Elisha Calvin Baker

Family Group Record                 0062
Husband's Name   Elisha Calvin Baker
 Born:           1799    Place: Greene County, Tennessee
 Died:       Aft 1850    Place: Polk County, Arkansas (census)
 Married:                Place: 
 Father:         Elisha Baker
 Mother:         Mary (Polly) Rickman
Wife's Name      Martha (Patsey) Jacobs
 Born:           1802    Place: Kentucky
 Died:       Aft 1870    Place: Crawford County, Arkansas (census)
 1. Sex Name
     M  Beverly Rector Baker
        Born:       Abt 1822    Place: Hempstead County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place:
        Married: 23 Mar 1844    Place: Sevier County, Arkansas (1-63)
        Spouse:  Sarina Jane Davis
 2. Sex Name
     M  James Brown Baker
        Born:       Abt 1825    Place: Hempstead County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married: 23 Jan 1845    Place: Sevier County, Arkansas
        Spouse:  Mary James
 3. Sex Name
     M  English Calvin Baker
        Born:       Abt 1828    Place: Hempstead County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
        Spouse:  Nancy Ann James
 4. Sex Name
     M  Monroe Baker
        Born:       Abt 1838    Place: Sevier County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
 5. Sex Name
     M  Josiah L. Baker
        Born:       Abt 1842    Place: Sevier County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married:                Place: 
 6. Sex Name
     M  Rhoda Pryor Baker
        Born:       Abt 1844    Place: Sevier County, Arkansas
        Died:                   Place: 
        Married: 03 Aug 1863    Place: Sevier County, Arkansas (2-291)
        Spouse:  Beverly Rector Jacobs
Sources of Information: Mary Beth Bond, Westwood, Kansas correspondence
with David Kelley (01 Aug 1990); Sevier County, Arkansas Marriage Book 1,
page 63; Book 2, page 291; Census Records: Hempstead County, Arkansas 1830;
Sevier County, Arkansas 1840; Polk County, Arkansas 1850, 1860; Crawford
County, Arkansas 1870.
                     Pike County, Arkansas Census 1850
Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Brewer Township in the County of Pike,
State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 3rd day of November, 1850.
William H. Preston, Ass't Marshal.

 57-57    English Jacobs             38  m     Farmer        Unknown
          Mary A. Jacobs             38  f                   Unknown
          John K. Jacobs             16  m                   Arkansas
          Madison S. Jacobs          14  m                   Arkansas
          Thomas V. Jacobs           11  m                   Arkansas
          Beverly Jacobs              8  m                   Arkansas
          Sarah Jacobs                6  f                   Arkansas
          Martha Jacobs               4  f                   Arkansas
          Margaret Jacobs             1  f                   Arkansas
                     Polk County, Arkansas Census 1850
Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Sulpher Springs Township in the County of
Polk, State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 8th day of Oct., 1850.
Peter B. Allen, Ass't Marshal.

  2-2     Beverly Baker              40  m     Farmer        Missouri
          Sirena J. Baker            29  f                   Arkansas
          Nancy Baker                 9  f                   Arkansas
          Brown M. Baker              8  m                   Arkansas
          Almarind Baker              5  f                   Arkansas
          Elisha C. Baker             3  m                   Arkansas
          Clement C. Baker         6 mo  m                   Arkansas

  6-6     J.B. Baker                 29  m     Farmer        Arkansas
          Mary Baker                 26  f                   Arkansas
          Martha B. Baker             4  f                   Arkansas
          Mary J. Baker               3  f                   Arkansas
          Ellen Baker                 2  f                   Arkansas

  7-7     English C. Baker           22  m     Farmer        Arkansas
          Nancy Baker                19  f                   Arkansas

  8-8     Elisha Baker               51  m                   Tennessee
          Martha                     48  f                   Kentucky

The children of Elisha Baker and Martha Jacobs (8-8) that would have been
in this household during the census enumeration are missing from the census

National Archives Microfilm Publiction, Microcopy T-8: Arkansas Census
1850, Polk County, Roll 24.
                     Polk County, Arkansas Census 1860
Schedule 1. Free inhabitants in Sulpher Springs Township in the County of
Polk, State of Arkansas enumerated by me, on the 25th day of July, 1860.
I.C. Morris, Ass't Marshal.

