John Jacobs & Jane Wingfield

Family Group Record                 0019
Husband's Name   John Jacobs
 Born:                   Place: 
 Died:           1835    Place: Hempstead County, Arkansas
 Married: 09 May 1833    Place: Ozan Township, Hempstead, Arkansas (BB-198)
 Father:         Nathaniel Jacobs
 Mother:         Nancy ....... 
Wife's Name      Jane (Jinny) Wingfield
 Born:       Abt 1817    Place: Madison County, Illinois
 Died:       Aft 1850    Place: Rusk, Cherokee, Texas (census)
 Married: 27 Feb 1842    Place: Ozan Township, Hempstead, Arkansas (BB-356)
 Spouse:         Jacob Brinley
 Father:         William Wingfield
 Mother:         Sophia E. Holcomb
 1. Sex Name
     M  Wingfield Jacobs
        Born:           1834    Place: Hempstead County, Arkansas
        Died:    29 Oct 1899    Place: Atoy Community, Cherokee, Texas
        Married: 28 Dec 1858    Place: Rusk, Cherokee, Texas
        Spouse:  Susan Catherine Elkins
 2. Sex Name
     M  John Edward Jacobs   
        Born:    03 Jul 1835    Place: Hempstead County, Arkansas
        Died:    04 May 1909    Place: Near Ezell, Texas (4 a.m.)
        Married: 09 Jan 1868    Place: Lavaca County, Texas
        Spouse:  Nancy Jane Garner
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                              Marriage Record
I do hereby certify that on the ninth day of May 1833, I married John
Jacobs and Jinny Wingfield and that they are lawfully married according to
the law of this Territory, Arkansas Territory, county of Hempstead, Ozan
Township, given under my hand this 20th of June 1833.

                             John Baird, J.P.

Recorded and examined this 21st day of June 1833.

                          Allen M. Oakley, Clerk.
Hempstead County, Arkansas Wills, Marriages, Estrays, Pre-Emptions, etc.,
Book BB, page 198.
                          Last Will and Testament
Be it remembered that on this the Eighteenth day of March in the year of
Our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and Thirty five, I, John Jacobs, of the
County of Hempstead and Territory of Arkansas, being weak in body but
strong in mind, I due (do) make this my last will and Testament revoking
all other(s). In consideration of love and friendship that I have for my
Beloved wife Jane Jacobs as well as other valuable considerations, due (do)
by these presents, constitute and appoint her my Sole and lawful executrix
and an(d) du (do) hier by (hereby) Desir(e) will and determine, that at my
decese (sic) the said Jane Jacobs be fully and Legally authorized to have,
keep and maintain full possession of all and Singular all my Goods, Moneys,
Chattels and effects of any and every kind, to use them for her Benefit and
Sustanence (sic) during her natural life or Widderhood (sic) as well as for
the Sustanence and Maintainace (sic) of my child Wingfield Jacobs and the
one that my wife is now pregnent with. I due (do) further will that my wife
be permitted to Sell sow (so) much of my property as will pay all my Debts
that I'm Owing and collect all debts due me and make all Settlements of
every kinds (sic) that is necessary, to make use of It (as though it) was
dun (done) by my self. Sind (Signed) In test (testimony) whereof we the
undersigned put our names.

                          John his (x) mark Jacobs

Sophiah her (x) mark Wingfield
Levi Nations
Willis C. Nations
Edward Jacobs
Hempstead County, Arkansas Will Book 1, page 120. Recorded 29 Sep 1835.
An Act to authorize Jane Jacobs, widow and Executrix of John Jacobs, late
of Hempstead county, deceased, to sell certain Real Estate.

Section 1. Authorized to sell land.
Section 2. To grant deed to purchaser.
Section 3. Act in force from passage.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, That Jane
Jacobs, executrix of the last will and testament of John Jacobs, deceased,
be, and she is hereby, empowered and authorized to grant, bargain, sell,
and convey, all right, title, claim, and interest, that the said John
Jacobs, deceased, had, at the time of his death, in and to the following
described tract or parcel of land, to wit: The west half of the north-west
quarter of section twenty-eight, in township eleven south, of range twenty
four west, containing eighty acres, situate and being in the county of
Hempstead, in the state of Arkansas.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said Jane Jacobs, as the legal
representative of the estate of the said John Jacobs, deceased, after the
sale of the said real estate, shall convey the same, absolutely in fee
simple, to the purchaser or purchasers, by such deed and conveyance as may
be necessary to convey the same; and the said Jane Jacobs, shall account
for the money arising from the sale of said real estate, in the same manner
as other effects belonging to said estate.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That this act shall take effect, and be
in force, from and after its passage.

