Court Order Summons for Petit Jurors

                     April Term Pike County Court 1866                       
Now on this day it is ordered by the Court, that the following persons be    
and they are hereby appointed to serve as a panel of Petit Jurors, at the    
ensuing term of the Curcuit Court, at a Court to be holden on the 4th Monday 
of August A.D. 1866 and that the Sheriff proceed to summon them as the law   
requires, to wit: George W. Cook, John Knox, Stephen D. Kelley, Moses Brock, 
William Gilmer, William Cooley, William W. Box, Samuel Kelley, David R.      
Campbell, William R. Jenkins, R.S. Sanford, Henry Haynes, Joel Kelley,       
Zachariah Sullivan, William T. Bacon, Ransom Cornish, Jesse McClure and John 
Hollen, 18 good and lawful men of Pike County.                               
A true copy from the Record.                                                 
                            Wm. J. Kelley, Clerk                             
Court Order Summons for Petit Jurors, County Court, Pike County, Arkansas,   
Rita Arnold, Nashville, Arkansas.                                            
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