Antioch Church of Christ

Delight Arkansas

          Local Church To Celebrate Its 100th Anniversary in June            
         Three Weeks Meeting Will be Held at Church of Christ Here.          
A three weeks revival meeting will begin at the Church of Christ in Delight, 
June 18, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the organization of the  
The church was organized on April 10, 1833 and its labors have been          
continuous since that time. All available record show that the Delight       
Church of Christ is the oldest congregation of that body west of the         
Mississippi River. It was organized with 75 charter members with Giles       
Kelley as church clerk.                                                      
The services will be in charge of Elder J.A. Copeland of this place, editor  
of the Gospel Light, which is published in Delight. However, a number of     
visiting ministers will preach from time to time throughout the meeting.     
Also several nearby congregations will attend and take part in the song      
This meeting will not only be attended by a number of former ministers and   
other visiting preachers throughout the state, but many former members who   
are now living in other sections of the country will attend the meeting and  
enjoy several days of spiritual and physical recreation, reunion of old      
friends, acquaintance and general friendship.                                
Pike County Tribune, Volume 12, Number 14, May 19, 1933, page 1, column 2.   
The first Sunday in April 1833 when the Antioch congreation was organized    
occurred April 7th. There are sixty-six listed as charter members in the     
church record.                                                               
           Local Church Is In Readiness For Big Revival Meeting              
         Many Out of Town Visitors Expected to Attend Centennial.            
Plan have been completed for the centennial of the local Church of Christ    
which will begin Sunday. A three weeks revival meeting will be held in       
connection with the celebration, with Elder J.A. Copeland of Delight in      
charge. A number of preachers from other places will attend the meeting at   
intervals during the three-week period and will fill the pulpit from time    
to time.                                                                     
Among the out of town ministers who have promised to be present during the   
meeting and preach are: Elders J.N. Armstrong, president of Harding College  
of Morrilton; Loyd E. Ellis, Idabel, Okla.; Glen E. Green, Little Rock;      
R.H. Johnson, Morrilton; John F. Reese, Nashville; Jeff Reese, Center Point; 
J.G. Griffith, superintendent of the Jonesboro Orphan Home, and a number of  
others whose names were not available.                                       
The greatest meeting in the 100 years of the church's existence is expected  
from June 18 to July 2. A number of nearby congregations will send           
delegations during the meeting which will take part in the singing, and      
leaders of the church say that all who attend may be assured of a real treat 
in good singing and gospel preaching.                                        
A cordial invitation is extended the people of this community to join in     
making the meeting a blessing to all.                                        
Pike County Tribune, Volume 12, Number 18, June 16, 1933, page 1, column 4.  
            Church of Christ Centennial Revival Drawing Crowds               
         Various Preachers Filling the Pulpit From Night to Night.           
The big revival meeting in progress at the Church of Christ here in          
connection with that church's centennial is attracting large crowds.         
No day services are being hled this week, but each night the house is filled 
to capacity. Elder J.A. Copeland of Delight, minister with the congreation   
who is in charge of the meeting, has announced that day service will         
probably begin next week.                                                    
All the former minister of the church who are now living have been invited   
to attend and preach, together with a number of other ministers and          
evangelists, and the plan is to have various preachers of the brotherhood    
fill the pulpit from night to night, with Elder Copeland doing the preaching 
when no visitng gospeler is present. Several have already arrived and others 
have indicated their intention of appearing this week-end or early next      
Elders John F. Reese of Nashville and N.J. Reese of Center Point arrived     
Tuesday night with the latter delivering the sermon Wednesday night.         
Word has been received from Elder W.W. Starnes of Idabel, Okla. advising     
that he will get here Saturday, and the committee in charge of the pulpit    
supply during the meeting has announced that if the Oklahoma preacher        
arrives on scheduled time he will preach Saturday night and probably Sunday  
at the 11 o'clock hour. A complete program of the preaching with the names   
of those who will deliver the sermons during the balance of the meeting has  
not been prepared owing to the fact that it is not known who among the       
invited ministers will be able to attend.                                    
Aside from the splendid gospel preaching which has been the feature of the   
revival services this week, the find song service, under the capable         
direction of Doyle Hughes of Delight, has added much to the meeting. A large 
choir is assembled each evening and several minutes devoted to enthusiastic  
song, with the vast congregation joining in on the old hymns until the       
entire building reverberates a melody of praise.                             
Already this week delegations have attend the meeting from near and far, and 
it is expected that as the revival progresses others from distantly located  
points, as well as from the communities in this section, will put in an      
It has been announced that everyone is urged to attend and help in making    
this one of the greatest revivals Delight has ever had.                      
The meeting is scheduled to close Sunday night, July 2.                      
Pike County Tribune, Volume 12, Number 19, June 23, 1933, pages 1 and 4.     
           Church of Christ Revival to Close Here Sunday Nite                
The revival meeting which has been in progress at the Church of Christ here  
since Sunday, June 18, will come to a close next Sunday night, it has been   
The services have continued to draw enormous crowds each night, and interest 
in the meeting continues at high pitch. Day services are being held at 4     
o'clock in the afternoon this week. A total of four additions to the church  
had been made up to Thursday morning.                                        
Among the out of town preachers who have attended the meeting and preached,  
are Elders W.W. Starnes, Idabel, Okla.; Glen E. Parkes, Patmos; J.G. Reese,  
Hope; A.R. Hill, Monticello; Elder Boling, Dexter, Mo.; Jno F. Reese,        
Nashville, and N.J. Reese, Center Point.                                     
Splendid singing is a feature of the meeting. The choir is under the         
direction of Doyle Hughes of Delight, and everyone has been enjoying this    
part of the meeting.                                                         
Pike County Tribune, Volume 12, Number 20, June 30, 1933, page 1.            
                   12 Additions in Revival Meeting                           
A total of 12 additions to the church, all by baptism, resulted from the     
Church of Christ centennial revival meeting which was brought to a close     
here Sunday afternoon at the baptismal service at the creek.                 
A splendid meeting washad during the entire two weeks and the fine messages  
brought by the various ministers who attended the service and preached were  
enjoyed immensely by all.                                                    
The meeting began Sunday, June 18, and continued over three Sundays.         
Pike County Tribune, Volume 12, Number 21, July 7, 1933, page 1.             
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