John Buck Cloud & Amanda Frances Kelley

Family Group Record                0142
Husband's Name   John Buck Cloud
 Born:    23 Nov 1836    Place: Logan County, Kentucky
 Died:    29 Jan 1893    Place: Texas ... buried Okolona, Arkansas
 Married: 28 Aug 1856    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
 Father:         John B. Cloud
 Mother:         Elizabeth Rutherford
Wife's Name      Amanda Frances Kelley
 Born:    28 Aug 1833    Place: Clark (Pike) County, Arkansas
 Died:    10 May 1885    Place: Prescott, Neveda, Arkansas
 Father:         Elijah Kelley
 Mother:         Elizabeth Fitzgerald
 1. Sex Name
     M  Daniel Edward Cloud
        Born:    08 Dec 1857    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    18 Mar 1948    Place: 
        Married: 11 Jul 1882    Place: 
        Spouse:  Ida B. Appleby
        Married: 29 Jan 1918    Place: 
        Spouse:  Lanna Hardman
 2. Sex Name
     F  Elizabeth Logan Cloud
        Born:    29 Feb 1860    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:           1964    Place: 
        Married: 25 Apr 1879    Place: Clark County, Arkansas (H-370)
        Spouse:  Adolphus (Dolph) Joseph Cothan
 3. Sex Name
     M  John Sam Cloud
        Born:    15 Aug 1862    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    04 Sep 1876    Place: Clark County, Arkansas
 4. Sex Name
     M  William Taswell Cloud
        Born:    11 Feb 1865    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:    10 Dec 1952/3  Place: Chickasha, Grady, Oklahoma
        Married: 14 May 1891    Place: 
        Spouse:  Etta Harris
 5. Sex Name
     F  Harriet Emily Cloud
        Born:    22 Sep 1867    Place: Clark County, Arkansas
        Died:    23 Jun 1945    Place: 
        Married: 04 Mar 1884    Place: Clark County, Arkansas (JK-464)
        Spouse:  Charles Kemp
 6. Sex Name
     F  Nancy Ellen Cloud
        Born:    21 Sep 1870    Place: Clark County, Arkansas
        Died:    22 Dec 1902    Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
 7. Sex Name
     F  Beulah Earnestine Cloud
        Born:    19 Jul 1880    Place: Clark County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:    Mar 1891    Place: 
        Spouse:  Thomas Henry Hays
Sources of Information: William Cloud, Pennsylvania Proprietor 1682, Second
Edition (revised and enlarged of the Cloud Family, 1961) by Rachel Adams
Cloud Pond & Clifton Ray Pond, New York, 1965, page 222-223; Biographical
and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, Clark County, 1890, page
132-133; Census Records: Clark County, Arkansas 1870, 1880; Pike County,
Arkansas 1860; Correspondence, R. Taylor Cloud, Wilmington, Delaware 1981.
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1860
Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Missouri Township in the County of Pike,
State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 7th day of August, 1860. W.J.
White, Ass't Marshal. Post Office: Antoine

