Samuel Henderson

Family Group Record                0066
Husband's Name   Samuel Henderson
 Born:    29 Nov 1759    Place: Granville County, North Carolina
 Died:    05 Dec 1828    Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
 Married: 14 Mar 1786    Place: Greene County, Tennessee
 Father:         Nathaniel Henderson
 Mother:         Sarah Franklin
Wife's Name      Lucy Ryckman (Ryceman-Rickman-Richman-Richmond)
 Born:    15 Nov 1765    Place: Cumberland County, Virginia
 Died:    14 Jul 1843    Place: Williamson County, Tennessee *
 Father:         John Ryckman
 Mother:         Anna (Anne) .......

 * Another source ... "Lucy Ryckman was living in Hempstead (County),
   (Arkansas) where some of her children were when she died. Buried
   (with) Samuel."
 1. Sex Name
     F  Mary (Polly) Henderson
        Born:    27 Dec 1787    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:    10 Dec 1827    Place: Clark (Pike) County, Arkansas
        Married: 10 Jan 1804    Place: Knox County, Tennessee (bond)
        Spouse:  Oliver Brewer
 2. Sex Name
     F  Ann Henderson
        Born:    05 Nov 1788    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:    13 Mar 1839    Place: Franklin, Tennessee
        Married: 12 Mar 1803    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Spouse:  Charles Pyron
 3. Sex Name
     F  Sally Henderson
        Born:    20 Jan 1791    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
        Spouse:  Henry Edwards
 4. Sex Name
     F  Elizabeth Henderson
        Born:    14 Oct 1793    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
        Spouse:  John Strickland
 5. Sex Name
     F  Levisa Henderson
        Born:    25 Dec 1795    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married: 25 Aug 1821    Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
        Spouse:  Bradford Bynum
 6. Sex Name
     F  Mathilda (Matilda) Henderson
        Born:    19 Sep 1798    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married: 02 Sep 1819    Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
        Spouse:  Eligh (Eli) Bynum
 7. Sex Name
     F  Lucy Henderson
        Born:    23 Jan 1802    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married: 22 Aug 1816    Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
        Spouse:  Meady Gully (divorce)
        Married: 26 Aug 1828    Place: Williamson County, Tennessee
        Spouse:  Thomas Gillespie
 8. Sex Name
     M  Samuel Henderson
        Born:    08 Oct 1804    Place: Knox County, Tennessee
        Died:    09 Dec 1884    Place: 
        Married: 14 Mar 1844    Place: 
        Spouse:  Rachel Jane Hughes
                         Moved to Missouri in 1808
9. Sex Name
     M  Martha Henderson
        Born:    03 Apr 1810    Place: Washington County, Missouri
        Died:                   Place: 
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dated 21 Feb 1999.
                               Marriage Bond
Saml Henderson & James Henderson Bound to his Excellency John S--- Esq and
to his Successors in office In the Sum of five hundred Pounds speice to be
Void on Condition that there (be) no Just Cause or lawful Impediment to
Obstruct the marriage of Saml Henderson to Lucy Richman (Rickman) Given
under these hands and Seals the 22d day (of) Feb 1786. (Signed) (blank)
Seal, (signed) James Henderson Seal. Attest (signed) Dan Kennedy, C.C.
Green County, Tennessee Marriage Bond, Samuel Henderson and Lucy Richman
(Rickman) provided by Wilma V. Ranger, Olympia, Washington postmarked (15
Jun 2000).
                 Bible Record Samuel Henderson 1759-1828
Samuel Henderson and Lucy Rickman were
married March 14, 1786 A.D.

Samuel Henderson Sr. was born November 29, 1759 AD
Lucy Henderson Sr. was born November 16, 1765 AD

Mary Henderson was born Dec. 21, 1786 *
Anna Henderson was born November 5, 1788
Sally Henderson Was born January 20, 1791
Elizabeth Henderson was born October 14, 1793
Lavisa Henderson was born Dec. 25, 1795
Mathilda Henderson was born Sept. 19, 1798
Lucy Henderson was born January 23, 1801
Samuel Henderson was born October 8, 1804
Martha Henderson was born April 3, 1810

Samuel Henderson Sr. died Dec. 5, 1828
Lucy Henderson Sr. died July 14, 1843

  * Bible of daughter has December 27, 1787 (see Chronicles of Oklahoma,
    December 1932, Volume 10, Number 4, page 600)

