James M. Gentry

Bible Record

                              Family Record.                                 
James M. Gentry was born March the 1st 1818.                                 
Elizabeth C. Gentry was born February 27th A.D. 1827.                        
Mary Jane Gentry August the 8th A.D. 1843.                                   
Martha Ann Gentry was born 24th of October A.D. 1845.                        
Wm. David Gentry was born March 13th A.D. 1848.                              
Milley I. Gentry was born January the 7th A.D. 1850.                         
Sarah Elizabeth Gentry was born February the 17th A.D. 1852.                 
Jerusha Rebecca Gentry was born January 2nd A.D. 1854.                       
James Franklin Gentry was born   January the 26 A.D. 1856.                   
Rose Allen Gentry was born April the 18th A.D. 1858.                         
John Wesley Gentry Twas borned 22nd November A.D. 1860.                      
Rial M. Bryant was bornd Nover. 28, 1849.                                    
Harriet Catherin(e) Gentry was born September the 12th A.D. 1863.            
Mclain Logan was born September the 3rd A.D. 1832.                           
Lewis Madison Gentry was born February 23rd 1867.                            
Alfred Gentry was born April the 28, 1869.                                   
Fletcher Thurman Gentry was born September 25, 1888.                         
James M. Gentry and E.C. Huddleston was marri(e)d July the 7th 1842.         
Mc(lain) Logan and Mary Jane Gentry was married December the 9th 1858.       
R.M. Briant and Martha Ann Gentry was married November the 14th 1861.        
James A. Talley and Martha Ann Briant was married December the 9, 1866.      
H.H. Estes and Sarah Elizabeth Gentry was married February the 9, 1871.      
William David Gentry and L.D. Estes was married February the 16 1871.        
Joe E. Smith and M.J. Gentry was mar(r)ied the 2 day January 1873.           
C.C. Garrison & H.C. Gentry was married June the 15 - 1882.                  
John W. Gentry and Mary Lee was married September 10, 1885.                  
J.F. Gentry and Ella Pipkin was married December 21, 1887.                   
Jerusha Rebecca Gentry departed this life the 29th of October A.D. 1857.     
Rose Allen Gentry deceased June 29, 1861.                                    
Rial M. Bryant dec(e)ased May the 17th 1862.                                 
Alfred Gentry Deceased April the 28, 1869.                                   
Lew. Madison Gentry departed this life the 23rd of October 1873.             
Sarah Elizabeth Estes departed life May the 28th 1882.                       
James M. Gentry Deceased October the 22, 1885.                               
Fletcher Thurman Gentry deceased October 25th 1888.                          
Elizabeth C. Gentry died April 15, 1912.                                     
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