396-396   J.B. Cloud                 23  m     Farmer        Kentucky
          Amanda Cloud               25  f                   Arkansas
          D.E. Cloud                  2  m                   Arkansas
          E.L. Cloud                6 mo f                   Arkansas
Capt. John B. Cloud from his earliest youth has applied himself with
industry, perseverance and energy to the calling of a farmer, and is now
one of the leading stock men and agriculturists of the county. He is a
native of the "Blue Grass State," born in Logan County in November, 1836,
his parents, John B. and Elizabeth (Rutherford) Cloud, being also born
there, the former in 1807 and the latter in 1809. John B. Cloud was a
tiller of the soil and filled the positions of sheriff and deputy sheriff
for some years. He and his wife were members of the Missionary Baptist
Church, and their respective deaths occurred in August, 1840, and (June 4,
1882). Daniel Cloud, the grandfather, was a Scotchman, who came to the
United States when a young man, married and spent the rest of his life in
Logan County, Ky., and here followed the occupation of farming. He served
in one of the early Indian wars. He was accompanied to this country by two
brothers who settled in Virginia and North Carolina, respectively. Stephen
Rutherford, the mother's father, was born, reared and married in Rutherford
County, Tenn., and from there went to Logan County, Ky., where he spent the
rest of his life, becoming a prominent and wealthy stock man. Mrs.
Elizabeth (Rutherford) Cloud became the mother of five sons and three
daughters by Mr. Cloud, of whom the subject of this sketch is the sixth,
but after the death of her husband she married again, her second union
resulting in the birth of two children. The early life of Capt. John B.
Cloud was marked by hard labor upon a farm, but he was so fortunate as to
acquire a good common-school education. In 1854 he came with a brother to
Pike County, Ark., and here, on the 28th of August, two years later, his
marriage to Amanda, a daughter of Rev. Elijah and Elizabeth Kelley, took
place. The father was born in (Tennessee), and when a boy was taken by his
parents to Illinois, and in 1815, when fifteen years of age, came with them
to what is now Pike County, and in the southwest part of this state his
marriage occurred. From that time until his death in 1884 he made his home
in Pike County, becoming a prominent and well-known citizen. He was a
member of the first constitutional convention of Arkansas, in 1856-58,
represented Pike County in the General Assembly of Arkansas, and afterward
filled the honorable and responsible position of county judge. He was a
minister of the Christian Church for over sixty years, and throughout life
endeavored to practice what he preached, and was an earnest follower of the
Golden Rule. His wife's demise occurred in 1837. Their daughter, Mrs.
Cloud, was born in Pike County, and her union with Mr. Cloud resulted in
the birth of seven children, two sons and four daughters of whom are
living. Mr. Cloud joined Company H, Sixteenth Arkansas Infantry, C.S.A., in
1861, and in the month of April, 1862, was made captain of his company, a
position he held until the close of the war, and took part in the
engagements at Pea Ridge, Corinth, Farmington, Inca and Port Hudson,
besides numerous skirmishes. He was captured at Port Hudson and was
imprisoned at Johnson's Island, Ohio for nine months, but was exchanged in
March, 1864, and returned home. He soon after joined the Texas Mississippi
Department, after which his operations were confined to the State of
Arkansas. In the fall of 1865 he came to Clark County, and has since been
engaged in farming in the vicinity of Okolona. He has given much attention
to raising fine stock, and is especially interested in the purchase and
sale of mules. Mr. Cloud started in life a poor boy, but through his own
exertions has placed himself in his present position. He is a Democrat in
politics, his first presidential vote being cast for Breckenridge in 1860,
and socially he has been a member of the A.F. & A.M. since 1859, but now
belongs to Robert Morris Lodge No. 106, of Okolona. In this order he has
attained to the Chapter and Council degrees at Gurdon. He and five of his
children are members of the Christian Church, his wife having also been a
member for a number of years prior to her death, which took place May 10,
Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas, 1890, Clark
County, page 132-133, revised.
Cloud Family 2nd ed.

Capt. JOHN BUCK CLOUD (John B., Dan., Wm., Henry, Wm., Jere., Wm.) son of
John B. Cloud and wife Elizabeth Rutherford, see page 216. ... b. 25 Nov
1836 in Logan Co., Ky., d. 29 Jan 1893 ... m. 25 Aug 1856 (Goodspeed's 28
Aug 1856) in Pike Co., Arkansas co-seat Murfreesboro, to AMANDA FRANCES
KELLEY, b. 1834 in Arkansas ...

John Buck Cloud was a captain in the Confederate Army in the Civil War
joining Co. H, 16th Ark. Inf., C.S.A. in 1861. In April 1862 he was made
captain of his company ... He took part in engagements at Pea Ridge,
Corinth, Farmington, Inca and Port Hudson.

