James H. Brown

Bible Record

J.H. Brown & M.C. Gentry was married Dec. the 21st 1875.                     
Wm. J. Davis and M.C. Brown was married March 1st 1882.                      
Wm. J. Davis and Peebie L. Vinson was married September 24th 1863.           
J.H. Brown was born July the 3rd 1853.                                       
M.C. Brown was born Oct. the 15th 1859.                                      
Hattie Erma Brown 1st child of J.H. & M.C. Brown was borned April the 10,    
Mattie Maud Brown was born Jan. the 11, 1880. Mattie Maude Brown was         
baptized the 3 of October 1881 by Rev. Dr. Biggs.                            
Ophelia Darnell Davis was born January 9th 1883.                             
William Knox Davis was born March 15th 1885.                                 
Robert Cargile Davis was born March 18th 1887.                               
Charles Mathew Davis was born August 22, 1865.                               
Eliza Belle Davis was born January 19th 1867.                                
Winfield Hunter Davis was born March 24, 1870.                               
Nicholas Morgan Davis was born January 31, 1874.                             
Samuel Kimbrough Davis was born February 2nd 1877.                           
Jesse Caldwell Davis was born December 21st 1879.                            
Robert Cargile Davis, 3-18-1887.                                             
Carrie May Davis, Oct. 8, 1889.                                              
John Jackson Davis, Nov. 20, 1892.                                           
Daisey Dell Davis, March 29, 1895.                                           
Lillie Belle Davis, Oct. 5, 1897.                                            
Hattie Erma Brown deceased May the 3, 1878.                                  
J.H. Brown deceased November the 5, 1880.                                    
William Knox Davis died August 14th 1886. "Suffer little children to come    
unto me and forbid (t)hem not for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."            
Charles Mathew Davis died Oct. 31st 1865.                                    
Jesse Caldwell Davis died October 30, 1880.                                  
Willie Knox Davis died August 14, 1886.                                      
Rev. W.J. Davis died Mar. 14, 1919. He was 80 years old when he died.        
Mrs. M.C. Davis died 5:40 a.m., Feb. 8, 1937, at age of 79 yr(s). - 5 mo.    
                               April 9, 1939                                 
Bible of Jessie Mae Brock, Delight, Arkansas, 1975.                          
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