Jacob Chandler

Bible Record

Preston Chandler & Bathsheba Ann Bartlett married in 1852. Bathsheba Ann     
died 10-5-1904. Preston died 1-5-1884.                                       
                                Family Record                                
Jacob Chandler was born April 20th 1793.                                     
Elizabeth Reeder was born February 23rd 1800.                                
Married May 30th 1815.                                                       
Emily 1st daughter was born April 5th 1816.                                  
             (William died.)                                                 
Preston 2nd son was born February 4th 1820.                                  
Alfred 3rd son was born July 13th 1821.                                      
Benjamin Franklin 4th son was born Oct. 4th 1822.                            
Lurana 2nd daughter was born Jany. 21, 1825.                                 
Albert 5th son was born Oct. 5th 1826.                                       
Unity 3rd daughter was born Feby. 8th 1829.                                  
Lucinda 4th daur. was born Jany. 15, 1831.                                   
James Monroe 6th son was born April 23d 1833.                                
Elizabeth Jane 5th daur. was born Jany. 18th 1835.                           
                                Family Record                                
Elizabeth wife of Jacob Chandler departed this (in the triumphs of faith)    
life on the 7th day of April 1836.                                           
Lurana 2nd daughter on the 23rd April 1836.                                  
Elizabeth Jane 5th daughter on the 3rd of May 1836.                          
Euneta Latta 3d daughter departed this life the 21st of November 1856.       
Euneta Chandler and John F. Latta was married October the 2d day of 1853.    
Young Ewing and Lucinda Chandler was married April 12th 1863.                
B.F. Chandler and Serena G. Bartlett was married the 8 day of January 1856.  
Serena G. Chandler departed this life Jan. the 18, 1865.                     
Margret L. Morrow was born April 21st 1838.                                  
Married November 18th 1858.                                                  
William McLin her son was born August 31st 1859.                             
Margret L. wife of James M. Chandler, departed this life (in the full        
triumph of faith) on the 18th day of May, 1862.                              
Jacob Chandler departed this life on the 14th day of November A.D. 1876      
aged Eighty-three years, six months and twenty-five days.                    
Alfred Chandler 3rd son departed this life on the 27th day of October        
1908, aged 87 years, three months, and 14 days.                              
Bible Record of Christine Gamble, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1982.              
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