Daniel Cloud

Bible Record

              Purchased in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania dated 1809             
                               Family Record                                 
Daniel Cloud was born January 5th 1780.                                      
Nancy Owen(s) was born December 10th 1786.                                   
Clarissa Harlon Cloud was born March 22nd 1805.                              
Jno. B. Cloud was born June 4th 1807.                                        
Emaline A. Cloud was born Sep. 23rd 1809.                                    
Mordica James Cloud was born March 28th 1813.                                
Daniel Wm. Cloud was born Dec. 20th 1814.                                    
Catherine Owen Cloud was born Feb. 10th 1817.                                
Robert Jefferson Cyrus was born March 6th 1813.                              
Robert Bruce Slack was born Feb. 9th 1818.                                   
Wm. Ruthven Slack was born Nov. 15th 1819.                                   
Richard Randolph Slack was born Nov. 30th 1823.                              
Catherine Ann Cloud was born Dec. 21st 1825.                                 
Adela Helen Slack was born Jan. 27th 1826.                                   
Charles W. Lewis was born June 10th 1828.                                    
Clarissa Harlon Cloud was born November 18th 1828.                           
Margaret Emaline Ann Lewis was born March 8th 1829.                         
Samuel O. Cloud was born March 26th 1830.                                    
Sarah E. Lewis was born July 13th 1830.                                      

Clarissa Sarah Lewis was born July 13th 1830.                                
Emaline Lewis was born June 30th 1832.                                       
Charles Baxter Cyrus was born July 23rd 1840.                                
Daniel Cloud and Nancy Owen(s) were married January 13th 1801.               
Henery Cyrus was married to Peggy Conner Oct. 11th 1810.                     
Jno. W. Slack and Clarissa Cloud were married Nov. 19th 1818.                
Benjamin H. Lewis and Emaline A. Cloud were married Feb. 13th 1825.          
Jno. B. Cloud and Elizabeth L. Rutherford were married Jan. 31st 1826.       
William Chastain and Nancy Cloud were married April 11th 1834.               
Aaron Campbell and Nancy Chastain were married Dec. 18th 1837.               
Catherine Cloud Died March 16th 1817.                                        
Daniel Cloud Sr. Died 25th of January 1818.                                  
Richard R. Slack Died October 6th 1824.                                      
Mordica J. Cloud Died Feb. 26th 1829.                                        
Emmaline A. Lewis Died Nov. 29th 1832 age 23 years.                          
Clarrissa H. Slack Died Oct. 20th 1835 age 30.                               
Daniel W. Cloud was supposed to die(d) in March 1836 at the Fall of the      
Alamo, Texas age 21 years. God in Mercy, Preserve me in and through my       
bereavement. Nancy Campbell (his mother).                                    
Wm. Chastain was born Jan. 28th 1771 Died Sep. 6th 1836. William Chastain    
was 66 yrs of age at his death.                                              
Aaron Campbell was born March 15th 1775 and departed this life July 22nd     
1851 age 76 yrs.                                                             
Nancy Owen(s) Cloud Chastain Campbell made open profession of faith in the   
Lord Jesus Christ by Baptism by Emersion, Sunday the 20th day of Dec. 1818   
in the 33rd year of her age.                                                 
Bible of Daniel Cloud of Altona, Missouri, 1918.                             
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