Owner: Thomas Fearn Perkins Henderson, Lewisburg Pike, Franklin, Tennessee.
Certified by National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Tennessee. No
date. Provided by Wilma V. Ranger, Olympia, Washington postmarked (15 Jun
                        Samuel Henderson (1759-1828)
Samuel Henderson was (the) son of Nathaniel ... (1736-    ). Nathaniel was
(the) son of Samuel Henderson (1700-1783), of Granville county, N.C. Samuel
Henderson (1700-1783) was (the) son of Richard Henderson, of Hanover
county, Va., and his wife, Polly Washer, daughter of Ensign Washer, who
was a member of the House of Burgesses, which met at Jamestown, Va., in
1619. He represented Captain Lawnes' Plantation, later known as "Isle of
Wight Plantation." Richard Henderson, of Hanover county, Va., was (the) son
of the immigrant ancestor, Thomas Henderson, who came to Jamestown, Va. ...
where he first settled (and) later ... located at Blue or Yellow Springs,
near Jamestown. Thomas, this immigrant ancestor, was born in Fifeshire,
Scotland (see pages 177, 178, 179, 180, Colonial Families of the United 
States of America, Vol. IV, ... George Norbury Mackenzie) ...

Samuel Henderson, son of Nathaniel, was born in 1759 in Granville county,
N.C. ... (his) grandfather, Samuel Henderson (1700-1783) had moved from
Hanover county, Va., about 1745 to what is now Granville county ... (He)
moved with his father to Hawkins county, Tenn., and (in 1786) married Lucy
Ryckman, who was born and reared in Cumberland county, Va., a county
adjoining Hanover county, the former home of the Hendersons. We learn from
the diary of his son, Dr. Samuel Henderson (1804-1884), written while his
mother, Lucy Ryckman Henderson, still lived. This diary now (1919) is in
the hands of Captain Thomas P. Henderson, of Franklin, Tenn. She was of
Dutch descent.

Samuel, the subject of our sketch, was married in Greene county, Tenn.,
March 14, (1786), while this was a part of the short lived "State of
Franklin." The State of Franklin was composed of Davidson, Greene,
Washington, Hawkins and Sullivan counties. In November, 1785, a convention
met at Greenville to ratify a consitution of the State of Franklin, which
constitution had been made at Jonesboro, Dec. 14, 1784. John Sevier, at
this convention, was chosen Governor of the State of Franklin; Langdon
Carter was Speaker of the Senate; William Cage, Speaker of the House of
Commons; and David Campbell, Joshua Gist and John Henderson, Judges of the
Superior Court (see page 93, Wheeler's History of North Carolina) ...
William Cocke was to represent the State before Congress. In September,
1787, the Legislature of the State of Franklin met for the last time in

After his marriage (to Lucy Ryckman), Samuel Henderson (1759-1828) moved
to Knox county, Tenn., and settled on the Holston river, about four miles
from Knoxville, on the opposite side of the river. Here their children were
born. All their children were girls except the youngest, Samuel, who was
born (in) 1804.

The writer has, framed and hanging in her home, an old land warrant which
belonged to Samuel Henderson (1759-1828), showing 100 acres in Hawkins
county was conveyed to him in 1791, through Isaac Taylor. This warrant is
dated "Western Territory South of the Ohio, Sep. 19, 1791." This ... land
warrant reads: "The Estate of Isaac Taylor, Des'd. to Samuel Henderson Jr.
one hundred acre Land Warrant; Hawkins County, W.T. So. of Ohio. This day
came James Henderson before me, James White, a Justice of the Peace for
Hawkins county, and made oath that he heard Issac Taylor assume on
Armstrong's one Hundred Acre Warrant to Samuel Henderson, and further saith
not. Sworn to before me this 19th of Sept. 1791. James White, Jcp. This
day came Samuel Henderson as above and made oath that he never received any
satisfaction for the above Warrant. Sworn to this 19th of Sept. 1791. James
White, Jcp."

