Delight Church Was Organized in 1833

According to the church record, the Delight congregation of the Church of    
Christ was organized here on the first Sunday in April, 1833. The following  
resolution was passed and signed by Giles Kelley as church clerk:            
"Wolf Creek, Pike county, Arkansas. First Lord's Day in April, 1833. We      
believe that the Old and New Testaments is the only rule of faith and        
practice for the government of the Church of Christ."                        
Seventy-five names are recorded in the church book as "charter members."     
Plans for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the organization of    
the Delight congregation with a three week's meeting to begin Saturday night 
before the third Sunday in June, next year.                                  
So far as can be determined this is the oldest congregation of the Church    
of Christ in Arkansas.                                                       
Pike County Tribune, Volume 11, Number 33, September 30, 1932, page 1,       
column 2.                                                                    
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