Letter with Enclosure

David Kelley to Lucille Westbrook

                              Houston, Texas                                 
                              December 27, 1977                              

Lucille Westbrook                                                            
Route 4, Box 247                                                             
Nashville, Ark 71952                                                         

Dear Lucille,                                                                

I must again express my personal and sincere thanks for the copy of your     
(book) compilation, "Corinth Revisited By Its Kinfolks 1977". This will be   
a very helpful aid to those interested & researching these families. It has  
been a help to me!                                                           

I am sending ... excerpt(s) (from) four letters written to the editors &     
publishers of "The Gospel Advocate" relative to the church at Corinth. The   
first two letters were written by John S. Robertson and if you note from the 
the bottom of page 186 in your book, S.B. Reese writes ... "After the church 
was organized, probably two years, they built a very good house just across  
the road from the cemetery. This house was not a log house as was common     
those days, but a frame building of fairly good size. Pretty soon a man by   
the name of John S. Robertson preached for them several years ..."           

The last two letters were written by Elijah Kelley, Sr. ...                  

                              Sincerely yours,                               

                              David L. Kelley                                


Excerpt from a letter written by John S. Robertson to the editors and        
publishers of the Gospel Advocate, Nashville, Tennessee and printed          
therein ... Vol. 4, November 1858, page 347:                                 


Bros. Fanning and Lipscomb: ... Our next meeting was held with the church    
at Corinth, Pike Co., embracing the fourth Lord's day in last month, which   
resulted in five valuable accessions.                                        

In company with Elder William Kelley, we arrived at this place on Friday     
last, and commenced a meeting under very unfavorable circumstances; but our  
prospects have been brightening ever since. We have had eleven accesions,    
among them are some of the most worthy citizens of the community; persons    
who have heads and hearts that would do honor to any cause they might        
espouse. The truth has gained a glorious victory here. May the Lord bless    
the brethren and sisters here and elsewhere, and may the truth prevail over  
the earth ...                                                                

Yours in one hope,

J.S. Robertson

Mt. Ida, Ark., Oct. 6, 1858                                                  

Excerpt from a letter written by John S. Robertson to the editors and        
publishers of The Gospel Advocate, Nashville, Tennessee and printed therein  
... Vol. 7, September 1861, page 298:                                        


Dear Brethren: -- Our Co-operation meeting at Corinth, Pike Co., closed last 
Lord's day, having continued ten days. It was one fo the most happy and      
triumphant meetings I ever attended, circumstances considered. The whole     
community was in motion. Military meetings were held almost every day within 
a few hundred yards of the meeting calling for volunteers, which kept the    
people much excited, but notwithstanding this, we had good audiences, and a  
clear demonstration that the gospel, when faithfully presented, is the power 
of God unto salvation. The result was 24 accsions, 22 by confession and      
obedience, two of who were Methodists, and two who had been immersed. We had 
the pleasure of having Bro. A.M. Dean of Texas, who happened to fall in with 
us on his way to visit his friends in Tennessee. He preached two discourses  
for us on Lord's day, and we were truly delighted with him. He has the happy 
art of presenting the gospel in it most simple form, and to the              
understanding of all. Brother Dean is neither a speculative nor political    
preacher, but preaches "the Word" ...                                        

J.S. Robertson

Excerpts from a letter written by Elijah Kelley Sr. to the editors and       
publishers of The Gospel Advocate, Nashville, Tennessee and printed therein  
... Vol. 8, No. 52, December 25, 1866, page 826:                             

ANTOINE, Pike county, Ark. Sept. 24, 1866

Bros. Fanning & Lipscomb: ... in company with Bros. William and Wesley       
Kelley ... From Okolona we went to Corinth, Pike county, where we commenced  
meeting on Saturday before the third Lord's day in this month, and closed    
Monday night. The result was nine additions by confession and immerson. The  
meeting was well attended, and the prospects are encouraging. The            
congregation at this place numbers one hundred and three. To the Lord be all
the praise. Hoping that he may bless the administrations of his Word in all  
parts of his mortal vineyard, I remain yours in hope of eternal life.        

Elijah Kelley

Letter written by Elijah Kelley Sr. to the editors and publishers of The     
Gospel Advocate, Nashville, Tennessee and printed in Vol. 10, January 2,     
1868, page 16:                                                               


ANTOINE, PIKE CO., ARK., October 15, 1867

Bros. Fanning and Lipscomb: -- I have just seated myself to write you a few  
lines, to let you know the cause of Christ is still alive in this county.    

Fourth Lord's day in September, I visited the congregation at Corinth and    
delivered three discourses and had three accessions to the congregation.     

Second Lord's day in October, I had preached three discourses at Green's old 
store, six miles from Corinth. Had five additions by confession and baptism, 
adding to the congregation eight at the two meetings, and, I believe, a good 
prospect for more. To the Lord be all the praise. The brethren at Corinth    
speak well for the cause - an humble, devoted brotherhood.                   

Yours in Christ,

Elijah Kelley Sr.

David Kelley 2002