590-590   J.B. Baker                 35  m     Farmer        Arkansas
          Polly Baker                35  f                   Arkansas
          Martha Baker               14  f                   Arkansas
          Ellen Baker                12  f                   Arkansas
          Elisha Baker               10  m                   Arkansas
          Elizabeth Baker             5  f                   Arkansas
          Nancy A. Baker              2  f                   Arkansas
          John Overtruf              22  m     Farm Laborer  Arkansas

591-591   Patsey Baker               56  f                   Illinois
          Monroe Baker               22  m     Farm Laborer  Arkansas
          Josiah L. Baker            18  m     Farm Laborer  Arkansas
          Rhoda P. Baker             16  f                   Arkansas
          Rector B. Jacobs           19  m     Farm Laborer  Arkansas
          Amanda Jacobs               7  f                   Arkansas

592-592   English Baker              32  m     Farmer        Arkansas
          Nancy Baker                32  f                   Arkansas
          Isaac L. Baker             10  m                   Arkansas
          English Baker               5  m                   Arkansas
          Wm. Baker                   1  m                   Arkansas
          Van Buren Jacobs           22  m     Farm Laborer  Arkansas

National Archives Microfilm Publiction, Microcopy T-7: Arkansas Census
1860, Polk County, Roll 10.
                   Crawford County, Arkansas Census 1870
Schedule 1. Inhabitants in Van Buren Township in the County of Crawford,
State of Ark. enumerated by me, on the 11th day of July, 1870. D.H.
Creekmore, Ass't Marshal.

477-469   B.R. Jacobs                29  m  w  Farm Laborer  Arkansas
          P.R. Jacobs                25  f  w                Arkansas
          A.C. Jacobs                 3  m  w                Arkansas
          M.E. Jacobs                 2  f  w                Arkansas
          M.A. Jacobs              1 mo  f  w                Arkansas
          Martha Baker               66  f  w  Doctress      Kentucky
          E. Nelson                  28  m  w  Farm Laborer  Arkansas

