J.H. Stell

Bible Record

          "What God Had Joined Together, Let Not Man Put Asunder."           
                             This Certifies                                  
                            That The Rite of                                 
                             Holy Matrimony                                  
                         Was Celebrated Between                              
J.H. Stell of Pike Co., Ark. and Martha Dickson of Pike Co., Ark. on         
December 23, 1875 by Revrent (Reverand) Jim P. Copeland.                     
                       Witness: R.H.L. Rutherford                            
H.M. Stell, November 17, 1876.                                               
N.A. Stell, April 1, 1878.                                                   
C.A. Stell, June 29, 1880.                                                   
Z.C. Stell, December 17, 1881.                                               
W.B. Stell, September 27, 1883.                                              
G.L. Stell, March 6, 1886.                                                   
H.S. Stell, January 12, 1889.                                                
E.A. Stell, September 15, 1890.                                              
H.C. Stell, January 11, 1893.                                                
S.J. Stell, Sept. 24, 1894.                                                  
H.W. Stell, December 25, 1896.                                               
P.M. Stell, December 8, 1899.                                                
N.A. Stell of Pike Co., Arkansas, Edward Kirkham of Pike Co., Ark., Aug.  
11, 1901.                                                                    

Z.C. Stell of Pike Co., Ark., W.S. Johnson of Pike Co., Ark. ____________.   
H.M. Stell of Pike Co., Ark., Marry Lamb of Pike Co., Ark., June 28, '17.    
S.J. Stell of Pike Co., Ark., (Snow Hemby), Smackover Ark., June 10, '23.    
Roy Gammil, Pasadena, California, Pearle Stell, Delight, Ark., Oct. 19th     
Charles A. Stell, Oct. 25, 1902.                                             
Harry C. Stell, August 1, 1903.                                              
H.S. Stell, February 14, 1911.                                               
J.H. Stell, Mar. 10, 1929.                                                   
Martha Stell, Dec. 29, 1931.                                                 
Brooks Stell, Feb. 21, 1933.                                                 
H.M. Stell, Dec. 21, 1942.                                                   
Z.C. (Noba) Stell Johnson ____________.                                      
S.J. Stell, Dec. 24, 1958.                                                   
N.A. (Measy) Stell Kirkham, Sept. 6, 1959.                                   
Joseph Edward Kirkham, Sept. 22, 1945.                                       
The saddest home in all the world it seemed was that of Mr. and Mrs. J.H.    
Stell on October 25, 1902. Charley, their beloved son, was called from this  
earth to a higher and better home. His death came sooner than we expected,   
resulting from that most dreadful disease, typhoid fever.                    
His home previous to his death was at Horn Beck, La. There he was sick       
several weeks. His father thought it best to bring him home, for Charley     
thought if he could get home to mother he would get well. But, alas! in      
three days after his arrival the God of Heaven thought best to take him      
higher, that he, laying his life down, might bring us closer to Him that     
knows all things best.                                                       
Charley had many friends, he being such a bright, good-hearted little        
fellow, made all who knew him love him. He was 23 years of age, just in the  
bloom of manhood. Oh! how hard to think that one so young and bright should  
depart this life so soon. But the young die as well as the old; so take      
courage, father, mother, brothers and sisters, and get ready to meet dear    
Charley in Heaven.                                                           
                              His Uncle Dave.                                
Bible of Faydra Starnes, Houston, Texas, 1976.                               
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