He was my grandfather. He belonged to (the) Ninth Regiment North Carolina
Continental Troops. This regiment was commanded by Colonel John P.
Williams, Lieut. Col. John Luttrell, Major Wm. Polk (see North Carolina
Register). He enlisted Nov. 26, 1776. His name is on the tablet on the
court house in Franklin, Tenn., placed there in honor of Revolutionary
soldiers buried in Williamson county, Tenn. ... Early in the American
Revolution men would sometimes enlist for a short period. We do not think
Samuel Henderson served during the whole of the war. When sixteen years
old, in 1775, he was with his father, Nathaniel Henderson, for a while at
Fort Boonsboro on the Kentucky River ...

Samuel Henderson (1759-1828), who was married in (1786), ten years after
the founding of Boonsboro, named one of his ... children "Levisa" in honor
of the old name given to (the) Kentucky river upon which Boonsboro was
founded ... the youngest child ... was given the name of his father, Samuel
Henderson. I will say in passing that the last Samuel was my father and ...
he did not marry until he was in his fortieth year. I am one of his younger
children, so in this way tradition is close.

In 1808 he moved ... his family to Louisiana Territory (Missouri), settling
... (east) the vicinity of St. Louis ... They went all the way by river in
a ... boat, down the Holston to the Tennessee river, down this to the Ohio,
along this to the Mississippi, then up to St. Louis.

Samuel Henderson (1759-1828) and his wife had both for many years been
members of the Presbyterian church, but here they found no Presbyterian
church, so they joined the Methodist church. From the diary of Samuel
Henderson (1804-1884) we learn that his mother, in the spring of 1787,
joined the Presbyterian church in Knox county, and that her husband, Samuel
Henderson (1859-1828) had already joined the church about a year earlier.

Lucy Ryckman, wife of Samuel Henderson (1759-1828), was born in Cumberland
county, Va. ... (of a) Dutch family, some of whom settled in New York at an
early date ... One branch of the family left New York for Virginia, 
settling in Cumberland county ... To this branch Lucy (Ryckman) Henderson
belongs ... (She) was born November 15, 1765, and died July 14, 1843. After
her daughters had all married and had settled in different states, she made
her home with her only son, Dr. Samuel Henderson (1804-1884), near
Bethesda, Williamson county, Tenn. This son had such devotion for his
mother that he would not suffer his heart to become so deeply involved that
he should marry before she died. So he lived a bachelor. He married in his
fortieth year. Lucy Henderson was active and full of energy even to her
last days. Though she lived to be seventy-eight years old, it was no
unusual thing to see her run from the house to the kitchen or negro cabins.
She was five feet four inches in height, and of athletic build. Aside from
more useful arts she taught her daughters to embrodier and do fancy work.

The children of Samuel Henderson (1759-1828) and his wife, Lucy Ryckman,
were all born in Knox county, Tenn., (and) all went with their father to
Missouri in 1808 to live. Ann, married Charles Pyron, while living in Knox
county, (and) she and her husband moved to Missouri in 1808. They were
(the) parents of Tapley, John and Sterling Pyron. Levisa, named for Levisa
river, ... married Bradford Bynum ... and made their home in Illinois.
Mary, married Oliver Brewer, and moved to Missouri, but afterwards to
(Hempstead) county, Arkansas. Their descendants live now (1883) in Pike
county, Arkansas, and elsewhere. Mathilda, married Ely (Eli) Bynum, (and)
lived in Kentucky. Elizabeth, married John Strickland. Sally, married Henry
Edwards, and lived in West Tennessee. Lucy, after being divorced from her
first husband (Meady Gully), by whom she had no children, married Thomas
Gillespie. They moved to Texas ... They had one child, Thomas. Samuel
Henderson, ... was born October 8, 1804. He married Rachel Jane Hughes,
March 14, 1844. He died December 9, 1884.

Family History, Lucy Henderson Horton, Press of the News: Franklin,
Tennessee, 1922, page 233, 234, 235, 237, 238, 239, 240. edited.
Family Group Record: Husband, Charles Pyron born 1759 in France; Wife, Ann
Henderson born 1788; Children, (1) Tapley Bynum Pyron born July 17, 1810 in
Williamson Co., TN; married December 09, 1830 in Omer, Cedar Co., MO; died
July 25, 1884 in Long Island, NY; Spouse, Frances Morton Peay; (2) John
Pyron; (3) Sterling Pyron. Provided by Mary Bolinger, Rose, Oklahoma
postmarked (04 Mar 2000).
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