He came to Arkansas in 1854 and lived ... in the southwest part of the
state, in Pike Co., near Delight, later in Clark Co., near Okolona. ISSUE:

     i. Daniel Edward Cloud, b. 8 Dec 1857, d. 18 March 1948, m (1)
        11 July 1882 to Ida B. Appleby, b. 20 Oct 1864, d. 24 Jul
        1914; m. (2) 29 Jan 1918, Lanna Hardman. Res. Willard,
        Missouri in Green Co., near the co-seat Springfield, Mo.

    ii. Elizabeth Logan Cloud, b. 29 Feb 1860 in Pike Co., Ark, near
        Delight, m. 25 Apr 1879, Aldolphus (Dolph) Joseph Cothan, who
        died in 1888. When her father moved to Clark Co., Ark. she
        attended High School in Okolona. On 18 Aug 1908 she sold her
        Arkansas home and moved to Chickasha, Okla. keeping house for
        a while for her brother, Wm. Taswell Cloud, then living with
        her son Joe Cothan ... She has belonged to the Christian
        Church since age 16 ... In 1962, at the age of 102, she was
        in good health and read the Bible every day. Until 1948 she
        spent her summers in Willard, Mo. with a brother. She reared
        a nephew, Wm. Taswell Cloud, Jr. whose mother died at his
        birth, see page 223. Res. Chickasha, Okla.

   iii. William Taswell Cloud, b. 11 Feb 1865, d. 10 Dec. 1952-3, m.
        Etta Harris, b. 25 Dec 1869, d. Aug 1908. Lived at Chickasha,
        Okla. co-seat of Grady Co. Wm. Tasweel Cloud was Chancery
        Clerk of Grady County for several years. In April 1918 he
        went to the home of his Uncle Daniel William Cloud in Altona,
        Mo. to copy the Family Bible record, see page 217.

    iv. Harriet Emily Cloud, b. 22 Sept 1867, d. 23 June 1945, m.
        about 1884 to Charles Kemp.

     v. Beulah Earnestine Cloud, b. 1 Nov 1873, m. March 891 to Thomas
        Henry Hays. Res. Hope, Arkansas co-seat of Hempstead Co.

REFERENCE: Records of Mr. George Cloud, Lula, Misissippi
William Cloud, Pennsylvania Proprietor 1682, Second Edition (revised and
enlarged of the Cloud Family, 1961) by Rachel Adams Cloud Pond & Clifton
Ray Pond, New York, 1965, page 222-223.
                               July 6th 1957

Dear Taylor,

Received your letter a few days ago and will send you the information soon,
but do not have very much. Uncle Dan Cloud had the family Bible ...

They lived in Altona when Uncle Dan died and I was told that some of the
tribe burned this Bible. You could write the P.M. at Altona, Mo. and find
out if any of them are still living. Bro(s). Ed & Billie visited Uncle Dan
in Mo. and got the information that Wilma gave you. We have a cousin at
Hope, Ark. that I can get some information from and will send it to you.

We are having awful hot weather just now. I will give you all the
assistance I can.

                               Love for all,

                               July 8th 1957

Dear Taylor,

My father John Buck Cloud was Captain under Robert E. Lee and was with him
when he surrendered at Gettysburgh. I have the roll of the men that
mustered ... in 1861, Elm Spring, Pike Co., Ark.

My mother born in Pike Co. Ark. buried in Okolona, Ark. John Buck Cloud
buried in Okolona, Ark. My father was a farmer he died in ... Tex.

I have no information of my great Uncles & Aunts or grandparents. I saw my
grandmother Cloud one time when I was about ten years old. Do not know any
thing about my grandfather Cloud. Hope this will help you. I have a long
list of the Rutherford line. Will send it if you would to have it. My
grandmother Cloud was Elizabeth Rutherford.

I am glad to be of help so call on me if there is anything more.

                                Much love,

                              July 23rd 1957

Dear Taylor,

Your letter received several days ago. I am pleased to give you any
information that I can.

My mother Amanda Frances Kelley was born at Antioch, Pike Co., Ark. in Aug.
25th in 1833 or 32. She was older than my father. My mother died May 10th
1885 at Prescott, Ark. My (great) grandfather Kelley was born 1800 in Ill.,
moved to Ark. when he was 25 yrs., died 1884. I do not have the day or
month. He died at Antioch, Pike Co., Ark. Well, I believe this is about all
I can think of.

If there is anything else will be glad to help you. Thank you for sending
the dates of your children.

We are having awful hot weather and am staying in to avoid the heat. Will
send the Rutherford list when I can get an envelope the first time we go to

                        Ever so much love for all,


Letters of Elizabeth Logan (Cloud) Cothan to R. Taylor Cloud, courtesy of
R. Taylor Cloud, Wilmington, Delaware 1981.
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