James Phillip Dunihoo & Charlotta Moody

Family Group Record                 0107
Husband's Name   James Phillip Dunihoo (Dunahoo)
 Born:       Abt 1802    Place: Kentucky
 Died:                   Place: 
 Married:        1835    Place: 
 Married:                Place: 
 Spouse:         ....... unknown (Cherokee Indian)
Wife's Name      Charlotta (Charlotte-Lottie) Moody
 Born:        Abt 1805   Place: Tennessee
 Died:        Abt 1878   Place: Overland, Texas
 Married:                Place: 
 Spouse:         ....... Trammel
 Married:                Place: 
 Spouse:         ....... Roberts
Children                 12 children 6 identified
 1. Sex Name
     M  William Riley Dunihoo
        Born:           1836    Place: Missouri
        Died:           1863    Place: Hopkins County, Texas (small pox)
        Married:                Place: Arkansas
        Spouse:  Mary Ann Hall
 2. Sex Name
     F  Sarah Adeline Dunihoo
        Born:       Abt 1842    Place: houseboat, Mississippi River, Ark
        Died:           1916    Place: 
        Married:        1861    Place: Hopkins County, Texas
        Spouse:  Stephen (Steve) J. Harris
 3. Sex Name
     M  James Murl Dunihoo
        Born:       Mar 1844    Place: Fort Smith, Sebastian, Arkansas
        Died:           1931    Place: Ethel, Oklahoma
        Married: 29 May 1873    Place: Hopkins County, Texas
        Spouse:  Martha Ann Rollins
        Married: 26 Jan 1881    Place: Hopkins County, Texas
        Spouse:  Nancy Ann Hancock
 4. Sex Name
     M  John Anderson Dunihoo (Dunahoo)
        Born:       Abt 1846    Place: Arkansas
        Died:           1876    Place: 
        Married:        1873    Place: Hopkins County, Texas
        Spouse:  Frances Emaline Moore
 5. Sex Name
     F  Malinda Dunihoo
        Born:       Abt 1849    Place: Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
 6. Sex Name
     F  Lucinda (Cinda) Dunihoo
        Born:       Abt 1851    Place: Pike County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:        1871    Place: Hopkins County, Texas
        Spouse:  James A. Stockton
Sources of Information: Descendants of James Phillip Dunihoo, Generations
No. 1-2: The Duniho/Dunihoo/Dunahoo Family Home Page, Terence Lee Duniho,
Providence, Rhode Island (14 Mar 2000); Census Records: Pike County
Arkansas 1850 
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1850
Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Antoine Township in the County of Pike,
State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 29th day of October, 1850.
William H. Preston, Ass't Marshal.

019-019   Phillip Dunehoe            48  m     None          Kentucky
          Charlotte Dunehoe          45  f                   Tennessee
          William R. Dunehoe         14  m                   Missouri
          Sarah A. Dunehoe            8  f                   Arkansas
          James Dunehoe               6  m                   Arkansas
          John Dunehoe                4  m                   Arkansas
          Malinda Dunehoe             1  f                   Arkansas
In "Mahaffeys of Overland Have A Colorful Family History", by Celia M.
Wright, in The Hopkins County Echo, Sulphur Springs, Texas, Friday, August
27, 1954, Emma Harris (daughter of Sarah Dunahoo, granddaughter of Phillip
& Charlotta Dunahoo) reminiscences are recorded: "Emma Harris' grandpa and
grandma Dunahoo came to Texas about 1856. Phillip Dunahoo had followed many
pursuits, and he had a flour mill and salt works and a tannery on the river
between Oklahoma and Arkansas (either Red River or Arkansas River there
being no river ... actually between these ... states). After he died
Charlotte Dunahoo came to live with the Harrises and died at Overland about
1878 and was buried at Gafford's Chapel ... Phil married a Cherokee maiden
with the unusual feature of yellow hair. They had two children but both
wife and children died. Later Phil met and married Charlotte Moody. After
their marriage Phillip bought a boat and built a house on it and became a
freighter plying the Mississippi river. His family lived on the houseboat
until four children were born when he left freighting and went to Missouri
and built a log cabin ... This was how Sarah Dunahoo ... came to be born
on a houseboat on the Father of Waters in 1844 and later to pioneer in
Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas. Charlotte had been married twice before and
had a child by each husband and lost both husbands, and then she had 12
Dunahoo children, of whom only 2 girls and 3 boys lived to be grown ... In
later years the Dunahoos came into Arkansas or Oklahoma and dug salt and
sold it ... Later Phil built a grist mill and flour mill in this
territory. After Phillip died Charlotte followed one of her sons, Riley, to
Mt. Pleasant, Texas and they lived there several years. Then they moved to
Pleasant Grove where Sarah met Steve Harris and married him." Descendants
of James Phillip Dunihoo, Generation No. 1: The Duniho/Dunihoo/Dunahoo
Family Home Page, Terence Lee Duniho, Providence, RI ... TDuniho@aol.com.
From "The Dunahoo Family" by John Murl Dunahoo adds these facts: "The long
journey of the Dunahoo family into Hopkins County began in the hills of
Kentucky with the birth of James 'Phillip' Dunahoo in 1802 ... Phillip must
have been a man of strength, character and ambition. A pioneer who in his
early years braved the elements and hardships to lead settlers into
Missouri and Arkansas. The heartache Phillip would have to endure began
with the loss of his wife, a Cherokee maiden with yellow hair and their two
children. After the passing of his first family, Phillip ... (married)
Charlotte Moody who was born in Tennessee in 1805. Charlotte had been
married twice before, to Mr. Trammel and Mr. Roberts, and had one child by
each man. She was also no stranger to heartache. Both husbands were killed
by Indians and we can only imagine the pain of her loss. Phillip ...
purchased a boat on which he built a house. He became a freight-man and
they traveled up and down the Mississippi selling goods to settlers and
hauling freight. The river would prove to be a hard taskmaster for Phillip
and Charlotte. Four children were born on the houseboat before the harsh
realities and unhealthy conditions would force them to leave. They moved
to Missouri and Phillip built a log cabin and flour mill. His first son,
who would survive and become the first Dunahoo descendent in Hopkins County
was born in Missouri in 1835. His name was William Riley Dunahoo. Phillip
must have had an adventurer's spirit, for he later moved into Arkansas and
Oklahoma where he dug salt and sold it to settlers. He also had a flour
mill, saltworks and tannery on the river between Oklahoma and Arkansas.
Phillip and Charlotte had twelve (12) children, but only two girls and
three boys survived. There is a mystery surrounding the later years and
death of Phillip Dunahoo. No records have been discovered to tell us what
happened to this pioneer. Some stories passed down through the family
indicate that he may have been in Pin Hook, northeast of Paris (Pin Hook
was just south of what is now Paris, and was an earlier name for the
settlement ...) at one time with his son William Riley, or possibly William 
Riley was with Phillip. Stories tell us that William and/or Phillip 
operated a store and ferryboat at Pin Hook on the river ... Someday maybe 
an old trunk will be discovered, or old courthouse records uncovered that 
will lead us to an explanation of what happened to this Dunahoo 
adventurer." Descendants of James Phillip Dunihoo, Generation No. 1: The 
Duniho/Dunihoo/Dunahoo Family Home Page, Terence Lee Duniho, Providence, 
RI ... TDuniho@aol.com.
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