                        G. Marshall, Speaker of the
                         House of Representatives.

                          Mark W. Izard, President
                               of the Senate.

Approved: 14th December, 1838.

                                J.S. Conway
Acts, Passed at the Second Session of the General Assembly of the State of
Arkansas: which was begun and held at the Capitol, in the City of Little
Rock, on Monday the fifth day of November, and ended on Monday the
seventeenth day of December, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight.
Little Rock: Printed by Edward Cole, Printer to the Territory, 1839, page
                              Marriage Record
State of Arkansas,
County of Hempstead.

I, W. Bolls, an acting Justice of the peace in and for the Township of
Missouri in the County and State aforesaid, do hereby certify that on the
27th day of February 1842, at the dwelling house of William Wingfield in
the Township of Ozan the rite of Matrimony was duly solemnized by me
between Mr. Jacob Brinley of Pike County, aged forty years, and Mrs. Jane
Jacobs of Hempstead County, aged twenty-five years. Given under my hand
this 1st day of March 1842.

                               W. Bolls, J.P.

Filed and recorded March 12th A.D. 1842.

                             S.T. Sanders, Clk.
Hempstead County, Arkansas Wills, Marriages, Estrays, Preemptions, etc.,
Book BB, page 356-357.
                            July Term A.D. 1845.

This day came into Court William Wingfield and presented his petition
stating: that he has now living with him two of the children of John Jacobs
deceased, who departed this life some years ago, whose names are John
Edward Jacobs and Wingfield Jacobs, both under twelve years of age; and the
said William Wingfield presented his Bond to the minor heirs, in the sum of
Fifteen Hundred Dollars conditioned according to Law with Intend manner and
John W. Williams as his Securities, which Bond is approved by the Court.
Whereupon it is ordered that the said William Wingfield be appointed
Guardian of the said John Edward Jacobs and Wingfield Jacobs. Whereupon
Court adjourned until next Monday morning 9 o'clock.

                                D.T. Witter
Hempstead County, Arkansas Probate Records, Book B (1841-1846), page
                              Marriage Record
State of Texas,
County of Lavaca.

To any Judge, Justice of the Peace, or Regularly Ordained Minister of the
Gospel of Said County, Greeting:

You are hereby authorized to Solemnize the Rites of Matrimony between John
Jacobs and Miss Nancy J. Garner, Join them together in the Holy bonds of
Matrimony and for So doing this Shall be your warrant, and due return of
these License make to this office as the law directs. In testimony Whereof,
I hereto Set my hand and official Seal at Office this the 2nd day of Jan.
A.D. 1868.

                          J. Pontor, D.C. (Seal)

This is to certify that the within License was Executed by the undersigned
on the 9th day of Jan. A.D. 1868 being a legally Ordained Minister of the

                                D.P. Baze

Filed 21st Jan. 1868.

                              J. Pontor, D.C.
Lavaca County, Texas Marriage Record Volume C, page 2.
Wingfield & Susan (Jacobs) purchased land ... about 9 miles east of Rusk
in Atoy Community. It was written in one short history that he was one of
the first settlers of this community ... Atoy was a large farming community
with good soil, his property I believe went to the Angelina River if I
remember correctly. He farmed, owned a cotton gin, cabinet shop, sawmill
and blacksmith shop. He was an excellent wood worker according to family
history. He was nominated for state representative in 1896. In 1867
Wingfield was appointed gdn. of 5 minor children named Gates. I have not
found if they were related. His death was due to having an arm badly
mangled (or perhaps losing it) in an accident at the gin. I do not know why
a baby and then each of them were buried at Rusk instead of Atoy as the
Atoy cemetery was very near their home. I have thought perhaps his mother,
Jane, might possibly be buried there in an unmarked grave, as this is the
only cemetery in Rusk ... Susan Elkins parents ... Her death cert. states
Osa (Asa) M. Elkins father and S.C. Ewell as mother ... Smith Co. (Texas)
Chronicles stated he (Asa) came to Cherokee (County) in 1840's a widower
... Asa M. Elkins, father John James Elkins, mother unkn., married Sarah
Charity Buckner Weatherly in 1851 ...
Betty Jacobs, Rusk, Texas correspondence with David Kelley postmarked, 06
Mar 2000.
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