National Archives Microfilm Publiction, Microcopy (not indicated): Arkansas
Census 1870, Crawford County, Roll 13.
Westwood, KS, August 1, 1990 ... Lucy Rickman wife of Samuel Henderson ...
(parents of Mary Henderson wife of Oliver Brewer) ... I believe ... was a
sister of my great great great grandmother Baker. A woman in the DAR in
West Memphis did a supplimental on John Rickman and in it she listed the
children and one was a "daughter who married Elisha Baker" ... Most of my
information has been obtained from Lucille Pryor and a Mrs. LeMasters, and
it's been nearly 20 years since I heard from either one of them ... Mary B.
(Mary Beth Bond) correspondence with David Kelley, edited, with added text
in parenthesis.
Mary Beth Bond, Westwood, KS, May 8, 1994 ... (in) reviewing information
you sent in a letter dated August 1, 1990 about Elisha Baker and his wife
Mary or Polly Rickman daughter of John Rickman and Anne ... (and) "when
and where ... Elisha and Mary Rickman were married has not been determined
and (also) when and where they died has not been found" &c. ... Oliver
Brewer married Mary or Polly Henderson (his second wife) in Knox County,
Tennessee in 1804. She was the daughter of Samuel Henderson and Lucy
Ryckman (Richman-Rickman). A granddaughter of Samuel Henderson and Lucy
Ryckman and niece of Mary (Henderson) Brewer (Lucy Henderson Horton)
compiled a book entitled "Family History". She writes about the "Ryckmans"
and the following are excerpts from the text of this book. Page 238. "Lucy
Ryckman, wife of Samuel Henderson (1759-1828) was born in Cumberland
county, Va., a county adjoining Hanover, the home of the Hendersons. She
came (from a) ... Dutch family, some of whom settled in New York at an
early date" ... Page 240. "One branch of the family left New York for
Virginia, settling in Cumberland county ... To this branch Lucy (Ryckman)
Henderson belongs. While she still lived, her son, Dr. Samuel Henderson
(1804-1884), writes in his diary that his mother, Lucy (Ryckman) Henderson,
was born in Cumberland county, Va. Her father moved to Greene county, Tenn.
We will fortify what we know of this family by a statement made to my
brother, Judge John Hughes Henderson, in 1883 and recorded in his diary.
This statement was made to him by (Tapley) Pyron ... then of nearly eighty
years, a grandson of Samuel Henderson (1759-1828). 'Lucy Ryckman
Henderson's brothers, William and Abraham Ryckman moved to (Missouri) and
their descendants now (1883) are in that State and Arkansas. One of her
sisters married Elisha Baker ... Another sister of Lucy Ryckman Henderson,
Tabitha Ryckman, married ... (a) Strickland and settled in Kentucky. Tapley
Bynum ... married another sister and settled in Kentucky. Elisha Baker's
descendants are now (1883) in Missouri" (and Arkansas) ... Lucy (Ryckman)
Henderson was born November 15, 1765 and died July 14, 1843. The DAR
application of Mary Lillian McGahey, National Number 73662, approved August
25, 1950 (and) descendant of Nathaniel Henderson (father of Samuel) has ...
"Lucy Rickman born November 15, 1765 (in) Cumberland Co., Va., died July
14, 1843, married Samuel Henderson, March 14, 1785." In ... "Colonial
Granville County and Its People" compiled by Worth S. Ray, 1973, page 225,
(Henderson Family of Granville) "... Feb. 2, 1785 (Bond), Samuel Henderson,
known to be the son of Nathaniel Henderson and the grandson of Samuel
Henderson of Granville County, N.C., married Lucy Rickman in Greene County,
Tennessee." The Brewers, Crows, McLaughlins, (and others) early settlers of
Clark and Hempstead County, Arkansas moved from Greene County, Tennessee to
Bellevue, Washington County, Missouri. A large group moved from Bellevue to
Mound Prairie, Hempstead County, Arkansas in 1817 led by Reverend John
Henry. The Brewers sold their land at Bellevue in 1817 (deed). This seems
to be a popular route of migration. David Kelley letter to Mary Beth Bond.
BAKER. That we were descended from the person who discovered Baker's
Springs (in north Howard County, Arkansas) was common knowledge all my life
and he was my great grandmother's father. When I asked my grandfather,
Sterling Price Jacobs, about his parents and grandparents, he said he did
not know anything of his grandparents, but that his mother's father was
tracking buffalo one day and found Baker's Springs ... His name was Elisha
Baker and they came from (Missouri to Arkansas) on pack horses ... Elisha
Baker (senior) sold his land in Washington County, Missouri in 1816, his
wife was named Polly. That her name was Mary Rickman is from the Daughters
of the American Revolution suppliment for Mrs. Young of the West Memphis,
Arkansas chapter, proving her descent from John Rickman ... In the 1830
(Hempstead and) 1840 (Sevier County), ... (Arkansas census), Elisha Baker
was enumerated ... (and) the 1850 census, the first to enumerate all the
persons in a household, Elisha Baker ... and Martha ... were enumerated in
... Polk County, Arkansas. In the 1860 census of Polk County, Arkansas ...
was Patsey Baker (and) Josiah Baker ... Monroe Baker (and) Rhoda Baker, ...
(and) Beverly Jacobs (and Amanda Jacobs). Research and family knowledge
provides ... that Beverly Jacobs and Rhoda Baker were first cousins. They
married in 1863 ... Beverly's father English (Jacobs) had died in 1858 in
Pike County, Arkansas, so his sister, Martha (Patsey) Jacobs Baker had (in
1860) (two) of his orphans living with her. Mary Beth Bond correspondence
with David Kelley, August 1, 1990.
More About Baker Springs. "These famous springs were located some
thirty-five yers ago (1850) by one Baker, and five years later were
purchased by Major Hempstead of Washington (Arkansas) who had a number of
comfortable cabins built around the springs for accommodation of visitors.
The springs, house and adjacent grounds were kept in good order during the
lifetime of Maj. Hempstead, but since his death the improvements have been
neglected, and in consequence have gone much to decay ... These springs
were still owned by the widow of the late Maj. Hempstead and will, we
presume, remain hers while she lives. The water is white and black sulphur,
the white being used almost exlusively by visitors. Your correspondent was
here sixteen years ago, when Jim Hopson had the springs. There was a good
hotel here then, ... Baker Springs was a gay place then, and dances were an
almost nightly occurrence. We had a wedding here on one occasion ... Things
have so changed here that I can hardly realize that this is the same place
and the change makes me feel sad when I think of it." The Washington Press,
September 5, 1885, Edgar Givens editor.
Elisha Calvin Baker, born 1756 Dobbs (County), North Carolina; died 1830,
Crawford County, Arkansas; married Mary Rickman; ... (child), Elisha Calvin
Baker, born 1799, Tennessee. Family Group Record, FamilySearch Ancestral
File v4.19, Elisha Calvin Baker (AFN) Ancestral File number 23FR-TWN, (17
Nov 1999).
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