James Franklin Murray

                   Bible Record


      What Therefore God Hath Joined Together Let Not Man Put Asunder

                            THIS IS TO CERTIFY

                             That J.F. Murray
                             and Carrie Kelley

                     Were United By Me in The Bonds of

                              HOLY MATRIMONY

                    At Home of Carrie on the 15 day of
                     Dec 1898 in the year of our Lord
                          in Presence of (blank)
                              Signed (blank)

          Therefore Shall A Man Leave His Father and Mother And
          Shall Cleave Unto His Wife and They Shall Be One Flesh


James Franklin Murray borned Nov-4-1879
Carrie Ophelia Murray Oct-31-1881
William Archie Murray Nov-20-1899
Nora Dow Murray Mar-28-1902
Arthur Winfred Murray June-27-1904
Dessie Nola Murray Feb-4-1907
Robert Christopher Murray May-23-1909
Baby Brother Murray borned Nov-20-1911
Jaysee George Murray borned Nov-2-1912
Mabel Mourine Murray Aug 1, 1915
Marvin Frank Murray Feb 26, 1919


James Franklin family

his father John Chris Murray Oct 1 1847 to 1930
married 1870 to Sarah Rebecca Watson May 6 1854 to 1917

his grandfather Isaac Murray died 1897
m. about 1844 Malinda Jane Baskett Feb 29 1824

Malinda raised from a small
child by her mother(s) sister
Peggy Keebler and her husband
Young Keebler

Carrie family

W. Robert Kelley 1861 Oct 5
m. 1879 Letitia Jane Wingfield
born Jan 30 1859 to 1883

grandfather Giles Newton Kelley Jan 10 1843 to 1910
Ann Mariah Mobley May 19 1846 to 1929
married fall 1860

State of Texas
County of Tarrant

                          To whom it may concern:

I, E.H. Raines, a Notary Public in and for Tarrant County, Texas, Do
hereby certify that the above photostate is a true and correct copy as
taken from the family Bible of J.F. Murray, as same appears. Witness my
hand and seal of Office in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas this the 26th
day of February A.D. 1938.

                                E.H. Raines

                    Notary Public Tarrant County, Texas
                    My commission expires June 1, 1939

James Franklin Murray Bible, record. Copy provided by Beverly Moerbe, Fort
Worth, Texas, 1975. Each page has appended the notary affidavit.

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