Jacob Barkman

Bible Record

                          Printed for Matthew Carey,                         
                            No. 118 Market Street                            
                                Oct. 27, 1802                                
                           This book was Purchased                           
                              Anno Dominee 1803                              
                                By John Brown                                
                             Jacob Barkman's Book                            
                          Born 1784, 20th of December                        
Rebecca Davis was born 24th of March, 1791 married Jacob Barkman, died 17th  
day of January, 1837.                                                        
Jacob Barkman married (2nd wife) Mariah Dickinson, 9th of Aug. 1837.         
Jacob Barkman died 23rd day of August, 1852 after illness of thirteen days.  
Leanah Barkman was born 14th day of February A.D. 1814 died on 24th day of   
Sept. 1831.                                                                  
James E.M. Barkman was born 23rd Feb. 1819, 1840 married (9 March 1841)      
Harriet E. Maddox born 22nd May, 1821, Montgomery, Ala., she died May 16,    
V.C. Barkman was born on 11th Jan. 1842.                                     
Rebecca Davis Barkman was born on the twenty-fourth day of March, 1791.      
Leanah Barkman was born the fourteenth day of February, 1814.                
Wm. F.S. Barkman was born the twenty-sixth day of January, 1816.             
Jas. E.M. Barkman was born the twenty-third day of February, 1819.           
Harriet E. Maddox Barkman was born the twenty-second day of May, 1821.       
Vivian Caddo Barkman was born the eleventh day of January, 1842.             
Leila Caddo Barkman was born the thirty-first day of August, 1844.           
Leanah E. Barkman was born the third of April, 1847.                         
Rebecca M. Barkman was born the twenty-third day of August, 1850.            
Sallie Harriet Barkman was born the eighth of October, 1857.                 
James Sumner Barkman was born the fourteenth of December, 1859.              
Walter Eugene Barkman was born the twenty-seventh day of January, 1862.      
J.E.M. Barkman was married to Harriet E. Maddox the ninth of March, 1841.    
Leila Caddo Barkman was married to John D. McCabe the twenty-sixth of        
November, 1863.                                                              
Rebecca Davis Barkman died on the eleventh day of Jan., 1837.                
V.C Barkman died on the eleventh of September, 1844.                         
Jacob Barkman died on twenty-third of August, 1852.                          
William F.S. Barkman died on the eleventh of July, 1862.                     
James E.M. Barkman died on the thirteenth of September, 1865.                
Leanah E. Barkman died on the forteenth of July, 1873.                       
Marion R. Barkman died on the second of May, 1875.                           
Harriet E. Barkman died on the sixteenth of May, 1912.                       
Lelia Caddo Barkman McCabe died on the twenty-sixth of Nov., 1933.           
Kathleen Barkman Gates died on the nineteenth of Jan., 1939.                 
James Sumner Barkman died on the twenty-fourth of May, 1941.                 
DAR Genealogical Records, Clark County, Arkansas Volume 36, 1953-1954,       
pages 85-86.                                                                 
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