William Gentry

Bible Record

William Gentry was born April the 10th 1788.                                 
Jane Gentry was born May the 3rd 1792.                                       
Martha Gentry was born October 2nd 1812.                                     
John H. Gentry was born July the 25th 1814.                                  
William C. Gentry was born August the 15th 1816.                             
James M. Gentry was born March the 2nd 1818.                                 
Allen A. Gentry was born March the 18th 1820.                                
Betsy Jane Gentry was born November the 22nd 1821.                           
Alfred Gentry was born December the 18th 1823.                               
Franklin Gentry was born January the 24th 1826.                              
Jurusha Rebecca Gentry was born Jan. 25th 1828.                              
Samuel W. Gentry was born February 23rd 1830.                                
George Washington Gentry was born January the 18th 1832.                     
Jackson Gentry the ninth son of Wm. Gentry and Jane his wife was born        
July 20th 1834.                                                              
Rufus Fountain Gentry was born Oct. 12th 1835.                               
John P. Stephens was born Jan. the fifth 1817.                               
William Charell Stephens was born April the 4th 1841.                        
William Wesley Gentry was born Sept. 12th 1865.                              
Robert Featherston Gentry was born Dec. 10th 1865.                           
William Gentry was married the 29th of November 1810.                        
John Hufmon and Martha H. Gentry was married the 15th of March 1832.         
John P. Stephens (and) Betsy Jane Gentry was married the 25 of January 1838. 
James M. Gentry (and) Elizabeth C. Huddleston was married the 7th July 1842. 
Wm. C. Gentry & Nancy Easley was married 21st Sept. 1843.                    
John Ferrel & Rebeckah Gentry was married the 29th of Feb. 1844.             
A.A. Gentry and Mary Ann Thos (Thomas) was married the 29th of May 1851.     
S.W. Gentry & Mollie M. Wilkinson was married the 30th of May 1861.          
Jackson Gentry deceased the 30th of July 1830. He survived only 10 days.     
George Washington Gentry deceased the 20th day of December 1834.             
Rufus F. Gentry dide (died) the 27th of July 1836.                           
Betsy Jane Stephens Deceased on the 25th of July 1850.                       
Jane Gentry deceased the 9th day of July 1852. Her age 60 yrs. 2 months      
and 5 days.                                                                  
William Gentry deceased the 22nd day of March 1858. His age 69 years         
11 mo. 2 days.                                                               
Samuel W. Gentry died on 31st of January 1860.                               
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