Pike County Archives & History Society


07 July 2009




Olds Grant update (what is needed) Microfilm machine update More old business? Experience Works update (jan)


Yearly Election of Officers More new business?



Pike County Archives & History Society (PCAHS)


07 July 2009

The regular monthly meeting of PCAHS was brought to order at the archives by President John Gould.

A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes as written. The motion passed with all voting yes.

The treasurers report was given by Joyce Couch and included a total monthly amount of $8132.46. A motion was made and seconded to approve the treasurers report as given. This motion passed with all voting yes.

Report of Officers: President:

John Gould gave an update on the Olds foundation grant we have received for the microfilm machine. He asked if Peggy had a chance to send an appreciation letter for the grant before her illness, if not we need to send one.

Vice President:

Harrison Gilmer reported that he would need someone to work at the archives Thursday due to an illness in the family that requires surgery. A long discussion followed about acquiring help for the archives. Joyce Couch is going to work on Wednesday for Peggy and Jan McGalliard would work for Harrison on Thursday.


Jan McGalliard reported that she did not know if we have sent an appreciation

letter at this time, due to the circumstances it would be easier to contact the

foundation and ask them. She also reported on the new microfilm machine. This

report included the company had sent the wrong fire stick for the computer we are

using for this microfilm machine and another one had to be sent. It has arrived and

is waiting for the computer tech. to install at this time.

Jan also reported that there is an issue of The Gems ready to be printed and



Joyce Couch had nothing new to report.

Corres. Secretary:

Retha Fern Adams reported about a lady that wanted to know why she had not been receiving her Gems. Jan McGalliard reported that she had not mailed this member her gems due to a bad address and since receiving the new address all of her Gems had been sent.

Retha also reported that she had been in touch with a Sparks Family


Another couple came into the archives today that are researching the Pyler


Grant Person:

Peggy Loomis could not be present at this meeting due to illness.

Old Business:

Olds Foundation Grant;

The grant for the microfilm machine was discussed. Included hi this discussion was the need for an invoice, for payment of this microfilm machine.

Anthony Foundation Grant Application:

Peggy has mailed another letter to Anita Anthony Davis about the grant for newspaper boxes needed at the archives. There has been nothing heard from this grant at this tune. It is unusual for Anita Anthony Davis to not respond to a request, even if the answer is negative.

Frazier Foundation Grant Application:

The Frazier Foundation responded to our grant application and explained that they only fund Church related needs.

New Business: Copier: Jan Reported that we need to contact the copier company to service the copier.

PCAHS Scholarship:

Jan reported that we had not yet given the PCAHS Scholarship this year and school is now out for the summer. The scholarship is to go to the Murfreesboro School district this year. After a short discussion a motion was made and seconded to award the PCAHS scholarship to Brandon Wofford who will be attending Henderson State University. The motion passed with all voting yes.

Increasing Life Membership:

Ft was brought to the attention of the officers, that through the years, all of our expenses have increased. As a result our yearly membership has also increased, but we have never increased our life membership. As a result we have been going in the red on our life memberships due to increase in postage and printing expenses for The Gems. A discussion followed this announcement. A motion was made and seconded that we raise the cost of a life membership to $150.00. This motion passed with all voting yes.

As there was no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn this meeting. The motion passes with all voting yes.