved to Washington D.C. A
sister, Minnie (McBride) Kelley, married William J. Knox and moved to
Burke went to work on the old Brinkley Argus as one of the youngest
printers' devils in the state. During his youth, he moved more often than a
Methodist preacher and worked on almost every newspaper in Arkansas. At one
time he was on the staff of the Arkansas Gazette with his close friend,
Louis Audigler of Portland, Oregon, who is today a nationally known writer
and traveler. Burke's mother died and he returned to Brinkley to settle
down. There he met and courted his future bride, Ludie Yates, taking her on
a wedding trip on the new railroad to Newport in the late 1880s.

Ludie Yates was born September 15, 1874, in Lee County, the younger of two
girls, daughters of Americus Wilkes and William Yates. Della, the sister,
married David Tate of Jacksonville, and she died in 1910. The marriage of
Americus and William was a war romance. The young soldier in the War
Between the States was on furlough in 1863 when he visited the Wilkes home
in Mississippi with the two Wilkes brothers. He fell in love with Americus
then and promised to come for her after the war. Following their marriage,
they settled in eastern Arkansas.

The Kelleys lived in Forrest City for awhile, where Kelley was associated
with the Forrest City Times. In 1912 Burke Kelley moved to Lonoke, where he
first leased, then bought the Lonoke Democrat, one of the oldest and
largest weekly papers in the state. When the modern Linotype was installed
Kelley kept his case where he "could feel the type." He died in 1925 and
Mrs. Kelley died in 1933.

Children: Mrs. Lawrence Church of DeValls Bluff, who became editor and
publisher of the Lonoke Democrat, serving for 12 years following her
father's death; Mrs. Joseph R. Roberts of Little Rock; and Mrs. Mark B.
Grimes of McCrory. A son, Edward Foreman Kelley is superintendent of the
Buckeye cotton Oil Mill at Selma, Alabama.

Grandchildren: Mrs. Walter Gardner of Lima, Peru; Kay and Joe Robert Jr. of
Little Rock; and Jimmy Grimes of McCrory.
Desmond Walls Allen, Arkansas Families: Glimpses of Yesterday Columns from
The Arkansas Gazette. Published by Arkansas Research, Conway, Arkansas.
Glimpses of Yesterday, Arkansas Gazette, March 22, 1942, edited.
Sources of Information: Census Records: Pike County, Arkansas: 1850, 1860,
1870, 1880; Hempstead County, Arkansas Marriage Book A, page 145; Newspaper
clippings provided by James C. Winston, St. Louis, Missouri, 19 Feb 1996.
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